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121 Devastated Forest

「Fuu~, good grief……Meria-sensei? Today was supposed to be my important day off, you know!? Even though I applied it from 2 weeks ago, why did you call me suddenly!? This is breaking the labor standards, you know~!?」

「Motomiya-sensei. I am very sorry……but it was really an emergency. Without your power, Shiro will……」

Saying that, I stared at the small fox in my hands in relief.
After Shiro fainted, Delta-sensei’s portal’s transmission function recovered for some reason. When I realized that, I quickly contacted Delta-sensei, and had her transferred it to Motomiya-sensei. Just like that, he rushed in accordance to the emergency call, and he did his job properly despite being a little displeasure.
And right now, he finished the treatment using his Talent, 【Memory Editor】 and Shiro escaped death for now.

「Fuu~, do you really know what I’m saying? Even I myself have my own circumstances, you know!? Please don’t think that I can always do this kind of thing~………However, seriously speaking. The treatment was simple because it was copied completely」

Motomiya-sensei’s tone changed from his usual foolish tone to a lower tone as he said that while scratching his head.

「……The meaning is just as it is. No noises and trashes, it was copied completely without any inferiority to the original Talent」
「No inferiority to the original Talent? Is such thing possible?」
「Well, it’s impossible to believe it, and to be frank, I also have the same opinion with you, but……it’s true. Thanks to that, it was only put into the Extra condition and didn’t transformed into a Variant. At any rate, it did copy Kagura-san’s ability which is originally a 『Level 4』. Its Domain should burst right away. Rather, I would say that it lasted well until I arrived~」
「Is such thing really……?」

Even if it is temporary, Shiro acquired the ability of a Level 4. Despite being a biholder, Shiro acquired another Talent. But still, Shiro didn’t become a Variant right away means that Shiro has an appropriate capacity of Domain……? At present, I can only think of this when considering it logically, but……I don’t feel that way.

「……Not only that. This Talent Beast’s mutation is very accurate and its reading ability of 【Communicator】 is good. It has a great Talent control. I don’t understand, but……is this the thing called as animal instinct?」
「Certainly, Shiro is quite outstanding, but……」

Because Shiro has not received a Talent Appraisal, the official level assessment has not conducted. But when thinking from several conditions, I think Shiro should be considered as a Level 4 due to Shiro’s importance.
The unique mutation that is accurate to the extent that it looks the same as the original. In addition to that, even though 【Communicator】 is very scarce, Shiro is capable of communicating with both humans and animals. And Shiro can interpret it to the humans.
That would probably be the main cause that brings an unknown experience to the human society, On top of that, if the individual itself has the possibility to manifest a Level 4 Talent…… How many people would want Shiro’s ability? I don’t have the slightest idea.

At this point, Shiro is an existence who has the nature of bringing more troubles, but……regarding Kagura-san who had her Talent copied by Shiro, an outrageous thing was found out from her, Akai-kun and Serizawa-kun.
Her ability is not healing the target’s wounds, but granting healing ability to the target from afar, and continuously recovers the wounded body. And I have never hear before something like it can even recover the dead completely. Such Talent can no longer be called as a 【Healer】. Should we give it the name, 【One who regenerates (Regenerator)】 newly as an undiscovered Talent……?

In the first place, she was given the evaluation of the highest importance, 『S-LEVEL4S』 because she 『recovered lost limbs and organs』 when she was a child. With this incident, there is a need to reevaluate her, but……that ability is too abnormal. It is a miracle that a Talent that can revive the dead exists in this world.
She will become a very important person. If her Talent is made public, she will be acknowledged as the most important Talent User in the world as long as the 『Principle』 is not revealed.

……In other words.
Shiro can even copied such Talent completely. Can such thing……really be possible?

When I was being absorbed in thought–Motomiya-sensei sighed greatly.

「Well, I’m going back already! I won’t respond even if you call me again today~! And I will be charging you for the treatment and the round-trip of the fighter plane~!!! Please pay it to me~!!!」

Saying that only, he head to the devastated forest.
After seeing the fighter plane off, I get absorbed in thought again.
There is too many things to think of now.

