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62 A certain spring school festival

「Come, I’ve brought it!!! How is it!! It’s not only a lot, but……all these are the highest grade beansprouts!!」

This man appeared in front of us with a trailer loaded with tons of beansprouts towed by bicycle, and we avoided meeting his gaze.

Dating back to about a week before…

Right after the enrolment, we, the first years of Teihen High School were really busy with events such as the School War and hot spring trip, but the yearly custom’s spring school festival, aka 「Spring Fes」 was held at the same time every year, so we were gathered for a class meeting to decide what to do.

And so, we, 1-A, decided to make yakisoba, but when talking about who’s making it, this idiot…

「You who can only heat things, you probably can at least heat up an iron plate, right? If you don’t use it here, then when are you going to? If you let go of this chance, I think you won’t have any place to flourish anymore, you know?」

He started to say that.
When I heard those words, I felt that veins started to show up on forehead, so I started to abuse this beansprout bastard elegantly.

「Then I bet you can just use your useless Talent to produce a lot of ingredients, right?」

I said that kindly and gentlemanly.

As a result, this heap of beansprouts in front of us.

「Too many……can it finish by today?」

I did tell him to produce with all his might, but it seemed that this idiot doesn’t know the thing called limits as he continued to cultivate beansprouts the whole night in the garage at his house.

Although it’s already late, isn’t it much easier and efficient to just cultivate it at school…? Well, I was the one who tell him to cultivate it and bring it here, though.

That’s why, there’s a slight change to what we are doing. From a 「yakisoba stall」 to a 「healthy yakisoba with extra heap of beansprouts stall」.





After finishing various preparations with everyone, the yakisoba stall opened without any problems.
Today’s school festival is like an event of interacting with the people outside the school, and the main targets are other Talent Schools and the residents around.
An ID check will be performed to every visitor just in case for the sake of confirmation, but it’s a rather open event for a Talent school as we are allowing parents and outsiders to enter.

At present, I’m watching the stall.
I heat up the iron plate with my perfect temperature control, and grill the large amount of noodles and beansprouts.

Originally, that beansprout bastard should be helping me, but at the dawn after his sleepless night, he started to say something like 「I can see beansprouts growing in my eyes」, so we let him rest in the classroom.

「What’s that…? Yakisoba? I can’t see the noodles because of the beansprouts, though」
「Healthy yakisoba? …It’s mostly beansprouts, isn’t it?」
「The ingredients stock is amazing……what is that white mountain?」
「It does smells good, though…」

Captivated by the curiosity, there are many customers who bought it along the way, and the review of the yakisoba was quite high.

Well, that’s no wonder. This yakisoba with large serving of beansprouts looks as if it’s a lot, but surprisingly, it can be eaten rather quickly.
And because the noodles are seasoned slightly strong, the water of the beansprouts balances it, making it a taste that you can’t get tired of it. This is under the supervision of the wannabe-chef, Yamaoka Jouji. As expected of him. During the discussion of the seasoning, the self-proclaimed gourmet, Umihara Yuu said 「It’s impossible to not have back fat!」 and he brought a large amount of the back fats of pig from somewhere, but that unexpectedly took part in the taste.

While insisting it’s a yakisoba, the main ingredient is in fact, this beansprouts which are basically free (There’s no such thing like that guy’s labor compensation), so we can use the inventory abundantly.
Besides, thanks to Ueki’s mysterious hard work of 「being obsessed in the water this time」, I feel that this is remarkably better than the usual one sold in the supermarket.
And after the production, he said 「it’s bad to expose it to the sun even if it’s a little」, so he brought it to the school early in the morning while it’s still dark, covered it, and managed the temperature until we came.

……Early in the morning? How did he get through the school gate? Did he break it??
The passion towards the ingredients……you’re really going towards the path of a manufacturer.

At any rate, the popularity is superb. The sales is very promising.




「Serizawa-kun, thanks for watching the stall! How’s the sales?」

Just like that, when I thought that someone is going to replace me soon as noon approaches.
The person who called me out is the possessor of the Talent, 【Healer】, and also the cheerful existence in the class. Lively-type soothing beautiful girl, Kagura-san.

「Ah, very promising! It’s quite popular!」

I report the sales in this one hour briefly for now. At this rate, that heap of beansprouts might get consumed completely.

「You did it on your own? It’s almost time to change. We can change with you anytime, you know?」

Akai Tsubasa said that with his hands in his pockets. Because he possess the Talent that can heat up the iron plate just like me, he’s in charge of grilling.

「Is that so? Then, I’ll entrust it to you」

I said that, and handed the spatula and also the blue and red happi coat to Akai. That’s right, these two are the next 「griller」 and 「seller」 pair.
Normally, I would cast an appropriate curse incantation (spell), 『You Normies (EXPLOSION)』, but I don’t feel like that now.


「Ah, Serizawa-kun! Did your turn finish?」

Because I have……a mysterious relationship with Kirishima-san which is more than being rivals but less than being lovers.
No, I’m sure that we are already 「lovers」……I consider us so. After all, we did such a thing in the hut at night.

「Ah, Akai came to take over earlier than usual」
「I see……Mizusawa-senpai said that there is something she wants to tell you」

But after that, we went down the hill normally and separated normally. The next morning, we greeted normally, attended the class normally and returned home normally.

In fact, nothing has changed since then. Just as if I’m misunderstanding.
No, I don’t think so. But it’s not like I confirmed it with her. But what should I do if I confirmed that it was just my misunderstanding…? No, I’m not scared at all. Not at all. Seriously. Not even in the slightest.

No, there might be a little of that, but……i-it’s not like I’m rushing it or anything, okay?
It’s a bother if you confuse me with those impatient virgins.
That’s why, if there’s a chance, I thought of trying to ask her, but……

「Mizusawa-senpai? Then, I’ll go and see her. She’s at the student council room, right?」
「Un, I think she is still there. Then, let’s go. I have something to do too. Because Mizusawa-senpai will go out soon, we might need to go there fast」

Missing the chance to confirm it, and it reaches to this point.

……Well, fine. For now, let’s just take this feeling as 「rivals」. I don’t care about the title of our relationship. Just being able to talk with Kirishima-san like this, is a blessing to me.

In the end, we’re in a very mysterious relationship……
She holds my hand with her thin fingers, and pulls me.
This…doesn’t it looks like that? Isn’t it? It’s not like the so-called holding hands like lovers but……shit, if that pervert saw us like this……!

I look around with such feeling while walking, but unexpectedly, no one is paying attention to us.
W-Well, I guess it’s nothing strange, huh……? Thinking that, when I was turning my head towards Kirishima-san……

Suddenly, I felt that my eyes met with the expressionless man just like a noh mask.




Just like that……

Teihen High School’s 「Spring Fes」 reached until the afternoon peacefully.

When the time approaches 1 o’clock, suddenly, the sound of an explosion can be heard within the school.
Due to the close sound of explosion, people screamed.

When I look at that direction, approximately 30 evil looking men…entered from the destroyed school gate in groups.

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