Invincible Saint – Chapter 255

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Chapter 255: Silent anger

Translator: Tseirp


If I had to describe the monster producing the miasma in simple terms, it was a gigantic flower.

The gigantic flower was spewing out miasma from its inflorescence.


“After I cast Purification wave, I will apply a Sanctuary Barrier around that flower. I’ll leave dealing with the Demons to you guys.”

Even though it had been a single straight path until then, it suddenly switched to a wide open space and we had to choose between three branching passages.

Furthermore, there was a miasma-generating monster placed there along with demons so it was clearly the work of a devil.

An ordinary underground path would typically not have these many traps.

Then why was that the case now? It looked like this place was a core region for Cloud.

If he focused this much forces and traps here, he most likely doesn’t consider the possibility of us escaping from here.

I grasped my Illusionary Cane and cast Sanctuary Barrier before casting Purification Wave.

That became the signal for the start of the battle.


There were 12 demons in total. But all of them seemed to have lost their sanity from the miasma.

The demons who came to confront us until now all had strange personalities but they retained their consciousness.

However, since entering the Empire, we have not seen any demons who still retained their reasoning.

Either it was intentional or it was rare to retain your consciousness after demonization, I left the fighting to the others for now and did what only I could do.

The enormous flower caught inside the Sanctuary Barrier squirmed within it but I made the barrier with the image that it could not escape the barrier.

However, plants are capable of regeneration if you do not cut off the roots.

I went along that line of thought and instructed Paula.

“Paula, roots might come out from underground so is it possible to harden the surface?”

” … Grandpa might be able to do it but without magic stones …”

“Understood. Please bring out the Golem when the time comes.”

“I am ready anytime.”

Said Paula as she thrust her right hand out and made sure she was capable of activating the Golem at any time.


While thinking that Mr. Bazak was truly a hindrance, I once again activated Purification Wave and stopped the movements of the demons.

When I observed closely, instead of stopping because of the pain, they seemed to be suffering from a jolt to their emotions as they hit themselves on their head and chest.

The answer was simple as to what happens when they show such openings during a battle.

Just like those five people before, they were all sent to the ground all too quickly.

No matter how far the demonization has progressed, they were still weaker compared to the real demons.

Or maybe they were human so their combat ability was different compared to demons …

I closed my eyes to concentrate on magical power and presence perception.

I found that there were no other magical power and presence reactions apart from the demons present there.

Perhaps there was a barrier set up here similar to how it was outside.

I made the decision to wake Mr. Bazak.


“Estia, sorry but could you wake Mr. Bazak?”


“Yeah, I want to show him that we possess the ability to defeat demons and to ask him about the flower wriggling inside the barrier. Also, I’m guessing he should be more willing to talk about Cloud since we reached this area?”

” … All right. But Luciel-sama, why do you not give the order to rewrite his memories?”

Estia came over to take Mr. Bazak from Paula’s Golem and asked me before she woke him up.

I pondered on her question for a little while.

The weight of a life in this world was vastly lighter compared to my previous life. Nevertheless, the will to live is the same for all.

That is why I will only rewrite memories as the last resort.


I came to this world possessing memories from my previous life.

I honestly relayed to Estia my thoughts on memories.

“Even if I was forced to alter that person’s memory, I would not use that ability lightly. A person’s memory is precious. I do not believe anybody has the right to snatch that away. If Estia does not wish to alter a person’s memories, I would like that you tell me.”

” … Thank you very much.”

Estia was either satisfied with my answer or that she couldn’t understand her own thoughts on it as she merely smiled faintly.

And when she placed her hand on Mr. Bazak’s head, he slowly woke up.


“Uu, where is this? … You guys!?”

“Are you awake? We’ll be reaching Cloud soon.”

“That means this is the underground path? Shit.”

Mr. Bazak quickly made the gesture of covering his mouth and nose with his hand but he immediately pulled his hand away.

It seemed like his brain was running even though he just woke up.

“Like you have guessed, this is the underground path. And I have placed a spell to protect your body from the miasma. Incidentally, the demons that would protect you have all been defeated.”

I intentionally looked at the demons strewed across the floor.

I heard Mr. Bazak swallow his saliva after he followed my line of sight and noticed the demons.


“I believe we can rely on Mr. Bazak to lead the way from here?”

” … What if I refuse?”

“I’ll just toss you in with that wriggling demonic flower spewing out miasma. We only have three paths to choose from either way so it would just be a slight delay.”

“And what happens once I served my purpose?”

“Then I will have you sleep once again. And I promise that I will not kill you once all this is over.”

” … The left passage leads to outside the Imperial Capital. Naturally, it is a one-way passage and it is impossible to return. There are a considerable number of traps set up in the middle passage. Cloud-sama resides there. The right passage connects to the castle.”

“That’s very cooperative of you. Are you plotting something?”

“It’s because I still do not wish to die.”

“That makes it easier. Why do the demons not have any reason?”

“Those are the ones who have had their hearts consumed by the demons due to recoil as the power of the demon race was too strong. They have already lost their sense of self so they probably can’t be treated even with healing magic. Magic can’t treat mental collapse after all. … Well, since you are capable of dispelling the contract with demons, you might be able to treat them though …”

“I see. Then, can you tell me the way to defeat that monster?”

“That Evil Flower is a flower that blooms in darkness. It will wilt immediately upon contact with light. But if you do not incinerate its roots, it might recover someday.”

“I see. Then the last question, what was it that you wanted to do?”

” … I will answer that once I wake up and if you guys are not dead.”

“I see. Estia, please.”

Estia nodded and caused Mr. Bazak to sleep once again.


“Paula, how long will it take for you to construct a fake sun?”

“I can make one immediately if I have magic stones.”

I passed some of the magic stones I had in my magic bag for emergency use to Paula.

“So can I request that you construct one?”

“I’ll make one now.”

I wonder how does one make a sun? I pondered to myself as I turned to Lionel.

“Did you hear my conversation with Mr. Bazak.”

“Yes, what do we do with these people?”

“I’ll try saving one. I will save them all if it succeeds but if I fail … it would be time to make sure there are no further sacrifices.”

“I understand.”

I tried it on a single person and applied all the usual spells like Dispel to remove demonization but the person did not regain consciousness.

I then tried to swallow the curse using the Holy Dragon like how I saved Melfina-san but nothing remained at the spot I cast it at.

After that, I apologized in my heart for how I could not save them as I watched as the demonized individuals were cut down.


That was when the fake sun was launched.

The flower was aware as it rampaged within the Sanctuary Barrier and banged at the carrier with its vines.

However, I was in a bad mood. I activated Sanctuary Circle without hesitation.

The miasma packed within the barrier immediately disappeared and the Evil Flower burned with a pale white flame.

“I could have just done that from the start. Now then, apparently Cloud is straight ahead. Kefin, there are supposed to be a considerable number of traps so I’ll leave it to you.”


After hearing Kefin’s reply, I glanced at the burning Evil Flower and started meditating.

Cloud, a person who modifies human as if they were toys, I will make sure he regrets being alive …


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

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