Invincible Saint ~Salaryman, the path I walk to survive in this other world~

Alternative Name: 聖者無双 ~サラリーマン、異世界で生き残るために歩む道~
Author: Broccoli Lion (ブロッコリーライオン)
Artist: –
Category: Japanese Web Novel, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Status: Ongoing
Source: Raws
Translator(s)/Translation Group: TseirpTranslations
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One day, Earth’s God of Destiny, and Galdardia’s Chief God had a bet.

The God of Destiny lost, and chose ten mediocre souls to hand over.
To those ten souls, the Chief God of Galdardia handed them new vessels.
And amongst those mediocre souls was one salaryman who fought against his destiny of death.
How will this man grow from now on? Not the God of Destiny, nor the Chief God of Galdardia, nor even the author themselves know.

invincible salaryman
Light Novel Volume 1 Cover

Characters & Miscellaneous Information
Interview with Nanaera
Interview Attempt

Book 0: Galdardia reincarnation
Book 1: Healer, knocking on the door of the Adventurer's Guild
Book 2: The Labyrinth and the Valkyrie Paladin Corps
Book 3: Labyrinth capture and the truth that I didn't want to know
Book 4: When the S-class healer sets off on a journey, the world finds out about Luciel
Book 5: Rebuilding Ienith's Healer's Guild
Book 6: Ienith's Internal Affairs and the Crawling Darkness
Book 7: The Engineer Village
Book 8: The Holy City Knights' Rapid Progress

Book 9: Fate’s options
Chapter 143: First encounter of bandits?
Chapter 144: Mystery of the demon race
Chapter 145: Threat from the undulations of Darkness
Chapter 146: S-rank healer Luciel
Chapter 147: Second home
Chapter 148: Strength of a different dimension
Chapter 149: Request
Chapter 150: Labyrinth Nation Grandol
Chapter 151: Slave merchant and the rumoured adventurer sisters
Chapter 152: Auction
Chapter 153: Something more important than the sense of duty
Chapter 154: Entrusted item
Chapter 155: Raid
Chapter 156: True Nature of the Slave Merchant
Chapter 157: Fate of the assailants
Chapter 158: The ultimate goal of training
Chapter 159: Once again, Spartan training
Chapter 160: Unexpected incident
Chapter 161: Prophecy
Chapter 162: To the Labyrinth of Traps
Chapter 163: As expected of another dimension
Chapter 164: Random Boss
Chapter 165: Broad versus Lionel
Chapter 166: Everyone’s growth and Unforeseen circumstances
Chapter 167: Unreasonable overturn
Chapter 168: Compensation for the Forbidden art and hereafter
Chapter 169: Till we meet again

Book 10: Power that was lost and power that has been gained
Chapter 170: To retrieve what has been lost

7 Responses to Invincible Saint ~Salaryman, the path I walk to survive in this other world~

  1. Grizzlykin says:

    Five big stars ! If you guys don’t know what to read this book is excellent! Great humour, well develloped character, story with up and down, a nice righting style, clean translation, hilarous translator note.

    If you like fantasy setting with a kinda gaming system (defenetly not a game thought), then this book might be a fine jade, a beautifull Pearl for you!

    Well for me it was 😀 I loved it!

  2. Kapil says:

    how to defeat the demon king…
    Luciel: Demon King if you drink two barrels of this mysterious liquid you can rule the world.
    Demon King: Muhahahaha such an easy task lets drink to world domination.
    The Demon King died of Object X poisoning. Luciel won and end of story

  3. Just Another Normal Guy says:

    Book 7 spoiler thing is broken.

  4. Riq says:

    Couldn’t open chapter 123.

    One of my favourite stories!

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