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95 Talent Police Reserve Corps  Training 6

「Apparently, this area is the training location. Wanna start right away?」

The first team, Akai and Hikawa, reached a place far from the first meeting place.

「What you want to do……? Instructor Kirishima said that, but I can go easy on you, you know?」

The words from Instructor Kirishima.
『Run as fast as you can to the training location, and once you fought with all your might, come back here at full speed before sunset. I will know if you cheat, understand?』
Saying that only, she gave the map of the training location.
The designated place is roughly 20 kilometers from the starting location.
A distance of a half-marathon for a one-way trip. And exactly a full marathon when making a round trip.

Because Akai doesn’t have a moving means with his Talent like Hikawa, he ran a lot for an hour.
The out of breath Akai and the nonchalant looking Hikawa.
Judging from there, there was a gap between them.

「Are you alright? You look like you are out of breath, though. Why don’t you rest for a while?」
「……No, let’s continue it like this. Otherwise, it’s no use」

When Kagura was kidnapped, Akai got exhausted at the very end and it became a disadvantage for him. To reflect on it, he runs on a routine basis. On the basis of a Talent possessor, he trained every day to the extent you can say it as a calculation error. Akai continued to gain stamina plainly. Thanks to that, he can brag that he gained some stamina.
However, you can say that it is the only growth he experienced so far.

「I understand. ……Tell me when you want to surrender. 『Absolute Zero』」

Hikawa said that, and the temperature of a radius of 5 kilometers dropped suddenly.
The surroundings trees froze, and the flowers became silent in an instant.
What appeared around Akai and Hikawa is an absolute zero ice field.
The trashes in the air glitters, and only that place looks like a magical world.

(Tch……as expected, this guy is also a monster)

A Level 4 Talent User. The white-robed man who he fought last time was said to be a Level 4.
He recalls that he couldn’t do anything against that man.

「Fufu, looks like you can stand up as you said. That’s how it should be」
「……Well, thanks」

Akai is defending against the temperature drop by covering his whole body in strong flames right now.
With this, I won’t stop moving even in this low temperature field. But it’s still a little hard to move.

「Haha, it’s getting fun……What was your name?」
「……Akai. You don’t remember?」
「Akai-kun. Haha, I will remember your name」




「I wonder what kind of nerves that instructor has. Telling me to 「shoot Otoi-kun and the others」 from a distant location. Even though it is a training, this is going too far」

While saying that, Yumino Miharu pulls the trigger of the rifle. Although there is recoil, there is no shooting sound at all. The bullet flies to the place where Yumino aimed.
That is because Otonashi Sayaka, 【One who erases sound (Sound Eraser)】 touched the rifle and used her Talent on it.

「Well, Yumino-san, aren’t you shooting it at a way that it is not dangerous?」
「I can understand why you expect that from my Talent. But still……this is really insane」

For Yumino the 【Seeker】, she can 『see』 her bullet being averted by Kazato Rie’s wind and being intercepted by Otoi Tsutomu’s shock wave. Therefore, Yumino can shoot the bullet accurately to the targeted spot.
However, the scoring basis of the training given by the instructor is 「If you get your bullet to graze them」『 Gain points』. 「If you hit them properly」『Lose points』. 「If you kill them」『Lose a lot of points』.
Based on that standard, there is no way to describe it other than strange.

By the way, a 『lovely penalty』 awaits the team with the lowest points. Giving such condition is very wicked. It is very cunningly planned so that they can’t ease up on the training.

「Hiuchi-san, please set 「burst」 on the next one」
「I understand」
「Here it comes. 3, 2, 1……」

Wearing glasses with braided hair on her back, Hiuchi Yumiko sharpens her nerve, concentrates on the bullet, and 「burst」 it at the right timing. It is a feat requiring incredible kinetic vision and concentration, but she succeeded in doing it.
The bullet exploded near Otoi Tsutomu, and he was blown away again.
They have been aiming at Otoi for 3 times in a row since a while ago.

「Even so……why keep shooting at Otoi-kun?」
「Well………………because he is easy to aim at」

After replying to Hiuchi Yumiko with an answer that doesn’t really answer the question, Yumino returns back to shooting the rifle.

「……I really don’t like this」

While backlashing the instructor’s order, Yumino continues to pull the trigger of the rifle. Looking at such her from the side, Otonashi Sayaka calls out to her other team member while smiling wryly.

「Ahaha…………Hiraga-kun, have you finished charging the battery?」
「…………Haa, my role is just a charger」

Hiraga Genichirou the 【Thunder Starter】, is the terminal of the battery for the use of the laser cannon, and he was just charging it.

「Is there really a need to charge this? Isn’t it fine to just let Yumino-san fire the rifle only……but if it’s like that, my meaning of existence in this team will be lost」

While sulking, Hiraga starts to say things as if self-torturing. Upon hearing that, Yumino says this indifferently while looking into the rifle’s scope.

「Hiraga-kun……looks like you didn’t listen to the instructor’s explanation. There is a quota set for each weapon. 10 battery charges for the laser cannon. If we don’t shoot that much until sunset, we will lose points」
「……Haa!? 10 charges!? Wait……how much capacity do you think this battery has!? This thing can easily store electricity enough for one whole day, you know!?」

Yumino continues to talk to Hiraga while pulling the trigger calmly.

「If you think so, then, charge it like you are going to die…………I don’t want to take that instructor’s 『penalty』」
「Dammit!! That demonic instructor……!! Giving me such an impossible job……!!」

Hiraga says that and returns to charging the battery.
It looks like he looks slightly serious than just now.


『Hikawa-kun, minus 1 point……Hiraga-kun, minus 2 points……done』

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