Invincible Saint – Chapter 235

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Chapter 235: Entwined

Translator: Tseirp


The patients seeking treatment in Ebiza were the former prince of the Empire, the former saintess as well as people related to Empire.

When I examined them to see what kind of healing would be required, I was able to see that miasma was leaking from the former prince and former saintess.


My expression was probably quite stiff.

I decided to treat them immediately and guessing that the one involved with their demonization would be present as well, I used Purification Wave to flush the demon out.

If the people present were all human, they would not feel any pain and it might end without any meaning but I deemed that it was a necessary move.


The former prince and former saintess were in pain from the Purification Wave so I wanted to quickly apply Dispel, Recover and Extra Heal.

“Watch out!”

The instant I heard that, I was thrust away from the right side.

“What —!? Extra Heal.”

It was Mr Bazak who pushed me.

Just as I was about to protest his actions, I turned over and saw that he had a dagger pierced deeply into his chest and his blood was dying his robe blackish red.

After preventing him from falling to the ground, I found that he was still breathing and it was not an instantaneous death so I quickly activated Extra Heal.


“Are you all right?”

“Ye, yes. I don’t even feel pain either so the healing magic of a Sage is seriously amazing after all.”

“Thank you for protecting me.”

It was a throw that was entirely out of my perception so I was totally unable to reach, I thanked him from my heart.


“No, I have also troubled you. I’m sorry but please attend to them.”


It looked like Mr Bazak was able to recover without any issues.

Nevertheless, despite being a magician, he still protected me with his body and still immediately apologized for his incompetence, he was really quite an excellent talent.

I readjusted my thoughts and sequentially dispelled the demonization on the former prince and the other patients.


The one who threw the dagger was one of the patients that was carried over.

Suffering damage from the Purification Wave, he stood while grimacing as he drew a dagger he hid somewhere and threw it at me.

The instant he threw the dagger, Nadia and Estia incapacitated him and it was decided that Nadia, Kefin and Estia will be interrogating him later.


“I sincerely apologize. I didn’t think there would be someone who would commit such a violent crime …”

Mr Bazak bowed close to 90 degrees as he continuously apologized to me.

“I have already received your apology just now. Leaving that aside, I was also saved by you. I was not able to detect the dagger as I was concentrating on healing after all. It looks like even in this town, there are people who are hostile towards us mixed in.”

Right, apart from the one who threw the dagger at me, there were also two others among the people gathered who showed expressions of pain.

Because everyone rushed over to suppress those two, they were late in protecting me but it couldn’t be helped.


Excluding the person who threw the dagger at me, neither the former prince and nor the others were able to immediately wake up.

In the meantime, I tried asking Mr Bazak about why they were so admired in this town.


“Lionel just addressed them as your highness and saintess but why do the people in this town adore them this much?”

“Albert-sama and Melfina-sama have doubts about the current Empire’s methods and a rift was born between them and the Emperor and they rebelled against him. Hence they have became fugitives. They helped those who were in need and gradually became our comrades.”

I could hear Lionel clench his teeth.


” … Please go into more details.”

“The present Elimasia Empire channel their funds into war but as the days where the Empire fails to claim victory continues, not only have the Empire impose heavy taxes on the citizens to fuel the war capital, the country has begun to give preferential treatment to those with martial strength and shun the academics.”

The pressure that was being emitted from Lionel became even stronger.


“If, if that’s happening, won’t the balance needed for governing crumble?”

“Yes, that’s why the two of them advised the Emperor but they were instead suspected of inciting rebellion and were forced to flee the Imperial Capital.”

I see. I now understood the reason why they were present in Ebiza.

However, that did not explain why they were so adored.

“Then, why do the people here care and worry for them to this extent?”

I only wanted to know that particular information and I didn’t want any other information.

Nevertheless, why was it that I subtly felt that I was being entwined with information and that I was being compelled to ask further?


“Since the day these two fled to Ebiza, they could no longer tolerate the Empire’s continued drop in reputation day by day and created an organization to stop the Emperor’s tyrannical regime.”

So they formed a resistance huh? Even though it was now ‘former’, I was surprised that role fell to the prince with the foremost inheritance right.

Maybe it was Lionel’s role to be the one to stop the Emperor should he ever fall to tyranny.

Since just now, his grim face had already broken through the records after all.


” … Specifically, what are the activities of that particular organization?”

“The release of slaves from illegal slavery, judgement of the soldiers who abuse their powers in the Imperial Capital and the release of innocent people who were imprisoned. Also, the assassination of General Sen’Oni who caused the Empire’s transformation … well, unfortunately, they failed to achieve that goal.”

He was obviously provoking Lionel but I’m guessing he probably did that to obscure the current topic by getting Lionel angry.

Perhaps Mr Bazak is actually quite scheming.


There must have been an event that caused so many people to believe in them but he either didn’t wish to tell us or that he was still undecided if he wanted our cooperation.

If the final goal of the Resistance is to place the former prince on the throne, this should be a huge blow to their plans.

Given that he talked about it, perhaps he does have the intention of getting our cooperation.


In  a normal circumstance, that would have provoked us and fanned our anger but that might have been his aim.

