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101 War in the Forest 2  Crowd of Corpses

「I can see it already……Uwa……are we seriously going to fight those? ……Isn’t that number a bit too ridiculous?」

Akai and I ran alongside to the direction which Satsuki-sensei pointed in a hurry. Just like that, after running full speed for about 2, 3 minutes, I start to see big and small figures.


If there’s one with a melted body, then, there’s one wrapped in flames, and even one with thorns growing from its body. There’s even one with hard scales. Just from looking at them, it’s like a monster or superhuman cosplay party……
And apparently, there are 『thousands』 of them, is not wrong.
The closer I get, the more I can see. A force filling my whole sight.

「S-Say, Akai? We need to deal with all of them, right……?」

My legs froze when I saw the spreading army of monsters. No matter how I look at it, this is not a number the two of us can handle.

……Satsuki-sensei? Are you sure we are supposed to go here??

The army’s movement speed is not fast, but they are certainly getting closer.
While raising groans like zombies, they approach us slowly.
……But I don’t feel that they are alive.

『Variants』 are originally humans. But the moment they turned into Variants, they have died as a human.
I recalled Satsuki-sensei saying that in yesterday’s training.

「Ah……seems to be so. ……Want to take positions here?」

Despite running at quite some speed until here, Akai replied without losing his breath.
I accelerated forcibly by tailwind from 『Ignition』 , so I should be moving at the speed of at least a scooter, but Akai followed me with composure. Even though he just ran normally without the help of Talent. In addition, he’s talking naturally without losing his breath. I have always thought of it, but this guy seriously have a monstrous stamina.

「……Yeah, let’s engage them here」

While feeling a little scared, I stop with the decision of engaging here.
After running until here, there’s probably about 1 kilometers from the camp……in other words, I think the other students have took a distance and gathered at the hill.
I don’t know the exact distance, but for now, I think even if I go all out, they won’t get hurt.

「Then, just as planned……Serizawa, you go crush that. I will support from the back」
「……Ah, yeah」

Akai will 「stop them」, while I jump into the Variants and 「evaporate」 their head where the 『core』 is.
That was the 「strategy」 we decided while running to here.
Well, whether it’s a strategy or performing without rehearsing……it just means that I will be doing the suicide attack! ……There’s no other way to do it other than this!

「Then……let’s go? You can just throw your full power without minding me」
「Ah, fire has no effect on you. So I can even attack you by mistake」

……No……no no.
Wait a minute.
I felt uneasiness from Akai’s words.
Certainly, I did said to use your full power, but……
Even if you know that hot attacks are not effective on me, it’s still scary to have such a huge fireball flying towards me, okay……? Even if there’s no harm, everyone will get surprised when a balloon explodes in front of you, right? Yours is not like that, but is more scarier……!! The explosion will even hollow out the ground……

……And if you think calmly, I will get hurt by the flying fragments caused by the explosion.

「No……as I thought, be a little reserved. Make sure you don’t shoot fireballs at me. Absolutely. Understand? Okay!??」
「……Is that so? Well, I will try my best」

While we are having such conversation, their marching speed became faster as if they noticed us. And they head towards us.

「……Not even letting us to talk……Shit, let’s go this time……『Ignition』」

I heat up the air behind me, and fly towards the army.
My body is pushed by the force, my vision blurs as I control my posture in the accelerated world somehow, and the moment I touch the 『Variants’』 heads, I activated my Talent’s power.

「『Heat Up』……!」

4 Variants’ heads that were touched, exploded, and fell to the ground like ashes.
……Ah, these guys……are not humans anymore.

Although I defeated a few of them just now, I don’t feel a sense of accomplishment at all.
Why did these guys……there are originally humans.

「Hey, Serizawa!! Don’t stop!! They are coming!」

Upon hearing Akai’s words, I turned and there are 8 behind me. The monsters charged towards me.

……That’s right.
Now’s not the time to think about such things. If I don’t kill them, I will be killed. Not only me, but also the people behind us. Didn’t we run until here in order to stop them?

「Just die……『Heat Cut』」

Just like that, I cut the monsters’ heads. The monsters’ movement slowed down a little after losing their head, but they haven’t died yet.
That’s why, I destroy the heads flying in the air with 「Heat Up」.

「『Heat Up』」

After destroying the 『cores』 in the heads, their bodies crumble.

「Ah, dammit……this doesn’t feel good at all……!!」

If the opponents are speechless corpses……it would be better, but they are corpses that will shoot fireballs and slashes while groaning. I can’t endure this.
If you know how to kill them, you can easily kill them.
But you don’t feel the sense of accomplishment. It’s not like you will get something like experience points, gold, and items like a game.

……It feels like an undertaker.

No……what I am doing right now is that.
If they can’t go back anymore……I can at least release them from this miserable state.

「……I know nothing of religions, but……I will at least pray for you all……!」

Just like that, I evaporate the Variants around while giving my prayers to God or Buddha in my heart.

If I run wild flashily, they will turn towards me, so Kagura-san and Meria-sensei should be safe. Thinking only that, I continued to defeat the humanoid monsters in front of me.




「……He……when did he get that strong……?」

If like this, there’s nothing for me to do.
Akai who witnessed Serizawa Atsushi fighting, thought so.

The moment Serizawa said 「Go」, he accelerated explosively, and the monsters’ heads were blown off all at once.
Immediately following, the moment I called him out when the monsters approached him from the back, all of their heads were blown off. The flying heads were destroyed by Serizawa’s hand immediately, and the remaining bodies vanished.

It only took him a few seconds.
A few seconds to kill 12 Variants.

「What kind of kinetic vision and reflex does he have?」

After that, Serizawa extinguishes the 『Variants』 one after another.
The high speed movement that barely can be seen, and the accuracy of aiming at the enemies’ heads.
The slow Variants couldn’t grasp his movement, and even the fast ones couldn’t catch him.

Even now, the opponents are attacking.
Furthermore, from every direction.
Because they launch their attacks without caring about their own comrades, it’s a storm of attacks by various Talents.

But he dodges the countless slashes, flames, and rocks while jumping into the enemies’s bosom, and extinguishes them.
He approaches in an instant, and destroys the head. A repetition of that.
……Because it happens many times in a short pause, it’s not a work of a man anymore.

「……I don’t even know which is the monster now……」

The current Serizawa is not like the guy who’s scared of facing the large number a while ago, but he is now running wild like a fierce god, decreasing the number rapidly.
To the extent that if I leave him like this, he would defeat all of the monsters.

「However, I can’t stay still like this……『Fireball』……!」

Akai decides to devote to 「stopping them」 as he scatters fireballs in a wide range.
Some hit directly and some landed on their leg, stopping their movement.
The monsters’ attention turned to Akai all at once. The monsters that noticed the understandable threat, changed their direction, and moved towards the direction of the fireballs.

「That’s fine. ……Come here」

Just like that, Akai continues to scatter fireballs while running towards the 『hole』 of the crowd made by Serizawa. In order to slow down their invasion speed. Then, there’s a chance to win. There might be means of survival even in this hopeless situation.

–This guy in front of me, will do something about it.

The feelings of relying on others came to my mind.

「……Why am I being so carefree……?」

Shaking off such convenient thinking, Akai ran towards the battlefield.


Light novel 『Kuzu Inou』 will be released on 12/22!

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