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66 Talent School Assault 3

What the hell is this?
I arrived 5 minutes after my subordinates.

Sudou fighting a Teihen High School teacher is fine.
But what happened to the rest? There should be 4 「Level 3s」 including Sudou deployed here.
Why are the high school brats standing while my people lying down around there? Didn’t you guys obtain the power rivaling a thousand?

Ah……I see. That’s right.
I understand. Enough.
All of you who’re lying down on the ground now, are fired.

I don’t need any subordinates. Even if they obtained power, they lost to some high school brats after all.

I have already obtain a powerful power. A power rivaling 「Level 4 (Nuclear weapon-class threat)」. Now, I even thank that 【Talent Dealer】. Alone or anything, I can already live wherever I want.

After all, an organization is only a group of weaklings.
Crowding is the proof of weakness. I finally realized that.

Now. In order to butter up that suspicious 【Talent Dealer】, I must accomplish this request first. If my subordinates can’t be used, then, I just have to do it myself.

My life which was never blessed with luck. Finally, I manage to bring it up to 50-50 now.




Fainted intruders lied down around us. The only intruder left is the shaved-headed one who’s fighting Morimoto-sensei.

「Apparently, the evacuation over here is almost done」
「Ah, for now, I can’t see anyone」

In the range of vision from the schoolyard in front of the main gate, there’s no more students and guests. Probably, they managed to run into the school building.
But this time, a suited man approaches from the main gate while glaring at us.

「Another guest, huh? Somehow…he looks like the boss」
「Then, this time, it’s our turn to attack, right?」
「You want to attack? I don’t have much attacking means, you know?」
「Haha! I’m looking forward to it!!! Something like fighting together with Serizawa-kun!!! It was worth it to transfer school!!! Aha! Ahahahaha!!!」
「Hikawa-kun, is your head really okay after the match before……?」

When we were chatting like that…

「『Stone Shower』!!!」

The man creates a large amount of large stones in the sky, and sends them down to us.

「Then, here I go! 『Ice Fly』!」
「Ah, again! Let me rest for a while! 『Ignition』!」

Just like that, the large stones impact near us.


That was dangerous. A little faster than the gorilla’s? While thinking that, I dodge the rain of large stones.
Because I mastered using 「Ignition」 already, it’s easier to dodge than before, but I can get near him due to the numbers.
But still, I try to shorten the distance while dodging…

「Get crushed!! 『Stone Fall』!!!」

Then, this time, a incomparably larger stone than the others, falls towards us from the top.
Huge. When I thought…that I need to get away from the range quickly,

「Stop moving! 『Stone Bullet』!!!」

Additional simultaneous attacks coming horizontally. He knows what annoys me. Looks like his boss-like appearance is not just for show.

Ah, I totally have nowhere to run now.
It’s impossible to dodge this.
But if I do that, the surroundings would be damaged greatly……
After wavering for an instant, I…

「Hikawa-kun!! Get away from me!! 『Pleasable』!!!」

I charge towards the suited man while 「maintaining」 the super high temperature capable of 「evaporating stones in an instant」 around myself. Then……


The moment the stone tried to touch me, a 「steam explosion」 occurs and it bursts.

And the fragments of the stone scatter, gouging holes on the ground as if shooting a shotgun or a rocket launcher.

This is the sealed technique, 「Human Reactive Armor」. A demonic technique that causes a great damage to the surroundings that even the gorilla ran away from it. The panic of him when he saw it for the first time, is the refreshment in my heart. I held back due to the damage it can cause, but at least for now, it only gouged the ground.

Just like that, the attack of stones stop.
There are many craters around. What a terrible state.
The leader-like man is lying down with blood shedding from his head.

………Is that my fault?
That’s because you fired stones towards us, okay?

「As expected of Serizawa-kun. To be able to deal damage to the opponent while creating a wall that reflects his attack…!」

But…the leader-like man stands up. What a tough guy. The man’s face distorts in anger. Even though his face is already evil-looking, now it looks like a demon.

「I’m sorry, but can you leave the rest to me? He……looks like he can play more」

Hikawa-kun said such thing like a battle junkie with a very nice smile. I take a distance from the opponent with the gesture of “Go on. Feel free”, and I head towards the school building. Or rather, can’t you just do that from the beginning?


And he created a long ice sword 3 times of his height. No, because he’s originally short, it’s about 2.5 times of a normal male high school student. The shape is like the thing called double-edged sword with the grip at the center.

He cuts the flying stones with the blade pleasantly. Well, regarding his swordsmanship, if he show it to the Satan of the kendo class that I attended, he would get hit back 5 times in an instant and would be told that 「This is an example」.

Nn. Wait……I can’t make such sword, but…
Perhaps, if it’s only 「cut」, maybe I can do it? Thinking that…

「Heat Cut」

I image a single line at the approaching large stone, and only heat that surface.


Ah, I did it.
The incoming large stone was cleanly cut into two, and while dodging it skillfully, it flew passed me.

This……might feel quite good.

Just like that, I test 「Heat Cut」 one after another.
Next is 2, then 3, then 6.
The next is 10.
And, 20.

Shit, this is getting fun.
Because this has nothing like the weight of the sword, I can cut as many as I like according to my image.
Perhaps……can I go 100 if I concentrate? And even more? Okay.

Forgetting my aim, I cut the stones one after another.

Supapaan…! Supapapapapaan…!

More, more!
Give me more!!!
When I was on the verge of awakening a new secret arts…



It ended.
The opponent was frozen.

The boss-looking man is imprisoned in the pillar of ice, and he’s not even moving at all.
Even after waiting for a while, he still doesn’t move. ……Is it really over?
I feel a little disappointment, but I give my thanks to Hikawa-kun who’s walking towards me.

「Good job. It ended quite quick」
「Ah, he wasn’t as much as I expected. As expected……I can’t get fired up if it’s not you」

Hikawa-kun looks at me with a refreshing smile and passionate eyes. ……Sorry, I have no intention for that.
Just like that, thinking that it’s over, at the time when I thought of confirming Morimoto-sensei.


A loud cracking sound can be heard from Hikawa-kun’s back.
When I look at it, the ice pillar broke, and the man stood at the center of the fragments.

But the man looks different from before.
His skin is covered with strange stones, and his skin on his face is already like a rock surface.
While looking at his own stone hands……he muttered something.

「……What……? What is this……
I……never……heard of this……」

「What? A monologue……?」
「No……he looks strange」



The next moment, the man’s body swelled up as if it’s going to blow up, and the suit he was wearing, was torn.
Just like that, the man became a strange humanoid something……a large 『rock monster』 that can be called as strange-looking appeared.

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