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118 War in the Forest 19  Running Thunder God 4

At that time, Midou Suguru was unusually angry.
A strong irritation revealed itself against his 『close friend』 Serizawa Atsushi.

「Serizawa-kun, what are you doing……!! Even though I told you to not move……!! You’re not in the condition that you can do such thing anymore……!!!」

Midou judged that Serizawa is on the verge of dying, so he laid him on the ground and 『concealed』 him by using his own Talent, 『Sight Avoider』 not long ago. Although he knows that it is a situation where he can’t be careless, by doing this, he can be relieved for a moment that he will escape from the enemy’s pursuit.
During the time, he needs to find a means of escape.

……With that in mind, he came out with Ueki Hitoshi.

However, after they left Serizawa, for whatever reason, Serizawa stood up forcibly with his own power, and immediately, fell back to the ground. It might be better to say that 「he was slammed to the ground」.
For him who has received a serious damage, the impact will only be a fatal wound. The puddle of blood splashed, and the surrounding dyed in dark red.

Even with just that, it is a great disaster.

His action became the trigger of the serious situation.
Midou’s Talent makes everything 『concealed (invisible)』, but if the target takes an offensive move or shows some kind of sign to the opponent, the effect will disappear.

In other words–

「……Over there, huh」
「Ah. Secure the 『Principle』 quick」

The moment Serizawa Atsushi fell to the ground loudly, the two men found him.


The two men runs towards Serizawa Atsushi immediately.
Midou was flustered. I am one step slower.
I forgot myself due to the discomposure, and was slow to deal with it. That was a fatal mistake in this situation.
They are too fast. Even if I chase them right now, I can’t catch up with them.
At this rate, he will be taken by them. And according to the previous conversation, they plan to bring him back as some kind of sample.

「Like I will let you!! 『Grow Up』!!」

The next moment, the one who moved was Ueki Hitoshi.


A 1 meter beansprout appeared by Ueki’s Talent 【Plant Grower】, and attacked the two men like a cannon, but they dodged the strange plant by a hair’s breadth.

Then……a black spiky haired boy appeared in their sight like a mirage.

A few meters in distance.
The boy who lurked in the distance, receives the gazes from the two assailants.
Midou’s effect was released because he attacked, and Ueki is completely recognized as a enemy.

「Finally revealing yourself, huh……Hiding this close」
「Wait, don’t let your guard down. The one with the hiding Talent is not here. He should be somewhere close」

Facing the two who point killing intents, Ueki Hitoshi clicked his tongue while turning around.

「Tch, I missed, huh. But…………you haven’t seen anything yet!!! My true value, that is!!」

Ueki provoked the two like usual with grandiose gestures, but……Midou Suguru was troubled by the situation.
Although Ueki is excellent in surprise techniques, he is just an ordinary person. In regards to combat ability, he is only an amateur unlike myself. He can’t win if he fight them directly. Midou feels irritation by his own thought of bringing his friend to this kind of dangerous place.

「……Far……! If only he’s a little closer……!」

The desire knowing that he can’t win, came out from his mouth.
Midou’s 『Hiding』 is an ability that makes the target that he touched becomes almost completely 「invisible」 by erasing the target from people’s perception. On the other hand, once the target is recognized by the opponent, Midou needs to touch the target to make him hidden again. I need to reach him immediately.
–But there is a little distance between us.
From this distance, it is impossible to reach and save Ueki before he receives a fatal wound.
Judging that, Midou inhales greatly and shouts at Ueki.

「Ueki-kun!! Don’t stop moving!! Come to me quick!!」

The next moment, the 『Hiding』 on Midou releases, and the two men look at Midou Suguru all at once. That was Midou’s intention. There is no other way than this. Stalling as much as possible, and approach Ueki. At the same time as the shout, Midou kicked the ground, and started running.

「There he is. 【Sight Avoider】, 【Midou Suguru】. He is a trouble. Kill him quick」
「To come out by yourself for your friend……what a good guy. But–」

The moment the exhausted-looking dark suited man’s figure distorts, he moves to the back of Midou Suguru.

