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64 Talent School Assault

Around just past one o’clock.

Akai and Kagura-san’s duty finished, and it was when they were going eat the 「healthy yakisoba with large heap of beansprouts」 with Kirishima-san and me.

Suddenly, the sound of explosion can be heard in the school.

A large explosion occurred near us.

I quickly look at the direction, and I can see about 30 evil-looking men…entered the school from the destroyed school gate.
Inside the school became noisy.

『『The invasion of a group of suspicious people confirmed Non-combatant students as well as the guests, please head to the nuclear bomb shelter in the school quickly And student council members, please gather in the student council room immediately』』

The announcement is heard from the speaker outside the school building.
It’s the voice of the student council president, Mizusawa-senpai.

「Sorry, I need to go. Kagura-san, please head to the shelter quick」

「Ah. Akai, take Kagura-san to there」

「Sorry. I’ll be doing that. How about you?」

「I’ll go there after taking a look at the situation. I can at least harass them to buy time」

「Don’t overdo it. They……smell of danger」

「Ah, I know」

Just like that, they start running to the school building.
I stay on the spot, and wait-and-see the intruders.

I became something like an anchor by the course of events, but in my heart, I’m quite scared.
The fear when facing that military jacket bastard and the white-robed man, is soaked in my skin.

Even though I became stronger, can I fight properly and win on my own like them?
I don’t know about their aim and abilities.

On top of that, the number is many. Dozens of people.
What if all of them are Talent Users?

But if I run away here and let them enter the school building like that, then, Kagura-san and Shinozaki-san…I would be exposing danger to those who can’t fight.
……Isn’t that a little uncool?

When I was trying to suppress my shaking legs desperately, the PE teacher of our school, Morimoto-sensei walked until the school gate.
Morimoto-sensei walked towards the evil-looking men alone, and stopped in front of the shaved-headed tattooed man at the front.

「Hahaha! You shouldn’t do that! This is within the school, you know? If you want to enter, show me your ID…」


That’s not it, Morimoto-sensei.
This is not the time to say such stupid line……!!!

「Shut up. Get lost」


Morimoto-sensei was blown away by some kind of strong power, and crashed into the school building at a violent momentum.
The enhanced concrete wall developed a crack with Sensei at the center, and Morimoto-sensei fell to the ground…just like a dead insect.

Screams echoed in the surroundings.

And the next moment, someone passed through me like a bullet.
Without being able to react to that at all, when I try to confirm the existence a tempo slower, I look towards the figure.
The person is,

「Hahaha!!! Not bad!!!」

The PE teacher, Morimoto-sensei.
Weren’t you blown away……

「But you guys still need to train your muscles more!!! 『Build Up』!!!」



The next moment, Morimoto-sensei’s already-muscular body swells up further, and he becomes a monster like an ogre wearing thick muscles.

「Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!」

The humanoid monster laughs with a loud voice, but just when I thought he suddenly disappeared, he jumps towards the intruders at a high speed and rams into them as if striking bowling pins. Spreading screams. Agonizing cries.



At the same time as the shock wave, a sound of explosion resounded.
Then, Morimoto-sensei stopped.

The shaved-headed tattooed man who enlarged his muscles similar to Morimoto-sensei, pinned down Morimoto-sensei’s shoulders with both of his hands.

「Haha! You……trained well, eh」

With the word being the signal, the nearby close-ranged Talent Users start the hand-to-hand combat.


While gouging the ground with their footwork, they unleashed dreadful punches and kicks.
A high speed battle that my eyes can’t catch up to it.

You’re joking, right?
The thrust……is about the same speed as the Arch-Demon of my kendo class?
They are not humans.
……Well, my demonic master is also strange because Master is equal to that even without Talent.

When I was preoccupied with them, the group of evil-looking men, split to the left and right, and head towards the school building.

It’s not the time to watch the battle of muscles…!!!!

「『Ice Wall』」


Cold mist enshrouds the surroundings suddenly, and a large wall of ice appears.
Just like that, some crashed into the wall, and some were trapped inside the wall of ice. They can’t moved at all.

「Yaa, Serizawa-kun」

Saying that, the person who came to me was the Level 4 who just transferred……Hikawa-kun.

「The other students just started evacuating. Let us be useful for them as a shield」

While looking at me, he smiled with that shota face.
When I look around, only Morimoto-sensei, Hikawa-kun and me are on the Teihen High School side. The other students are running desperately into the school building.

My legs finally stopped shaking after hearing his cool voice.
That’s right, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m not alone now.

「Ah, right. They crushed the event we prepared with hardships. Let’s give them our biggest harassment」

I say that and place my hands on the ground……

「『Heat Up』!!!」

I heat up the ground near the approaching intruders rapidly.

Those guys who were running towards the school building, were blown away by the explosion on the ground as if stepping a land mine.
「Steam explosion」. I vaporized the soil’s composition, and burst it.

Those who got hit directly faint, and the others stop. Just as planned.

If I can do that, then I should do it earlier, you say?
But if I do that………

「Just now was him! Kill that brat first!!!」

It will become like this.
They head towards me all at once.
Firing fireballs, throwing stones, and slashing attacks. There’s a lot.
That’s why…

「I’ll leave them to you, Hikawa-kun. Can you do that from before?」
「Ah, fighting together with you is really easy. 『Absolute Zero』…!」

His Talent decreases the atmospheric temperature rapidly, mist enshrouds the surroundings due to the low temperature, and the water in the air starts to glitter. Their movements become dull due to the intense cold.

Although I can do something similar to that, I can’t control it yet.
I have the confidence that I would freeze the whole school building.
Just like that, now that their movement stopped.


I gain an explosive acceleration, slip through their firearms, close down the distance, and touch the face of the opponent when passing through.

「『Hot Hand』」


The instantly heated air caused an explosion, and the opponent was blown away.
He lost his consciousness, and fell to the ground.

Like that, though it’s plain, I’ll bring them down one by one.
It will take time, but that’s fine.
My role is to buy time.
I need to buy time enough for the other students to run by attracting their attention.

………But still, isn’t that a lot?
An organization?
We made several people faint, but there are still a lot of them in good health.

However……I have a bad feeling.
I feel like all of them are using the same kind of Talents.
So far, one who uses fire, one who throws stone, one who unleashes slashing attack. I only see these 3 kinds.
…Ah, there’s also the muscle enhancer.

But in that number of people, only 4 kinds?
Is it that easy to have the same one?
Besides, they are not exactly that strong.

The one who fires fire has a weaker power than Akai’s, the slashing attack didn’t even reach the level of slash of Kirisaki-senpai’s. It’s absurd to compared it with the kendo class demon. The one who throws stone, only threw the small stones.
That gorilla’s huge rock evasion training was more life-threatening.

………As expected, that guy actually trained me with the intention of killing me. Right?

When I was resurrecting the killing intent towards the gorilla, my fear in the beginning gradually fades, and I continued to knockout the enemy one by one.

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