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117 War in the Forest 18  Running Thunder God 3


Shiro’s body which was lying down on the ruined ground, twitches suddenly, rises up and starts to look around.

「……Shiro-chan? You woke up. Are you okay!?」

Kagura Mai realized Shiro’s state, and called him out while holding Yumino Miharu who can’t move on her lap.

「Mai! It’s terrible-nojya!! Atsushi is having a terrible wound right now-nojya!! He’s bleeding-nojya!!!」

Shiro clings to Kagura’s chest in confusion, and tries to say something while crying like a child. Kagura who seemed to have guessed what he meant, showed a serious look.

「Fast! If not, Atsushi will……!!!」
「I understand……!! But right now, I……!!」

Kagura is moving around to heal the injured people without resting right now. That destruction that can even destroy a town, didn’t end without anyone uninjured. After checking everyone, there is almost no one who can move right now. Rather, it was a lucky situation that no one ended up dying.

「Sorry, but there are still some people with serious wounds……!! I can’t right now……!!」

The shock from the explosion smashed the clay and ice shelter made by Hikawa and Tsuchitori, and it became large fragments and assaulted the students.
Fortunately, everyone was evacuated into Kurasaki’s 『darkness』 so they avoided direct hit, but after that, it was a storm of raining heat rays. They managed to get over it by Hikawa’s ability which was used continuously inside the space. When the wave of shock and heat settled down, everyone left the space and became on the verge of dying by fire.

Akai who managed to reduced the damage somehow, moved around with Kagura to save everyone, up until now, there were only several people who recovered. In that state, Instructor Kirishima and the recovered people headed out to stop the crowd of Variants.
But there are still people who haven’t woke up. I need to stay here and continue to heal them.

「No-nojya……!! If you don’t go, Atsushi will……!!」

But Serizawa Atsushi is also said to be on the verge of dying. When Kagura Mai was hesitating on what she need to do, Kurono Meria who heard their conversation, called her out.

「Serizawa-kun is alive……? Let’s go, Kagura-san. Immediately once the healing of the wounded finished. Shiro, until then……」

「No!!! We won’t make it in time like that-nojya!!!!」

Whether it is the animal’s instinct or not, he perceived Serizawa Atsushi’s abnormality.
When Shiro was in Atsushi, he felt that Atsushi was getting colder gradually. That is the feeling Shiro knows.
Shiro knew the feeling well because it was the same feeling he felt when the birds and animals who 『talked』 to him, lost their temperature. The next morning after feeling that, when he met his friends, they were all cold and they stopped moving. And his friends didn’t move anymore.
He already knew what the humans called it. It is 『death』. Atsushi will die. Atsushi won’t last long. The 『fire』 of live, is going to disappear. Shiro felt that certainly.

「Immediately!! We need to go there immediately-nojya……!!」

Shiro was flustered. And it was not something that people told him, but something that he felt it himself.
In other words, he perceived what is going to happen by putting himself in another person’s image of Talent. Mimicking the appearance he saw……this strange power can do such thing. Shiro thought so.

「So, Mai. I will borrow your power」

The next moment, Kagura felt something entered her head.


Peeking the innermost of her heart,『memorizing』 the source of power and bringing it back. Then……he can use the power of another person. Shiro knew that he could do that. And now, he is executing it.

「Don’t tell me, Shiro……!? Wait! You must not……!!」

Meria who realized Shiro’s aim, tries to stop him.

「If you do that, you will……!!!」

But her voice was late. Too late. For Shiro, this act was too easy, and it finished in an instant.

「I will go and save Atsushi-nojya!!」

Without listening to Meria, Shiro disappeared when he started running.




Shiro thinks desperately while running through the burned ground in his human form.

I need to go to Atsushi as fast as possible. Atsushi’s body temperature is on the verge of disappearing. At this rate, I won’t make it. That’s why, I need to rush.

In order to do that, I can’t use this form with two legs.
I need to change to a faster form.
To the form that is the fastest.

But what is it?
The form of fox with four legs……?
No, that doesn’t change much.
Wild boar……? No.

A bird. That’s right.
『Falcon』. The fastest one in my hill. If it’s that, I will be fast. The moment Shiro thought of that, he changes his form, flaps and accelerates.
He flies through the burned trees at a speed that can’t be compared to the 2-legged run.

But Shiro thinks.
This is certainly fast. I became way faster.
But this is still slow. This is not good enough. Atsushi’s 『fire』 is already on the verge of disappearing. It will disappear in a few moments. This kind of form won’t make it no matter how.

–Faster. More and more, way faster. Otherwise, Atsushi can’t be saved. Shiro thinks desperately while flapping the unfamiliar wings.

……That’s right. That one.

The greatly faster one with four legs.
The large cat-like creature I saw in the board called 『tablet』 at Atsushi’s house.
I prefer that. If that, I will be faster.
After all, that moving picture moves faster than the wind.
Thinking that, Shiro turns into a white beast and the four legs kick and crush the ground.
The next moment, Shiro’s body accelerates greatly along with the shock.
This is it. With this, I can go faster. Let’s advance with this.
Shiro became a fiction creature……『Byakko』, while running at the speed several times faster than the falcon.
Shiro who turned into a fiction creature, increases his speed and runs desperately. The human-like monsters gradually came into sight. They tries to attack Shiro, but he doesn’t have the time to deal with them. Fast. I need to reach Atsushi as fast as possible.
With that mind, Shiro mows down the 『monsters』 like a squall, and runs while resounding a thunderous sound on the burned ground.

But Shiro thinks while running with a large body.

……Not good enough. Still slow. This is not enough. I became very fast, but I won’t make it in time with this.
More faster. Sharper. Otherwise, I will be late. I can’t make it in time.
They are a hindrance. Monsters. Burned trees. I need to pass through them, and reach Atsushi as fast as possible.
Therefore, Shiro thinks of something that can advance straight without dodging the enemies.

Anything is okay.
The thing seen in the board called television. The thing taught at Atsushi’s house.
Something fast.
There’s no time to hesitate. I will advance while changing haphazardly to the forms that came to my mind.

Just like that, Shiro gradually stopped taking the form of living things. Becoming a white arrow and a bullet. The fox even felt that those two are slow.

Not good……This is not enough. With this, with this speed–I won’t make it before Atsushi’s 『fire』 disappears.

Even though I still can’t see Atsushi’s figure……and the short time beating my heart several times.
Atsushi’s 『fire』 will disappear by that.
He knows the strength of the voice from the 『mind』. It gets feeble and weaker. Even though Shiro continues to call him out, there is no slight movement of the heart anymore.
Like this, at this rate……

–I won’t be able to meet Atsushi anymore.

I don’t want that to happen.
Absolutely no.
That’s why, I need to reach him no matter what.
Atsushi’s 『fire』 will most likely die out in about a breath.

I need to reach him before that.
I need to meet him by all means.

Something that can do that. Anything is okay. I don’t care what it is. I will become whatever it is.

What is……that?



Shiro sharpens his nerve, and thinks.



–That’s right. That.



That thing that shines in the sky before a storm.
The thing that man who lived at the hill, releases. That light.
And the thing that fell over there with a light.



I want that.

That will be fast.



Thinking that, Shiro gradually turns into a 『phenomenon』.


(Faster, even for a little, I need to reach Atsushi)


Just like that, Shiro became a white lightning……and pierced the crowd of Variants in an instant.

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