Invincible Saint – Chapter 181

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Chapter 181: Divine Protection of the God of Destiny

Translator: Tseirp


About three months since the day I hardened my resolve, I had vigorously looked through the books that were untouched in the Magic Archive and accumulated various kinds of knowledge.

Even Nadia and Lydia, as if having been influenced by how I had broken through my doubts, had energetically practiced magic and have become able to invoke magic, albeit only at the elementary level.

Of course, I was also concurrently training to launch flying slashes at the training ground and I lured Orford-san to get his advice using honey but it had not led to good results on my side.

In the first place, apart from knowing that flying slash is a high-level sword skill, I do not know if there might be any other skills required.

However, mysteriously, my impatient feelings had gradually faded away.


This environment where I studied together with Nadia and Lydia was probably the safest one I had since I came to this world.

I worked hard towards my goals while the two of them cheered me on.

I wasn’t lonely or rather, the two of them were working harder than I was so I also had the desire to not be outdone by them.


On a certain day within those repetitive days of training, I alone was called to the guildmaster’s room.

“Excuse me.”

“Sorry for calling you over so suddenly.”

Orford-san welcomed me and we entered the mirror.

Even after taking our seats, Orford-san didn’t really speak so having run out of patience, I asked about what matter he had in mind.

“Orford-san, since you suddenly wanted to speak alone with just the two of us, is there some urgent matter?”

“Fumu. Regarding the flying slash, it seems like it will be solved given some time.”

He entered the topic about training without entering the main topic so perhaps he understood something about the flying slash.

“I agree. But this is all thanks to Orford-san. Did you wish to talk because you understood something regarding the flying slash?”

“No, this time I called you to share your prized mead.”

“Eh? Don’t tell me that is the business you have with me today?”

Orford-san had not called me like this until now for three months so I took a blow to my face.

Why? That word floated above my head.

Smiling at that sight, Orford-san looked outside the window and said.

“Fumu. Tonight is a full moon so it is easier for me to make an appearance.”

Me(ore)? Hasn’t he been referring to himself as me(washi)? Was he perhaps feeling uplifted due to the full moon?


“I don’t really mind offering it to you if you only want to drink it together here …”

“You understand me.”

Orford-san pressed me with a truly delighted smile but as gratitude for what he has done daily, I took out two glasses and filled them with mead.


“Then should we have a toast?”



Orford-san downed the mead in one go just as I was taking a sip of it.

At that instant, the mechanical sound reverberated in my head.


《Divine Protection of the Wind Spirit acquired》



It was way too sudden so I was shocked stiff.

“Fo, fo, fo. Mead sure is delicious. I’d love to have seconds?”

Orford-san requested for mead as he made fun of my humorous appearance while looking like he was delighted with the success of his prank.


“Eh? Ah, okay. I’m fine with giving you seconds but Orford-san was the Wind Spirit all along?”

“No. I borrowed Orford-san’s body today.”

I was confused by his words.

Was it perhaps not the first time the Wind Spirit replaced Orford-san? My thoughts were swallowed by a vortex of confusion.

I somehow poured mead into the Wind Spirit’s glass as I asked it about the matter this time.

“Erm, why did you choose this timing?”

“That’s what I want to ask! Why was it that even after I secretly slipped in the information to become a Sage inside the materials from Orford, you did not appear at the fountain no matter how much time passed?  You even searched the location of the fountain so did you come up with something else?”

It suddenly burst out in anger but it seemed like Spirits can write too.

While I had that thought as I escaped from reality, I told it my true reason.

” … I did consider immediately becoming a Sage and regaining my Holy Attribute Magic when I received that hint. But I was anxious as to whether I would really once again regain my use of Holy Attribute Magic once I become a sage. So I wanted to start by regaining my self-confidence.”

” … Well, I guessed so. Since you have received my divine protection, you have acquired the divine protection of all six Spirits. It would take a longer time to completely master all the basic attributes compared to the amount of time you took to achieve this.”

The Wind Spirit said and looked at me enchanting eyes like the abyss but I thought of a question.

“Erm, what about the white fruit?”

“It’s up to your luck once you reach the vicinity of the World Tree. However, dragons are scattered all about in the ancient forest where the World Tree is so with your current ability, you will certainly die.”

… I’d prefer not to go get it even if I have the flawless Shisho and Lionel with me.

But what exactly is that fruit I picked three months ago in the food warehouse? Was it just my own selfishness when I felt that I wanted that white fruit?

I became curious as to just how strong the previous Sage was.

He was probably not a healer originally?


One question after the other sprung up so I decided to first try asking how did the previous Sage who made Object X get the white fruit.

” … By the way, how did the previous Sage obtain the white fruit?”

