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81 Fox entering the school 1

Teihen High School with fresh scars from the assault.

The ground was gouged and there were many cracks on the school building. The windows were broken entirely, so there is a need to replace the glass. Therefore, the hallway and the classrooms’ ventilation were very good.

At present, repair works are being conducted in many places, so the grounds are more noisy than usual due to the in and out of construction workers.

In such disordered Teihen High School, there was a 『little girl』 who entered the school and caught the students’ attention.
Although she is small, everyone can see that she is a beautiful girl from a distance as she walked to the school’s entranceway in high spirits.

Each time she walks, her long golden hair flutters in the air. Among the enrolled students of Teihen High School, blond hair female students are rare. In addition, only the top of her head is slightly whitish, and it gathered more attention due to the feature.

The people in the surroundings stopped, and talked about the conspicuous girl.

「Who is that girl?」
「Was there such a cute girl?」
「She’s wearing our school uniform」
「Then, another transfer student?」
「Ah, probably, again from Takasei Academy」

Many guesses fly about, and those gather another guess. No one knows the right answer.


The small female student in question, walks while humming a strange song without minding the surroundings, but she suddenly stop at around the front of the school building, and she call out the nearby male student.

「Hey, you there」

「Eh, me?」

The girl points her finger at the male student, but the male student points his own finger at his own face and asks back in confusion. The little girl nods in satisfaction to his reaction.

「Yes. The human over there. Tell me. Where is Atsushi-jya?」


「What? You don’t know?」

「Ah, I don’t know very well, but……」

「Then, fine. I’ll ask the others-nojya」

Saying that, the blond haired girl turns and enters the school building. Leaving aside the dumbfounded student, she advances steadily while repeating the same thing.

Before one knows, there was a crowd of students around her.




I went to school together with Shinozaki-san.
Although many things happened yesterday, we ate the pre-made food by Meria-sensei together for our breakfast and exited the house together.

「It’s strictly forbidden for you to do something like looking at my naked body and stealing my underwear, okay?」

「Ah, it’s really a misunderstanding. Both were just unforeseen accidents……」

「Don’t think that such excuse can work anymore」

Surprisingly, Shinozaki-san reached the point that she can speak normally. As expected, I feel like her character has become slightly harsh.
It seems to be the effect of mixing with 「Kurono Yuki」 in the head, but when she’s flustered, she still screams like before.

「Believe me……You know that I’m not lying if you look in my head with telepathy, right?」

「No more peeping. Wasn’t that what you said?」

「Well, yeah, but……」

While repeating such conversation, we reached the school, and there’s a crowd around the hallway after entering the school building.
When I look into the crowd, I can see Chihaya-sensei and a unfamiliar blond haired girl. It looks like both of them are talking about something.

Because the blond haired girl is quite small, she looks like a middle school student, but she’s wearing our school uniform. I don’t know her face, so she’s not a first year. Then, she’s a senior?
No, that’s impossible. Her height is about at the middle between Yomohira-san and Hikawa-kun. Then, another transfer student?

When I was thinking about that, the girl turned towards me, and stared at me in wonder. And she showed a smile and ran towards here.
When seeing from a distance, I thought she was a stranger, but when I look at her directly, I have seen her face before. But there’s something weird……?



「Found you! It’s Atsushi-jya!」

The next moment, just when I thought that she accelerated at a great speed, she dived onto my chest with all her strength.



Receiving the unexpected surprise attack on my chest, I fell to my knees.
Stopping breath. Creaking ribs. ……It’s not broken, right!?

「Atsushi, I came-nojya!」

What “I came-nojya”.

Incapable of saying anything, I glare at the Nojyaloli fox in front of me.
This guy is smiling despite giving this much damage to me.
You cosplay maniac……If you weren’t a girl, I would have take my revenge immediately.

Nn……? Fox?

At that time, I finally realized the identity of the weird feeling.
When I look at her appearance properly, the sharp 『ears』 on her head when I met her in the forest, were not there. Even the fluffy tail was not there. That’s why, I didn’t realize who she was right away.

Ah, as expected, it can be taken off. The person herself denied it, but with this, it’s confirmed that it’s a cosplay. Well, it’s natural.
But I felt like she turned into a real fox when she left, but……well, I was quite tired at that time, so it may be my hallucination or something.
Then, Chihaya-sensei ran towards us, and threw me a question.