It was tiresome to converse with intelligent people like him so I decided to withdraw from the conversation.


“I see. I guess managing an organization is tough no matter the organization. Now then, I have finished treating them and I have used too much of my magical power so I’d like you to guide us to the inn.”

” … Can I request that you wait until they awaken?”

Maybe it was outside his calculations as Mr Bazak tried to make us stay but I rejected him.

“I have utilized the greatest magic I am capable of. I can swear it on Chief God Kureiya-sama and the God of Healing. Or is there a reason why you can’t guide us to an inn?”

” … No, that’s not the case. As gratitude for accepting my unreasonable request to treat them, I would like to invite you to stay at my mansion by all means.”

He seriously have all kinds of hands to play.

I actually wanted to reject his offer but since I plan to leave Ryina and Nanya-san in this town, I shouldn’t cause any discord.

I reluctantly agreed to allow Mr Bazak to put us up for the night.


The mansion was as large as the high-class hotel we stayed at Grandol so it didn’t look like there would be any problem with all of us staying there.

However, when night fell, Dolan and the others couldn’t be at ease for no apparent reason and as the garden was spacious enough, Dolan said that he would perform maintenance on the Flying Ship so everyone from Luciel Production Department went to the garden.

I had Nadia and Lydia accompany them for security.


Cathy, Kefin and Estia also left for the mansion’s basement for the torture … questioning of the three people who were demonized.

Before leaving, Kefin requested for a barrel of Object X so I passed it to him but I was doubtful if it was enough.


Thus, only Lionel and I were facing each other with a table between us in the living room and we started talking about our plans after this.

“Luciel-sama, will we be departing tomorrow as planned?”

“I’m hesitating but I think so. But as I am hesitating, please let me know if you have any proposal.”

“I was the martial arts instructor for His Highness Albert. Rather than war, he is a person who seeks the path for citizens to live a stable life.”

“So because he was disinherited due to starting a rebellion, you wish to know the reason?”

“Yes. I am proud to be Luciel-sama’s follower and I no longer have any intention of returning to the Empire. Nevertheless, I can no longer sit back and watch as the Empire rots from within.”

“So what do you intend to do?”

“Let’s work together with the organization led by His Highness Albert. Our goal is to attack the demons, the research on demonization as well as my imposter. Our goal is not to control the Empire.”

“That is true. Then, I will ask Mr Bazak to introduce us to His Highness Albert when he comes over. By the way, you mentioned that you met Mr Bazak on the battlefield.”

“Yes. It was before I became a general. On the battlefield, I was able to encounter the sorcerer who could freely manipulate all four fundamental attributes and I somehow managed to beat him after a deadly match. Thanks to that, the war ended and I became a general.”

“Don’t speak as though you sliced through other people’s magic like it was nothing and elevate yourself. You battlefield demon who came to cut me down even after I turned you into a ball of flame.”

Turning to look at the source of the voice, I saw Mr Bazak enter the living room followed by His Highness Albert and Saintess Melfina.


After I stood up, Mr Bazak introduced the two of them.

“Luciel-sama, please allow me to introduce them. This is the leader of the organization, Albert-sama and the deputy leader Melfina-sama.”

“Sage Luciel, I thank you for saving my life. I may be the former first prince of the Empire but now I only go by Albert.”

“I am honoured to have been saved by you. I also only go by Melfina now.”

Without putting on airs, they frankly thanked me and introduced themselves.

Unexpectedly, they gave the impression that they were quite pleasant people.


“Thank you. Please also just refer to me as Luciel. Are there any abnormalities with your bodies?”

“My body still feels slightly heavy but it doesn’t affect my mobility.”

“Me too. I tried using magic just now and found that I could use it again.”

“That’s great to hear. Now then, I believe you two have noticed but I shall introduce him. This is my follower, Lionel.”

When I introduced Lionel, I noticed their faces stiffen.

“It’s been a long time, Your Highness. And Melfina too.”

Lionel bowed lightly to His Highness Albert and I didn’t feel any traces of disturbance in his composure.


“Are you really the real Sensei? You seem a little younger compared to the Sensei in my memories … just like Sensei in the past.”

“I recall Lionel-sama having a slightly more demon-like face …”

It was the effect of him regaining his youthfulness after all but it was probably compounded by the lack of a beard on his face.

Also, he had his demon-like face on just moments ago but since finding out about the birth of his child, Lionel’s face was more gentle now due to the fruit of his daily efforts in smiling training.


“I have struck your Highness’s behind every time you were up to no good until the age of 12. Furthermore, after coming of age, countless times Melfi” “It’s Sensei, it’s Sensei. You don’t need to continue. We understand.” “All right.”

“You’re Lionel-sama after all. Then, who is that person named Lionel-sama staying underground in the Imperial Capital?”

After Lionel started talking about His Highness Albert’s dark history, he immediately acknowledged Lionel’s authenticity.

Seeing that exchange, the Saintess Melfina quickly spoke before Lionel.

I guess women all have very high crisis perception.

While that thought crossed my mind, we began our talks to decide if we would join hands with the Resistance led by the former prince or launch a surprise attack on the Empire on our own.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

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