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108 War in the Forest 9  Teihen High School Attack

「……The signal is being blocked? Delta-sensei, you can’t contact them at all?」
「Yes, Meria-sensei should have my port, but voice transmission is impossible~! Most likely, it is due to some kind of ability~!」

Kokonoe Delta who is in charge of the transmission, reported to me, Tsurumi Chihaya who was given the command during emergency from Meria-sensei.

「Then, contact the principal right away……!!」
「It’s useless~! I can’t contact him too! I requested for reinforcements from the military, but there is no reply~!」

What is going on?
A sudden attack towards Teihen High School. The signal jamming and the attack of Variants happened at the same time when both the principal and Meria-sensei are absent. What is the goal of this attack? What are their aim? Is this place the only place being targeted? Is there something happening at another place?

Right now, Teihen High School is being exposed to the attack of Variants from all directions, destruction of electronics by a strong electromagnetic wave, and jamming. The emergency network connected to the military is not working also, and our last ray of hope, Delta-sensei’s portal is being sealed by some kind of means. We are in the state of being isolated with every measure of communication to the outside, shut down.
It looks as if they are trying to crush Teihen High School itself. But it doesn’t looks like they are attacking us seriously. This attack is sparse and intermittent, so it’s not an attack that can break our defense line. In other words, it’s like a movement to keep us here. That’s why, I feel that their aim is not in here.

Then, there is two remaining places, but……it’s out of question to target the principal. Then, it must be there. The training location of the newly established 『Talent Police Reserve Corps』. There are many important figures at there right now. And with the principal gone, Meria-sensei is defenseless right now. As expected, their aim……?
As I thought, the aim of this attack is to paralyze our communication means so that we can’t send reinforcements to Meria-sensei and the rest. Something must be happening over there.

「……Being made to stay here is irritating……!」

Up until here, it’s according to the assailants’ plan.
Almost all of the teachers are on the lookout at the outside. I don’t know where the next enemy will appear from. We need to protect the students in the shelter. Such situation was created.

Meria-sensei and the rest might be surrounded and attacked by Variants like us right now.

「……If only we can sent at least someone there……!!」

But among the Teihen High School staffs, there is no excess personnel as we are already in a shortage of people. There is no one who can go and help them in Teihen High School now……… ……No. There is. He is here.

「……Come to think of it, there is one……a student who can fight」

The person who is free right now and can become a tremendous force……is just close by. Him. The on who lives at the back hill. If it’s him, he can become a reinforcement even by himself due to his ability. The problem is how to send him there……
I ask Mizusawa Misuzu-san, the president of the student council who was instructing the students to evacuate from the broadcast room.

「Say, Mizusawa-san. How did Todoroki-kun go out last time? If I am not mistaken, you accompanied him, right?」
「I wrapped Todoroki-senpai forcibly with my ability……and after the special anti-lightning treatment, he just got on the helicopter and went out……」
「By the way, where is that helicopter?」
「At the back hill. It is completely Senpai’s helicopter…………Don’t tell me, now?」
「We teachers will take over the announcement within the school. I want you to bring Todoroki-kun to the training camp where Meria-sensei is, immediately」

Mizusawa-san showed a short hesitation, but she quickly accepted it.

「…………Understood. I just need to bring him there, right?」
「……Morimoto-sensei. Pick some staffs in the shelter, and escort her to the top of back hill. Please come back immediately once it’s done」
「Haha!! No problem!! A light running!!」

Just like that, Mizusawa-san rides on her scooter and Morimoto-sensei followed her while carrying the staffs.




「……Looks like they found out about our aim of this attack, Takegami」
「Nn~? Is it? I’m pretty sure we shut down the signal and information」

The black haired boy around the age of 15 called as Takegami, replied to the mid 20s woman behind him lightly. Upon seeing him, the tall woman says this.

「I judged it from the situation. That’s all. It is all because of you being negligent in the preparations. How unsightly, Takegami. And it looks like several people got out of the school」

There are countless blinking 『eyes』 floating around the woman in a black dress. Those eyes moved its eyeball as if observing something.
Without minding the woman who criticized him, the boy takes his eyes off the book he was reading, and look at the direction of Teihen High School.

「Nn~, a student and a teacher. And two staffs. It would be bad if they see us, so let’s ignore them」

Saying that, the woman looks at him with a puzzled look. All the 「eyes」 floating around, also turned to him all at once.

「……Are you sure, Takegami? They might be the reinforcement」
「Isn’t it fine? Let them go. Even if they fail over there, we have already accomplished half of our aim」

The woman inclined her head to the side. It looks like she couldn’t understand what the boy said.

「In the first place……I don’t understand why didn’t you gave them enough information. Are we supposed to be comrades?」

Hearing that, the boy answers lightly.

「Well, before you want to trick your enemy, you must trick your ally first. In addition, he……was it Rindou? It’s good that he’s loyal, but……he’s a little stubborn. He’s hard to use. ……It might be good to replace him. Urushibara has good skills, but that’s all. He can’t be used」

The woman who listened to the boy’s evaluation to the two, closed her eyes and shook her head.

「I think it was you who invited them into the 『Board』……well, that is fine. However, are there any prospects to replace them? I hope that it doesn’t end up to be another useless selection」
「This is planned because there are. Rather, half of it is for that. Even if it goes to the worst, it can be managed somehow. As long as Kurono doesn’t know about it, it’s fine」

「……Well, fine. 「Original」 made you the commander for this attack after all. I pray that it doesn’t result in tragedy, Takegami」

The woman closed her eyes while the floating 「eyes」 around her, look at the boy silently. Without minding the sharp gazes, the boy returned to reading the thick book.

「Well then, I leave the observation to you, Randou-san. Tell me when something happens」
「Yes……understood. After all, this is my only duty. I leave that one to you, Takegami」

Muttering that, the surrounding eyes opened widely once again, and moved as if searching for something.

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