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71 Principle 1

After that, we talked to Shinozaki-san for a while, and it seemed that she knew that she was 「Shinozaki Yuria」. But she has the memories of Kurono Yuki fragmentarily. Including the feelings, it entered into her. But she doesn’t know why it became like that.

But she said a very important thing.

She said she 「peep at Serizawa-kun’s insides」
Furthermore, inside his Domain.
She returned safely after peeping the Domain of 『Principle』.
Can such thing be done?

No, I know theoretically that 【Communicator】 can peep at the Domain depending on the training. That skill is vital for the 「Talent User Production Project」.
But she did that without any preparations. Ignoring the theoretical difficulties, she actually did it.
It was my mistake for not warning her despite having the knowledge of it, but anyway, I reminded her to not peep at people’s Talent from now on, and asked Otou-san to send her to the classroom.

But I feel that it doesn’t justify why the personality of 「Kurono Yuki」 entered her.
Why 「Kurono Yuki」 came out just by peeping at Serizawa-kun’s Domain? I have no idea of it.

No, there is a common feature.
There is one.
Both of them are 『Principle』 Talent Users.
That is the only common feature.
And so, why Shinozaki-san’s personality fused with Kurono Yuki’s?
What on earth is this?
Perhaps, there is something wrong with the knowledge of 『Principle』?

……That is right. Come to think of it, despite being too methodical, Haba didn’t define the 『Principle』 in his paper clearly.
Did he avoid to do that purposely?
I think so.

Peeping at Serizawa-kun’s Domain, reaching Kurono Yuki’s mind.

That means…………

Them who are 『Principle』, are connected by something in the inside?

It is just a hunch.
But somehow, I feel like it is on point.

Is that the real definition of 『Principle』 that Haba concealed?
In the first place, what is 『Talent』?
Where does such absurd power come from?
Does it born naturally inside the human body from the start?

In that case, it doesn’t explain why Talent Users appeared suddenly 20 years ago.


I see, perhaps……

Some kind of thread is connecting inside me……

I can hear the sound of running from the hallway, and a person enters the infirmary.
1-A’s class teacher, Tsurumi Chihaya-sensei.

「Meria-sensei! No matter where I search, I can’t find Kirishima-san! We need to search for her quick!」


No. I was careless again.

I felt relief by Delta-sensei’s report. Even if there are wounded people, no one died. She said that.
But what she knows from her Talent is only a defined space……an observed data of the students and teachers.
There’s no way to measure the people who are not here.

I quickly send a call sign to Otou-san who went outside to stand watch.
We need to deal with it as quickly as possible.

「Meria-sensei, what happened……to Kirishima-san?」

When I turned towards the direction of the voice, Serizawa-kun woke up from the bed.
He still look pale.
He did that much of high speed movement in the air.
It is natural that there is a great damage on his organs.
No matter how strong the Talent is, he is a living flesh human after all.
He need to rest now.
At least, he must not move until Kagura-san treated him.

「Don’t move, Serizawa-kun. ……Please rest. We will do something about it, okay?」

Upon hearing my words, Serizawa-kun didn’t nod and he said this.

「Perhaps……she’s kidnapped?」

「We haven’t confirmed it. But……」

It might be so.
That possibility is high.

「……In the worst case, she might be so」

I grind my teeth without being able to give a clear answer.

「Then, I need to go and save her……」

While saying that, Serizawa-kun get off the bed with unsteady steps.
He looks like he is going to fall at any time. His voice is clearly weak.

「No, you can’t. Please go back and rest」

He leans his body on the broken window of the infirmary.
Then, he look towards something outside the window.

「Ah, probably, that」

He said that with a vacant expression, and


Breaking through the infirmary’s wall, he flew out like a rocket.

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