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89 Convening

When I entered the principal’s office, Otou-san was talking about something with Shinozaki Yuria-san. When Otou-san saw me entering the principal’s office, he said this at the very beginning.

「Contact them immediately. There’s someone I want them to meet」

「You mean, a meeting of Administrators?」
「Yeah. The usual place in Antarctica. As soon as possible」

The place that became the stage of the intense war of many countries for the 『relic』 sleeping underground. I stood there in the past. As a piece to just kill people without knowing the importance of it.
If possible, I also want to face it. But my body just won’t do what I want. That place is the ground where many of my comrades are sleeping. And the place where I murdered countless enemies with my own hands. Even now after 10 years have passed, my limbs will tremble whenever I think about that place. ……I am sure that I will be useless even if I follow.

「I understand. ……Because it is an emergency summoning, I will explain the circumstances to a certain extent. Is that okay?」
「Ah, I’ll leave that to you」

Other than the periodic clean-up of the Antarctic ruins, the 9 【Site】 Administrators who rarely meet. The authority to convene a meeting given to each Site Administrator that can only be used when there is a really serious affair. But this time is……certainly an affair with such worth.

「Shinozaki-san will be going together with you this time, right?」

「……Yes. I will also go」

Since Shinozaki-san mixed with 「Kurono Yuki」, she follows Otou-san frequently.

「Once settled, we will fly. Please make preparations for her」
「I understand. I will prepare the winter clothes suitable for her」
「……Please, Meria-sensei」

Shinozaki-san……no, Kurono Kagenobu’s sister, 「Kurono Yuki」 said that and bowed her head slightly.

「Yes……but please don’t do anything reckless because there are many dangerous things over there」
「Understood. I have heard about it roughly」

Shinozaki-san’s atmosphere has changed greatly.
Although she still has the same innocent look, I think her expression and use of words have become like an adult. The girl who couldn’t even converse properly, is now capable of talking to people calmly.
That change is most likely due to the fusion of her and 「Kurono Yuki」. But her memories seem to be fragmentary. Her remaining memory is when she was 19 years old. 2 years before the 『incident』 in Antarctica.

「I have many things I want to check. I might be able to do something」




「C-Cold……!? Even though I am wearing thick clothes……!! This is Antarctica……!?」

I arrived at Antarctica while being carried by Onii-chan.
Even though I am wearing thick clothes for the polar regions with multiple hoods, it is still cold. The world with a very low temperature.

「What, you don’t remember? Yuki has come here before」
「Un……it is because my memories as 「Kurono Yuki」 is fragmentary」

I, Shinozaki Yuria who mixed with Kurono Yuki, answered so. The pure white icebergs and the ice field that spreads out vastly. A scenery I have no recollection of seeing. But while I look around the area, I felt a sudden discomfort.

「Onii-chan, someone……is coming」

There is still no one around us. But I can hear a 『voice』 faintly with 【Communicator】. The number of voices is 8.

「Ah, it’s them. No problem……even if I say that, you don’t remember, huh?」




After waiting for a while, we were joined by several people.

「This is the girl who mixed with Kurono Yuki, huh?」
「Ah. Don’t ask me how, but she inherited her memories」

A Caucasian man wearing a white suit talks to Onii-chan. He looks like a foreigner, so the language……huh? I understand!?

「Huh? I can understand the language? W-Why??」

Everyone are talking in different languages which I have never heard before, and yet……I can understand what they are saying.
While I am bewildered, I was already surrounded by tall men before I knew. A man who looks like a gray-haired bear, a man who looks like a former Marine, and a man with sharp eyes who is wearing Chinese clothes.

「Fumu, I can’t feel that intimidation……She has her memories? I can’t believe it yet」
「Looks like that Talent didn’t get inherited……」
「Kukuku, just how did she get her memories? Her body should be in this Antarctica the whole time. How strange」

「Hyawa!? Hawawa!?」

I raise my usual scream when I am surrounded by tall men, and I reflexively hid behind Onii-chan. The gray bear-like man turns around.