“The pope Fluna gave it to him. Because she needed a Sage at that time.”

The Wind Spirit faced away from me and looked outside.

That profound behavior and phrasing made me extremely curious but did Pope-sama want an absolute symbol for the church or did she desire power?


I felt that it didn’t want to talk anymore so I asked the point that was bothering me the most.

” … Do you think I will be able to use Holy Attribute Magic like before if I became a Sage?”

” … To be honest, I don’t know.”

The Wind Spirit shook its head.

” … It’s described that a Sage can use all magic but is that wrong?”

“Normally, only those who dedicated their whole lives to the pursuit of magic and gained enormous knowledge can promote to the job called Sage. Since they possess the aptitudes and walk the path of magic, it can’t be helped that it’s thought that they can use all magic.”

It replied while looking troubled as it stroked its long beard.

Well, I could certainly imagine that it wasn’t a job that could be reached easily when I heard the job title ‘Sage’.

” … In other words, it might eventually return but the path to become a Sage is long and protracted?”

“Fumu. Only individuals who have received the blessings of Gods can achieve it through another way. Moreover, you possess the divine protection of Spirits and Dragons right?”

” … Don’t tell me there are adverse effects?”

I suddenly felt uneasy like I could not breathe as I focused my hearing to not mishear anything.

Then, I could hear auditory hallucinations of the overture of despair.

“That is probably why you can’t use magic attributes no matter how much you chant.”


“The divine protection of dragons creates a strong physical body while the divine protection of Spirits makes it difficult to use magic apart from Spirit Magic.”

It said like it was unfortunate but for some reason, it felt like its mouth was smiling.

It was probably paranoia but I could hear the loud crumbling sounds of the collapse of my Holy Attribute Magic.

” … Er, isn’t that a dead end for me?”

“You can still become a Sage if you become a Spirit-user and master spirit magic?”

People like that can only be found in stories.

” … Are you referring to Sir Rainstar?”

“Ho. You even knew that Rain was a Sage. Interesting.”

” … That person is an exception. Is it even possible for me to master Spirit Magic?”

“Well, it’s normally impossible. But, don’t you have the divine protection of the God of Destiny?”

” … Yes. But that only increases my acquisition of SP?”

I wondered why the Wind Spirit’s voice changed to a lighter tone?

Do Spirits enjoy the misfortune of others?


But, the Wind Spirit revealed unique information.

“Fofofo, that is nothing more than just a by-product. That is the greatest divine protection that is capable of severing the misfortune of the destiny that has originally been decided for you, leaving only the struggle for life.”

“Doesn’t that mean it was meaningless for me to acquire the Great Luck and Supreme Luck skills?”

Was it wrong to have placed respect in Great Luck-sensei and Supreme Luck-sensei?

But this time the Wind Spirit looked at me like it was exasperated and sighed.

“Ha~. No matter how capable the divine protection is in repelling adversity, without those two, you would have died without even seeing the light when you fought the Evil God.”

Hearing those words, I was somewhat relieved.

“It’s great that it wasn’t a waste. Since I depend on those two skills.”

“You depend on luck in the end?”

” … Is that weird?”

“Fofofo, I see. If it’s the hardworking you, the day you become a Sage may come some day … fofofofo.”

Looking at the Wind Spirit laughing out loud for some reason, I decided that I would eat the white fruit I obtained when I face the dragons.

Also, I asked it about the phrase Sir Rainstar told me to shout at the fountain to meet the one who would lend me its power when I talked with him at Rockford.

“It’s a different topic but if I shouted ‘I am Wind-sama, the strongest and the fastest in the world and the one who controls the world’ at the fountain, would you have helped me?”

” …… Where did you hear that from?”

A heavy atmosphere fell on the Wind Spirit like it was in despair.

“At Rockford.”

” …… I entrusted an aerial boat to him but that Rain left behind an outrageous bomb.”

The Wind Spirit trembled before it eventually looked at me and spoke.

“I would cancel your divine protection if you say that to anybody. Not only that, I would spread rumors to the whole world that Luciel can’t use magic. If you don’t want that, forget that immediately.”

I could do nothing but nod due to the intense intimidation it emitted.

“Good … Then, you can meet the Wind Dragon and Water Dragon tomorrow. You can ask about how to use the power of dragons from the dragons themselves.”

“They have not received the curse of the Evil God?”

“I’ve also not met them for decades but I’ve not felt any changes.”

“It would be great if that is true …”

“Well then, I would be thankful if you would allow me to enjoy more mead tonight.”

The Wind Spirit said as it continued to drink the mead.


The next day, we headed for the location of the Wind Dragon and the Water Dragon.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

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