「–Really, there is too much issues……」

At present, I think there are too many 『people that should be protected』 for us.
Shinozaki-san and Kirishima-san. Kagura-san and Shiro. In addition, I myself need to protect myself.

On the other hand……it is clear that the protecting side is lacking of numbers overwhelmingly. It is relatively easy to protect the targets if they are gathered in one place, but it won’t be that way every time. Situations where there is a need to take separate actions will appear at any rate. There is a need to nurture and secure guards immediately.

「The training this time became an unthinkable 『actual site training』, but……but……」

Nurture and secure personnel.
In such meaning, the training of the 『Talent Police Reserve Corps』 was interrupted in this short time–『In fact, only a day』 , but it can’t be said as meaningless. It was a large scale attack that happened at an unexpected time, but miraculously–as a result, we overcame it 『without casualties』.
The experience of overcoming that is really big. Surviving from a large war should greatly affect the students. They have surely grow up on this incident.
No, depending on the person, growing up isn’t the suitable word. The people that I noticed had achieved a remarkable change.

–First, Akai-kun. He has been a competent combatant so far. But when considering whether he can fight against the world’s highest rank Talent User, he still has the room to grow……He was such a boy. But–his Talent changed greatly by Kagura-san. There are conditions so he must not be reckless, but……the current him can be considered as one of Japan’s foremost personnel when only thinking of maximum combat ability.

Next is Kurasaki-kun. He really has a flexible thinking and adaptability. I felt that when he created my 『dummy』, but his observation and insight are outstanding. Despite being odd usually, he perceives things delicately. He is calm no matter how bad the situation is, and he will pull off a bold action at the last moment. When thinking him as a guard, there is no better personnel than him.
I don’t know how much he grew up in this, but……he certainly analyzed and absorbed this matter. He would probably show a bold move again when something happens next time.

There are also many students who showed surprising moves.
Yumino-san assessed the situation calmly, and did her job until the end. Yomohira-san and Tsuchitori-san also showed more than expected.

Especially Yumino-san. She observed all directions whle giving out orders to the other students……sniped the Variants with the highest priority as if she is a professional military personnel. She is for sure……a commander-type person. Such glimpse of talent was seen from her.
Hikawa-kun cooperated with the other Talent Users while moving around busily. Although he is strong on his own, he might be a type that shows his ability in a team battle.

Midou-kun and Ueki-kun also showed surprising actions, but above all–him. Serizawa-kun.

He is starting to be conscious of the destructive power of that 『Principle』, and controlling it. It was clear in this battle. Of course there are still some anxious factors as he caused a destruction with his own power, but–he recovered at the last moment.
There is a need for him to be careful on the control, but……it is clear that he is no longer in the protected side.
It has been proofed that he has the combat ability equal to Todoroki-kun who is acknowledged as a single calamity class.

……Until quite recently, he didn’t even know about his Talent at all.
How much stronger will he get?
At this rate, he will immediately……no. He has already……stepped into the territory of the world’s top level.
In this short time? Can such thing really……?

……I still can’t believe it.
Causing a large destruction that burned the vast forest instantly. After that, he flew around at an abnormal speed while exterminating Variants. When talking to him, he is just an innocent boy.

「–Even though the usual him is really normal」

–At any rate.

With this experience, they will become stronger.
On the contrary–I fully realize that I am the burden.
On top of that, the objective of this attack was clearly 『my life』. Because of that, they were made to experience this kind of danger. It is not like I don’t feel anything on that, but–right now, it is not the situation to be sentimental.

「I can only pray that the impromptu preparations would do its work, but……I wonder if it would turn out well」

Whether it is suitable to call it fortunate or not, the assailants retreated while misunderstanding that I died. I don’t know how long it will last, but–thanks to that, it given us a tiny shred of hope.
Thanks to Kurasaki-kun, the trap that we prepared, was given to them without them realizing it.

However, last moment plans don’t usually turn out well.
While thinking that……I can’t help but to pray that this won’t become the beginning of a counterattack.

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