「Hey, Kurono. What exactly is this situation?」
「……I don’t know. But we might be able to find out if she meet her directly

「……Find out. How?」

This time, the woman with beautiful pink hair spoke. Although she is not as much as the 3 men, I can also feel an intimidation from her.
When I think about what 「Kurono Yuki《Myself》」 did at that time, it is natural. I think it is better than having killing intent pointed at myself. But still, it is scary.
But I can stay scared forever.
I did not come here to be scared.

「I-I am a 【Communicator】! That’s why……」
「I see, even if she can’t talk, we might be able to know about something if they converse in their mind as the same person

Before I finish speaking, the white suited man who talked to Onii-chan just now, guessed what I wanted to say.
But this man also do not think of me that friendly. Although he is not showing it in the surface, his eyes are mixed with slight hostility and caution.

「Kukuku, you called us for that plan, huh」
「Don’t say it that way, Yu. We need as much clues we can get even if it is a little」

The green haired woman who wears clothes with her chest opened greatly, looks at me and smiles. This person is also a very beautiful woman. But I won’t look at her.
And Onii-chan bowed his head lightly towards the 8 people who gathered.

「Ah, sorry for taking your time, but please」

「What, there’s great merit to do it」
「Ah, don’t mind it. After all, it is something related to us」

The man wearing Arabian clothes, and a man wearing a black suit smiled while waving their hands.


Falling behind a little, I also bow my head. That’s right, these people are going along with what we……no, I want to do.




We descended the large hole that is called as 『Large Cavity』 in Antarctica.
The final destination is inside there.

This place called as 『Large Cavity』 is a large hole opened in the ice field with several kilometers of width and a depth of 2000 meters.
There seem to be something releasing the heat deep in the ground. Even though it is the Antarctic, this place is not frozen. The source of the heat is unknown, but traces of a weird civilization were found in here.
Many strange things of unknown principle were found in here. The 『ruins』 of an unknown civilization that might be something more advanced than the current era.

Due to the importance of it, the satellite picture was deleted, and this place became the place in which only the top levels of the world know about it. During the Talent Great War, each forces struggle for this place.
It is said that 「Kurono Yuki」 participated in the battle, but……

We walk slowly and descend the cavity. As we descend, it gets warmer gradually until there is no need for thick clothes.

「Now that you’re here, you probably don’t need that anymore」
「Un. I will leave it here」

I thought about why no one other me was wearing thick clothes, but it seems that they have a strange stone which was found in this place.
Onii-chan came up with a different way to not feel cold, but……it seems that the others can also do the same if they want to.

Every time I listen to them, I will get surprised, but I clearly understand that I must not measure these people with common sense.

While talking occasionally, we advanced to the center of the cavity gradually.
When we approached the center, the atmosphere changed. The floor becomes the material of white stones, and I can feel the heat coming from there.

We continue advancing, approaching the place with many strange sculptures.

「No matter when I see these guys, they are still creepy. I want to 『clean』 them up right now」
「Hey, Kurono, are we leaving the 『Variants』 like this?」
「Ah. We’ll deal with them later. They are not moving, so there’s no need to worry」

We pass through the sculptures that looks like living things, and advance to the inside.

「……Just a little more, it is the place where she is. Are you prepared?」


The green haired woman, Shino-san spoke to me, and I nodded back to her as we continue walking.
Beyond this place is……myself. Kurono Yuki’s 「body」.
My body gets nervous naturally and I start to sweat.

(But I must know about it. About why did I do such a thing)

The memories of 「Kurono Yuki」 that brought me, Shinozaki Yuria here. But it is lacking of the important parts.

That destruction I saw in the record footage–
The 『simultaneous annihilation of the world’s major cities』 at the last stage of the Talent Great War.

That was for sure my power of 【One who manipulates gravity (Gravity Operator)】.