「–Those kind of guys, die first」

Midou Suguru gets goosebumps, and he reflexively bends backwards. That movement was completely a hunch, but at the same time as he bends backwards, a slash was launched from his back……no, a 『distortion』 appeared at the spot where my neck was, and several moments later, I can see my hair being severed.

「……Hey, even you can dodge at that timing. What the hell is wrong with the young people these days?」

Muttering that, the suited man unleashes the crack of space by the 『distortion』 again. Midou Suguru somehow ascertains the 「origin」 of those and dodges the 『membrane of distortion』. At times, he relies on his hunch, and if he gets hit, he will die instantly.
Actually, it was just pure gamble. Left or right. Up or back. A game of guessing which direction the next attack will come from. If I lose the gamble, I will die at that moment. Every time the one-side death game is thrust before him, Midou’s nape becomes colder.
And managing to pass the 4th time, he already sensed it at the 5th one.


–No matter how much I struggle, I can’t win against this man.


I need to escape from his sight for an instant in order to hide myself with my Talent. But this man is not an easy enemy who would do that. He doesn’t miss all of my moves. Observing my movement calmly, and cornering me.

Between us, there is a large gap of power that it is strange that my body is not severed yet. Midou felt that.
My hope that we might have a chance if Ueki Hitoshi and I face him, was extremely naive. Cold sweats run down Midou’s back. I start to understand that it won’t be long until I’m being cut into pieces. Death is certainly close by.

I will be killed soon.
I know that……but before that.
At this very minute, there is a person who is very close to death.
I can’t possibly give up here.

Capturing his bloody classmate, Serizawa Atsuhi in the corner of his eyes, Midou Suguru thinks desperately.

「……Shit……! ……Serizawa-kun……! At this rate, he will……!!」

Right now, I’m dodging the opponent’s attack barely, but I don’t have the confidence to bring it to a war of attrition against this man. Even if I did it……time will pass uselessly, and he won’t be saved.
The first person who acknowledged me. The life of my first close friend……『Serizawa Atsushi』 will die out first.
Midou Suguru couldn’t allow that.
I’m frustrated and flustered to myself who can’t do anything for him at this kind of time. Is there some kind of way? A means of escape?

Not good. I can’t think of anything.
Then, I will get pass this man forcibly even if I need to sacrifice one of my limbs. If I do that–although it is a small chance, I might be able to touch Ueki.
Only such reckless thought came to Midou’s mind. He is really flustered.

「……There’s no time left. Let’s go」

The moment when Midou prepared himself–




A dazzling flash covers the whole area.
As if a lightning struck close by.
Cutting the atmosphere, a thunderous sound resounds.


「……What……was that……!?」


Everyone at that spot, felt 「something that is making a loud noise」 is coming at an absurd speed. The loud sound that resounds through the whole burned forest, and someone approaches while dragging a flash. No matter how one thinks, it is a new threat approaching them. Everyone on that spot, put themselves on guard.

「Be cautious just in case. It might be the enemy’s reinforcement」

Saying that, the tall skinhead man deployed the 『invisible wall』, and it was immediately after that.


A large flash that crushes one’s sight, and the thunder that tears one’s ears.

At the same time, someone who is flying at high speed, crashed into the 『wall』, and a strong shock wave was created. The burned ground was gouged even further, and Midou and Ueki were blown away by the shock.


The two men who managed to protect themselves from the shock by deploying the 『wall』 just before it was hit, opened their eyes wide in surprise.
The person in front of them is……a large man wearing the uniform of Teihen High School with flashes and sparks coming out from his whole body……In addition, no matter how one look at it, he doesn’t look like a minor as he has the look of a primitive man with his beard.

The bearded large man looks slightly ashamed towards the people in the 『invisible wall』 while scratching his head–

「Well. It feels good to run after a long time……so I didn’t know how to stop」

However, he is smiling.
He said this with a beaming smile.

「But thanks to your wall, I managed to stop! Thank you very much! You really saved me!」

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