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21 For now, until my limit

I remembered that I haven’t eat anything since yesterday night.
When I told Gorilla about that, he presented some kind of animal’s raw meat,


and said that.

Because I was very hungry, I ate the animal meat after grilling it with the bonfire. After all, even if I ask him “What meat is this?”, I’m sure that he won’t answer me properly. Ah, I want some seasoning.
After taking such a wild breakfast,

「Then, let’s start」

the mountain training of the gorilla and me started.

「What exactly must I do?」
「Hmm…first, try reach your limit」

Reach my limit? Of what?

「…What limit?」
「……What can you do?」

I had a feeling that Gorilla has no idea what my Talent is, but this confirms it.
How can he become a coach…While thinking that, I answered him.

「Cooling things and heating things」
「Then, try doing it」

Leaving aside whether this gorilla is suitable to be a coach or not, anyway, I decided to try doing the 「until my limit」 thing.
Because I myself, also don’t know how far I can do. Although there was a little test during the appraisal…I didn’t do it with all my power.
For now, I decided to try 「cooling」 first.

About 「Cooling」, what I only did was keeping the ice cream in the right temperature. Other than that…like freezing the banana at home?
In reality, how far can I cool? Meria-sensei said something like 「absolute zero」, but…I don’t know about it because I have never tried before.
I place both hands on the ground, and concentrate in 「cooling」.

Then, the ground gradually becomes whiter and whiter, and white mist starts to get thicker in the air. Somehow, it feels like…I’m in the clouds.

After a while, the surroundings’ plants were frozen. When I look, there’s even ice on the gorilla.

「Hey, should I stop?」

What why…You’re going to be frozen, you know?

「The Antarctic was a bit more colder. Just do it until your limit」

The Antarctic, you say…
I abandon the feelings of worry for this gorilla, and continue to concentrate in 「cooling」.
Gradually, I can grasp that the air is changing.
The ground freezes, and starts emitting thick cold air.
Ah, a quite large bird dropped from the sky. It seems to be frozen to death. Today’s lunch is going to be this bird’s frozen meat. Of course, I’ll defrost and grill it.

But I feel like I still can cool more.

「Like this, I guess?」

I can’t feel the coldness, but I know that the surroundings are full of cold air. Is it alright to go any further?
Before I knew it, the surroundings have become white.
The alpine plants are frozen, and the feet of the mountains that were white on the summit, became white. The river flowing down the valley is also frozen.
Shit…did I overdo it?

「Is this your limit?」

Gorilla asks me with a serious look.


If you ask that, it’s still far from my limit.
Well, looks like the gorilla still can talk normally, so does that mean the atmospheric temperature not low enough?

「Then, continue」

I continue to cool. For now, I’ll do it until how far I can go. That’s why, I concentrate and decrease the temperature rapidly.

Somehow, the air changed again?
It’s strangely clear, or rather…
While thinking that, the several birds of the same species as just now dropped to the ground again.
Ah, looks like I won’t be troubled with food anymore…When I thought of that,

At the same time when the falling bird hits the ground, it smashed into pieces.


The bird fell from the sky, became pieces. No, there can’t be use anymore…
Not that. This is dangerous.
Aren’t I damaging the surroundings badly? Doesn’t it look like a destruction of nature?

「Is that all?」

Ah, I see. The surroundings are not cooled enough yet. This guy is dangerous. This guy is a little weird.

「Is this your limit?」
「No…I don’t mean that, but…」
「Then, continue」

Don’t this gorilla have any mercy? Despite being a gorilla, why is he not respecting mother nature?

「Hey…don’t you think that you should know more about your Talent?」
「…Ah, you’re right」

What the gorilla said is a point.
I suppress the conscience of apology upon recalling the objective, and concentrate 「cooling」 the ground.

Then, a even thicker mist started to rise.
At the same time, the air becomes thinner…and it’s getting harder to breathe.

Is this perhaps…!?…Shit! This is bad! I don’t know, but if I continue, I’ll die!
Thinking that, I stop cooling.

