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109 War in the Forest 10  Confrontation

「Hey hey, I didn’t hear of this, Rindou-san……That the monster woman is here」

After escaping from that insane boy, Urushibara who was heading to the target, confirmed something unexpected in his sight. A woman with long black hair wearing the military battle suit. In her hand is a shining blade, and she is running towards here.

「……Randou……did she not see that? This is not a joke」

『Kirishima Satsuki』. The daughter of Kirishima Masamune the commander of Japan army……and the one who is the strongest force in the army. The leader of the Talent Police Combat Unit who crushed many Dark Side organizations brought up by each 『Board』 member.

I had thought that the kids’ movement was strangely good while being surrounded by Variants……I can see why it is now. It’s because this woman is here. This woman is extremely troublesome when it comes to the ability as a commander. I know that from my own experience.
……The others should probably be the same.
Did Randou overlook such an important thing? No, it’s that peeping woman. She definitely 「saw」 and knew about it. Then, that means she didn’t tell it to us on purpose…………

「Tch, I’m having a bad feeling」

I need to finish the job quickly and return. Otherwise, it would be bad. Urushibara’s instinct told himself.

「……What……are they thinking……?」

Takegami Shinya and Randou Hitomi, the members of 『Board』 sharing the memory of 『Haba Ryuuichi』. What are those guys planning by plotting such thing in this operation? No……at this point in time, I can roughly understand what they are thinking. Because we are sharing the same memory to a certain extent. I will know about it. That’s why, Urushibara became impatient.
If we don’t get out of this area quick, we might be in danger. Such feeling work strongly on Urushibara. I can feel that my mouth is drying up due to the tension.

「I want to go back quickly and have a drink, but……」

In order to do so, I need to do something about the woman approaching to me at a high speed.
When the woman noticed Urushibara, she jumps highly towards him. ……Such approach usually is good for me. But that woman is doing it on purpose.

「……She’s luring me」

She is trying to stop the enemy’s attack by receiving the attack, and plan to cut the enemy from the front forcibly. That is the woman’s way of doing it. I watched many of such her in the surveillance cameras of the many destroyed facilities.
A reckless luring that can’t be said as a strategy. But that woman has the ability to do it properly. A first-class as a commander and also a single force. Furthermore, she’s even more nasty because she controls the war situation while running wild in enemy camp.
That is definitely the woman I don’t want to meet in the battlefield. ……I thought of that, but.

「I need to attract her somehow……」

Urushibara waits the woman to swing fully, and he dodges at the last moment. Urushibara’s body evasion didn’t make it in time. He uses his Talent to distort the air, and dodge. The next moment, the slash that is said to be capable of cutting a mountain, cuts open the place where he was.
At eye measurement, a gap of 2 meters in width was created, and the end of the length can’t be seen. In addition, just when I thought that I dodged it, the slash flies towards me precisely. It continues and it creates a similar gap every time. Although Urushibara dodged all those at the last moment, cold sweats are flowing from his forehead. If he got hit by that, he will be killed instantly. Even a slight off can’t be forgiven. A play of escaping. There’s no time to even counterattack.
While repeating such one-sided exchange, the distance between the two, shortened until point-blank range.

「You……are really good at dodging」
「Thank you for the compliment, but……can you let me through? I’m in a little hurry」

Urushibara is already in the woman’s range of attack, so he can’t move carelessly. Urushibara’s movement is captured to be inclusive of Talent. That can be understood from the exchange so far. This woman is such enemy.

「Unfortunately……that is an impossible proposition」

The woman said that with a gentle smile, and unleashed the instant death slash again. The surrounding trees and Variants are cut cleanly like a waxwork.

While dodging the lethal slashes, Urushibara thinks. He can’t help but to think.
……As I thought, I’m curious of my associates’ intention. What is their real intention to conceal the information while knowing that we will face this woman? ……We are probably deceived. We are the decoy. We are being used as a piece for some kind of time-stalling. It’s natural to think that way.
The problem is what kind of time-stalling……

I’m really having a bad feeling. Rindou didn’t realize it for sure. I don’t think that shitty stubborn guy will shut his eyes if he knew about it.

「I can’t feel admired honestly……」

I joined the group of fiends long ago. But up until now, I have regarded them as 「comrades」. And yet, they are sacrificing Rindou and I. It’s not confirmed, but it’s highly possible. ……What the hell did we do?
……If Rindou is here, this woman will be easy to deal with. I don’t know what’s going to happen beyond there, but the situation would get a little better. Even if I think of such thing, it’s no use already. Just like that, time passes.

But during the fierce battle with Kirishima Satsuki……Urushibara saw an unbelievable thing again.

It’s her. She’s coming this way.
Why is that woman coming to this place?
Kurono Meria.

For whatever reason, she’s practically defenseless even if she’s bringing a student with her. ……Don’t tell me she’s planning to abandon all the remaining students, and run away?
It’s possible when thinking about how important she is. For me, it’s a heaven-sent. But……even so…… Everybody.

「What do you think of comrades and associates?」

No matter how I think of it, it’s not like me as I said such line. But at least, against that woman, there’s no need to hesitate at all. I always thought that I have left behind my parents somewhere in my life, but she is also the same. ……Then, I can do it without reservation. Thinking that, Urushibara hardened his heart, and sharpened his movement.




I rushed towards the direction where Serizawa-kun and Akai-kun are. Kurasaki-kun and Meria-sensei followed me with a little distance behind me.

It looks like Akai-kun is somehow safe. Although I can’t speak to him as usual, I heard his voice. Immediately following, his transmission stopped, but in exchange for that, I saw a large fire pillar rising. He is alive and still fighting. I can probably judged that.

But Serizawa-kun……I can hear the sound from his side, but he is not answering at all. The receiver looks to be broken.
But judging from the sound that can be heard, Serizawa-kun is still alive. Hearing his breathing sound, and there is no sign of enemy around him. I need to go there as fast as possible.

In addition, judging from the situation, the enemy drove him away with some kind of method, and left him alone. Then, their aim is……not Serizawa-kun?
Then……as expected.

『Meria-sensei. I can see the enemy. Akai-kun is fighting at the inner part. I don’t know where Serizawa-kun is. But he is still alive』
『……Understood, Major Kirishima. Then, move just as planned』
『Okay……got it. But……』

Even so……she is thinking of an outrageous thing. I know there is a merit to use it in order to overturn this situation. I know such gamble is necessary to let the students escape from this predicament. But if one mistake was made……she will die.

『Meria-sensei. Please don’t die』
『……Yes……I think it will probably be fine』

I think it will probably be fine. ……That is not enough. Your life is not that light. But this movement is her idea in the first place. And I acknowledged her to take such risk. The one supporting this plan is the boy beside her.

『Kurasaki-kun. You are the last ray of hope……I leave Meria-sensei to you』
『……Fuhi……I’m not confident, though……? Well, I will try doing what I can……』

As expected, I can’t help but to feel uneasy upon hearing his unreliable reply. But I have no choice but to leave her to him. She picked him. I want to think that there is some kind of plan. After all, we are already close to the enemy. There is no time to hesitate.

『Well then……I am going, Meria-sensei. I will move just as planned』
『Okay……I count on you, Major Kirishima』

And in order to attract the opponent’s attention, I stepped forward with the strength enhanced by the battle suit, and jumped towards the man waiting in front.

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