「Serizawa-kun! Do you know this girl?」

「Eh? Yeah, well, how should I say it……」

I don’t know how to answer.
She’s an acquaintance, but it’s not like we’re that close.
The reason why Chihaya-sensei asked that kind of question means that this girl is not a student here, right?

「Tsurumi-sensei, this girl is a girl living at the back hill」

The person who cut in there, is the short black haired, bespectacled senior. Teihen High School’s student council president, Mizusawa-senpai.

「Mizusawa-san, you also know this girl?」

「Yes, I know her on the course of events……It’s a little complicated, so I will explain it after changing the place」

「……Yeah, that sounds better」

Chihaya-sensei stared at the crowd, and agreed to Mizusawa-senpai’s suggestion.

「The class is going to start in a while, so let’s go to the student counseling room. If it’s there, there should not be anyone there now」

「I understand. Then, Serizawa-kun, Shiro. Let’s go」

Saying that, Mizusawa-senpai asked us to follow.
Why even me?

When I realize it, Shiro grabs my arm tightly and sticks to my body while jumping delightfully.

……Please don’t do that kind of thing.

Even though she’s not a stranger, Shiro and I only met once. Although I don’t feel unpleasant, there’s this crowd in the surroundings. This is going to lead to an unnecessary misunderstanding.

Shinozaki-san is already staring at me with disgusted eyes beside me.

In addition, the spectators’ eyes are painful. I didn’t look around, but I can feel the eyes stabbing my skin.

Furthermore, I can hear many soft speaking voice from the surroundings.

「Say, wasn’t the first year Serizawa rumored to be with Kirishima-san?」
「Ah, the rumor about them having a good vibe. Aren’t they dating each other?」
「Don’t tell me, he’s cheating already?」
「He must have a nerve to do that to the daughter of that Kirishima Corporation」
「I saw. That he came to school with a different girl. They looked like in a good relationship, and I heard that they talked about how was yesterday’s bath and they seen each others’ naked body……」
「No way!? They went that far already!?」

「In addition, that blond haired girl」
「She kept asking 「Where is Atsushi-jya?」, right?」
「She is clinging to his arm, so she is probably his childhood friend」
「It’s that, right? I mean, they looked close, so something like a separated lover came intruding」

「And so, with Kirishima-san?」
「And other girls?」

「……The worst」
「I heard that he was the hero who saved the school during the assault, but……his human nature is a trash」

All of those are misunderstanding!
I want to correct many things, but if I deny all of those desperately, I feel like it would have an opposite effect……

While receiving those whispering voice on my back, I chased after Chihaya-sensei and Mizusawa-senpai who left the spot with my eyes.

What’s this situation?
Why did it become like this?

「What’s wrong? Atsushi, let’s go-nojya!」

The Nojyaloli fox pulled my hand while smiling.
I start to walk while being pulled by Shiro, and I left the spectators.
Ah, goodbye, my chance to explain.

The Nojyaloli fox beside me looks strangely happy since a while ago.
No, there’s no more fox features. This guy is just a blond Nojyaloli.


She pulls my hand while humming a strange song, but when I look properly at Shiro’s butt, a fluffy tail grew before I knew it. I felt that it wasn’t there just now.
……Ah, she didn’t take off the tail, but she just conceal it, huh.

In addition, I feel like I can somehow see two things shooting up from her head slowly. Just like that, when I stared at there for a while, they became real fox ears. The ears grew from her head.
Just like that, she returned to the 「Nojyaloli fox」 that I saw in the forest. Though her clothes are the school uniform.

……The ears grew?
As I thought, it wasn’t a cosplay?

「Funfunfufu~mu♪ Fu~mu♪ Fu~mu♪」

Leaving aside the many questions in my head, the Nojyaloli fox walks while fluttering the tail.
The skirt that’s pushed up by the tail is becoming something amazing in front of me.

What’s this?
What’s this situation?
The tail is hitting the back of hand.

「Serizawa-kun, please move faster! The class is going to start!」

「Ah, yes」

「That’s right, Atsushi! Tsuru is telling you to move faster-nojya! Faster-nojya!」


「Please walk faster, Serizawa-kun. You are too slow」

「Ah, okay. I’m sorry, Mizusawa-senpai」

Just like that, while being pulled by the Nojyaloli fox, I hasten my pace slightly.

Why am I being scolded? Life is sure full of mysteries……

Many things happened since yesterday……



Can I cry just a little?

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