「What, you’re stopping now?」

Gorilla asks that calmly. This guy sure is weird…is he a human? No, the principal is a breed of gorilla.

「No, I can cool more, but…I think it’s dangerous to go more than that! The air has started to get thinner…」
「Can’t you cool things without cooling the air?」


This gorilla sure ask for the absurd.
But I’m a man. I can’t give up without even trying it even once. Well, now that he mention it, I think it’s not impossible.

In short, I should just 「cool」and「heat」 at the same time. Though it’s troublesome.

Just like that, I continue to cool.
This time, I heat the air while cooling only the ground.

Ah, interesting. Only the ground is getting whiter and whiter. Somehow, it’s too white until I can see my step.
After adjusting the temperature a little, I can raise the mist until my neck or lower it until my legs freely.
Even so, I wonder what it’s made of? This mist. It’s strangely bluish.

For now, I continue to cool the ground.
And after a while…I get a feeling that 「I can’t cool any further」 somehow.
This is probably my limit.

「That’s all. Is this okay?」
「Ah. You know your limits now, right? Then, return it」

Like that, I return the ground’s temperature to normal. The view of the ice covering the ground disappearing gradually, is somehow interesting like a fast forward footage.


When the air suddenly became thin, I thought what would happen, but as the gorilla said, if I use cooling and heating at the same time, it can be dealt with. A wild instinct must not be ridiculed.

When I thought of taking a breather here,

「Then, next, try the opposite」

the gorilla demanded another experiment.
Are you a demon? Don’t you know what resting is?
Well, it can’t be helped. I’m not particularly tired after doing that, so I’ll listen to you because of that advice earlier.

「Ah, understood」

But…heating the ground is kind of impossible, right?
I’m not saying that I can’t, but it’s not like I want to destroy the nature.
I would feel bad to the people of this country if 「I just came and made the Andes mountain range into a Scorching Hell」.

Huh? Wait? Did we enter the country legally…? No, now that I think of it…I think I should push all the responsibility to this gorilla when that time comes.

「Do it on this stone」

I pick up the stone on the ground, and start heating. Then, the stone becomes redder gradually, and starts to melt.


While preventing the melted stone from spilling, I continue heating it. Then, the liquefied stone starts to boil like magma, and as I continue to heat it, it got evaporated like water.

「Well, like this, I guess」

I can still heat it up, but it can’t be helped that it evaporated.

「Can’t you make it so it won’t disappear?」

Again an absurd thing. Well, it’s not impossible, though.
It’s the same as just now, right? If I heat and cool at the same time…
I pick up a stone silently, and heat it up again.

When the stone starts showing the signs of boiling, I made the temperature stable in its surroundings so that the steam remains. Rather than cooling, it’s more like keeping the heat.
Upon adjusting this way, it became a marble like sphere gradually.

…Oh, I did it. It’s unexpectedly simple.
And I continue to heat the stone rapidly–

The stone in my hand started to shine.

And several light lines started to come out from my hand.
Ah, somehow, I know this. Something usually found among the interesting goods. What was it? If I’m not mistaken…was it called plasma ball? Wasn’t there such toy?

While enjoying the shining thing inside my hand…

「Hey. That…」

Huh? Gorilla is showing a serious look unusually.

「Try throwing it to there」

Eh? I thought of looking at it a little more because it’s beautiful, but…oh well. It’s just a stone.

I threw it unwillingly.
Then, the shining ball flew horizontally for some reason…and disappeared.

What, nothing’s happening at all.
When I felt disappointment,

「Hey, Boy. We’ll fly

The gorilla suddenly carry me, and flies.

The next moment.
I’m at the sky while being carried by the gorilla.
I witnessed it.
When I see the flash far below us–
An outrageous huge explosion occurred.

A huge mushroom cloud rises from there…

As if a nuclear weapon was dropped there.

Melting point – 218.4°C
Boiling point – 182.96°C

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