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74 Principle 3  Serizawa Atsushi

When I realized it, I was sleeping on the bed in the infirmary.

Meria-sensei is talking to Chihaya-sensei about something.
Kirishima-san is missing. I heard something like that.

Then, I need to go and find her quick.
Before it’s too late.
It might be like the time when Kagura-san was kidnapped.

I get down from the bed with my head still being hazy, and I try to walk, but my body don’t have any strength.
Not long after standing, I lean on the broken glass window.

I can see a cloudless sky outside.
I who can’t think well right now, stared at the scenery vacantly.
At that time, I felt that I saw a cloud of dust rose up to the far sky suddenly.

I couldn’t turn my eyes away from there.


Somehow, her face comes to my mind.

『『 ………………… 』』

I felt like something whispered into my ears.

「Ah, probably, that」

When I realized it, I have already flew out by breaking through the infirmary’s wall.




I can’t feel my body since a while ago.
I can’t feel pain at all even though I should be hurt.

I should have broke through the wall of the school building.
I didn’t feel anything.
Somehow, it doesn’t feel like my body.
As if I’m moving my body in a dream.

While having such strange feelings, I fly above the town with the maximum speed, and I reach the place where the cloud of dust rose from.

Below me is the construction site of a condominium.
It’s here.
It should be here.

『『 ………………… 』』

That’s right, below this.
Kirishima-san is below this.
Somehow, I know that.
I can actually feel it.

「『Heat Up』」

I melt the ground with a high temperature, and descend to the underground.
As I melt and descend, the ground gradually became a thick concrete layer from soil and rock. I can see some kind of underground facility. I melt all of it without minding it.
There’s a lead color metal layer below the concrete facility, I continue melting and descending.

Tens of seconds of digging.
The place where I passed through, becomes a hole with a diameter of 10 meters, and the melted surface becomes like hardened lava.
After digging several hundred meters, I found a silver inorganic hollow.

Then, I found something.

An expressionless man standing beside a girl who I know very well.
The figure of Kirishima-san lying on the ground while wearing a green surgical gown.


I slowly descend slowly to where she is, and place my hand on her shoulder.

I try shaking her, but there’s no response.
I can see that the mark that she cried.

I look at the man.

「Did you do this?」

A surprisingly low voice came out from my mouth.
Is this my voice?
Probably so. It came out from my mouth after all.

While screaming, the man attacks me.
I feel something trying to bind my limbs.
But some kind of power stopped it, and he failed to bind me.

『『 ………………… 』』

I don’t know what is it.
I don’t know, but it’s protecting me.
The man says something, and fires countless metal-like blades at me.

But that also didn’t reach me.
The 『Pleasable』 that activated without my knowledge, melts everything around me.
It’s not like I’m conscious of it, but the hindering obstacles disappear.

What……isn’t it very easy?

The temperature control of the Talent is hard?
No, it wasn’t like that at all.

『『 ………………… 』』

I feel like I’m being manipulated from somewhere right now.

If I surrender myself to this, this guy will surely do it properly.
I just need to give this guy full control of myself.
I just need to do that.

『『 ………………… 』』

“That’s right, give me, and everything will be fine.” Someone whispered that inside me.
That guy will do whatever he likes.

Ah, if like this, it feels very ease.


I approach the man with instant acceleration, and I send him flying by exploding the air around my fist.
The man was blown away at a high speed, but I caught up to him and punched him again.
Repeating that earnestly. Sending him flying many times as if a volleyball.

The man’s shape of the face changes in the air, and his arms are already twisted in a weird direction.

Ah, I’m angry. I can’t feel anything at all.
I feel like I want to tear him off into 8 pieces like tearing off a paper.

「Hey. That’s enough. Stop that already」

Without any harbinger at all, the gorilla suddenly appeared next to me.
Ah, you came to save her. But I…

「Stop it, Atsushi」

The gorilla stands in front of me.

Stop it?
What, you telling it to me?
Stop what?
After this, I’m going to give that guy……
That guy.

「Listen, stop it. That’s not good. Are you trying to destroy this town?」


I come to my senses by the gorilla’s words, and I turn my conscious to the 『Pleasable』 spread to the surroundings.
It’s moving without my control, and destroying the surroundings.
Ah, the gorilla is trying to say this, huh.
In accordance to his words, I try to control 『Pleasable』.