(That way of using my power is impossible……I don’t even know how I did it……but it is certain that I did it)

And I reached in front of a woman.

In front of me is the figure of myself in my memories……「Kurono Yuki」 standing there.
My time was frozen the whole time since 10 years ago.

……The me immediately after reaping a few hundred million of lives.

「I will make her move soon. Are you okay?」
「I don’t know what’s going to happen. Take care. If it gets dangerous, stop it right away」
「I understand」

Onii-chan moves the time of 「Kurono Yuki」 a little. In the meanwhile, I will enter 『myself』 and search for the memory.
If it goes well, we might be able to find something that can change this destructive situation. But if I fail……

「I hope that this doesn’t turns into the return of the destruction 10 years ago」

I can hear the white suited man, Richter-san muttering that.

「At tha time……Kurono」
「Ah. If it gets dangerous, I will stop her immediately」

And the time slowly moves.
The frozen expression of「Kurono Yuki」 gradually regains life.

「Here she comes」

At the same time, the surrounding started to vibrate. This feeling is……

「Ah, it’s been a long time since I feel this scared……」
「This power……it just makes me feel powerless……」
「Kukuku, a really nonsensical power. Let’s pray that nothing will happen」

–I know this feeling very well. The feeling when I used 【Gravity Operator】.

「Now, do it」

Just like that, I entered myself……「Kurono Yuki」.


Character File 061

NAME: Kurono Yuki
CLASS: 【Gravity Operator】S-LEVEL 6

Kurono Kagenobu’s 8 years younger, blood-related sister. Currently his one and only blood relative. At that time when she was 15, she awoken to her Talent faster than Kurono Kagenobu, and subsequently, a few days later, Kagenobu (23 at that time), awoken to his ability. Both brother and sister possessing phenomenally strong Talents (defined as 『Principle』 by Haba Ryuuichi later on), and immediately after detecting the Talent outbreak, she traveled with her brother to various places in order to suppress the chaos. At the early stage of the Talent War, they lost all of their blood relatives including their family.
The reason why Kurono Kagenobu became strong, is because to protect his one and only little sister, but Kurono Yuki’s combat ability is dreadful to the extent that an ordinary opponent can’t even scratch her. They didn’t affiliate with any faction such as the military and country, but they stood at a cooperative position as they fought together numerously.
During the Great War, people called her the strongest Talent User along with Kurono Kagenobu. If the two of them are together, they are unquestionably the world’s strongest. Without being affiliated with any organization, she acted on her own.

Her Talent is capable of manipulating 「gravity」. An ability capable of making everything 「heavier」 or 「lighter」 to the utmost. There is no limit in how heavy she can manipulate. She can seal the opponent’s movement by making his body 「heavy」 to the extent of being crushed. She can even 「lighten」 the oxygen around, creating the air without oxygen. An extremely dangerous ability.
If she wants to do it, she can even create a black hole that can cause a powerful destruction. Conversely, she can even lighten the mass of everything, nullifying every physical attacks. Heat and light can also be nullified by absorbing those into the black hole.

Because she is a very strong Talent User, she was made into a legend by the authorities as 「the existence that must not meet in the battlefield」, but most of the people don’t know of her because many countries controlled the information to conceal her existence as they fear of the increase in influence. In combat, she mainly uses a no-casualty way of 「manipulating the gravity in the enemies’ brain, disarranging the blood flow, and make them faint from afar」.
Because she has the same feelings of 「not killing enemies as much as possible」 as her brother, she ran around the battlefield while 「going easy」, but she was still invincible. When she faced an enemy equivalent to a Level 5, she even managed to shut out the enemy and bring it to negotiations unscathed.

But at the end of the Talent Great War, she suddenly created small scale black holes at the major cities around the world, killing hundreds of millions instantaneously. At present, she had her time frozen by her own brother, Kurono. Being the direct cause of the end of the Talent Great War, and the 「culprit」 of the threat at present.



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