But in the act of that, the energy gathered around me, starts to run wild as if it’s alive.
Shaving off the surrounding stratum, the metal wall, eating everything around as if it’s trying to get out.

It’s not me.
Something is struggling to get out of me.

「Wha!? W-What’s this!?」

I become flustered when I couldn’t control my own power.
My consciousness starts to become clear as if waking up from a nightmare.

What is this?
Shit. At this rate, it will definitely be very bad.

「You can still make it. There should be a guy speaking to you inside. Disconnect that guy」

「Haa!? Disconnect!?」

What the hell is this gorilla is saying?

Something like someone is talking with me inside. I’m not a person with a dual personality……

No, wait.
Since a while ago……when I was in a dream-like feeling, I certainly did hear a voice.
If I remember correctly, I heard such voice deep in my ear……

『『 ……play…… 』』

『『 ……Let’s……play together…… 』』
『『 ……Create…… 』』
『『 …………Destroy…… 』』
『『 ……Let’s……play together…… 』』

When I turn my consciousness to there, I heard the voice of an innocent child.
And not only one. Several overlapped voices.
The moment I’m conscious of it, I can hear the voice properly.

Who are they?
Disconnect them?

「It’s the same like hanging up the phone. Hang up

Ah, you mean that.
Just say that from the start.
I turn my conscious to them again.

『『 ………… 』』


Ah, I really hanged up.
Then, the energy around me disappears as if nothing happened.
As it was a bad dream.

No, there are traces.
The greatly gouged wall surface.
When I realized it, the structure dozens of meters around me disappeared.
What’s this? Did I do it?


When I realized it, the man who I punched till the face changed, stood up and stared at us.


And his lips show a crack-like smile like a crescent moon.

「What on earth is this!? Amaziiiiiiiing!!! Amaziiiiiiiing!!!!」

While his broken arms twitch, the man shouts.
There’s the appearance of a completely insane man.
Feeling a bad feeling upon seeing him, I run towards Kirishima-san and shoulder her.

「There are 3 people of the Principle here!? That’s impossible!! That’s ridiculous!!! Such thing is impossible in probability!!」

The man’s shout echoed, and I just stared at him dumbfoundedly.
I can only do that.
The sight was too bizarre.
Even though his limbs are broken, the man looks up at the sky and shouts as if praying without minding such thing.

The man continues his words as if indulging in thoughts.

「That’s right. 『Principle attracts each other』. No, 『They draw themselves to each other』. My hypothesis was……as expected」

Just when the man says until that much.


Along with a loud sound, the expressionless man’s face was crushed even further and his limbs twisted at the same time.

The man falls to the ground like a puppet that had the strings severed.


Before I know it, the gorilla is already standing beside the man, and he’s looking down at the fallen man.

「Hey, who are you?」


「Your face is different. Your figure too……you’re……not Haba, right?」

「I……will……together……with you……like……this……Kehi」

While spitting blood, the man showed a twitching smile.
The man’s stomach suddenly swells like a balloon, and his limbs flap as if twitching.

「Tch, a bomb」

Saying that, the gorilla’s figure suddenly blurred, and at the same time, the man’s figure disappeared.
Immediately after that, far up in the sky, there’s a very bright firework illuminating the whole town.
Just when I thought of that, the gorilla carried us and accelerated instantly. When I realized it, we’re already at the schoolyard of Teihen High School.

「Wait here. I’ll go and throw the remaining ones

The principal said only that and disappeared again.

I was lowered to the ground while carrying Kirishima-san, and I sat down on the spot.
My legs can’t move.
The pain of my whole body is returning.
I can feel that many places are broken.
Ah, my vision is becoming white gradually.
I’m on the verge of losing my consciousness.

Suddenly, I felt like the surroundings became slightly brighter.

When I look up, there are countless light balls.
I see that as shining stars in midday.

「Serizawa, kun?」

I heard such voice from my arms.

Ah, thank god. You woke up.
She’s still alive.
In my fading vision, I can see her face that looks like she’s going to cry any time soon.

「……I’m glad, that you’re……alive」

Saying just that, my vision became completely white, and I fell towards her.

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