Invincible Saint – Chapter 238

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Chapter 238: How to spend an off-day

Translator: Tseirp


The following day after our strategy meeting, the Resistance led by His Highness Albert set off towards the Imperial Capital.

I hoped that this time he would properly listen to Mr. Bazak.


While thinking about that, I muttered to myself as I thought about the information Estia and the others told me yesterday.

“At any rate, to hear that imposter Lionel … that Cloud severed the slave chains that tethered the slaves to the Principality of Blange … to be honest, I’m surprised.”

“But it is plausible. If the human’s magical power was transformed into a demon’s magical power, it might have altered the slave crests.”

Lionel who was walking half a step ahead of me replied.


It seemed that nobody have heard before that a slave crest would disappear once there was an alteration to a person’s magical power and nobody knew about it either.

Well, it’s not merely an alteration as even their race would be changed to demon race so it is plausible.

If there was a change to their magical power, then similarly won’t they not be able to use their Adventurer’s card? While thinking about that plain question, I asked Lionel about his thoughts on why the Principality of Blange made such a blunder.

“Even so, did the Principality of Blange not investigate such a simple matter before they dispatched the slaves to Cloud in the Empire?”

“The advancement in research in demonization only happened recently after all. Or perhaps the demonized individuals could reset their magical power by their own will … It’s also reasonable to think that they didn’t have the time to investigate.”

” … That’s true. Nevertheless, despite knowing that they have more than fifty demonized soldiers and we expect more than a hundred of them, our strategy this time is considerably weak.”

We were informed that there are about fifty demonized individual in the Empire but I don’t intend to believe their story entirely.

More importantly, regarding the demonization, we found that the Emperor apparently approved of it.

Lionel’s expression after he heard that was as if a demon god before a battle, it was extremely terrifying.


“If we return those who willingly transformed into demons back to the soil and restore those who were demonized unwillingly back to their original form, we will be able to save some people.”

Lionel’s words served to ease my mind a little.


“I see, that’s right. Leaving that aside, I wasn’t able to ask last night with Mr. Bazak and the others around but what methods did you employ to be able to get that much information? It’s as if they told you everything immediately?” (TL: Re-cap, they captured three people who attacked them at the square after Luciel cast his purification wave.)

“Yeah. Just like how Garba-sama taught us, just by making them drink about three cups of Object X, they immediately revealed everything, it shocked all of us too.”

“It’s Luciel-sama who can drink the undiluted solution that is abnormal nya.”

“Nevertheless, it’s because of Luciel-sama that I can walk like this out in public so I have to thank Luciel-sama.”

Kefin was working in front but he stopped his work and answered after looking at us while Cathy and Estia started a strange conversation to lift my spirits.

These three truly get along well. I decided to myself that I would entrust all future questionings to them.

At the same time, although Cathy didn’t show her emotions on the surface like Lionel, for this time’s matter, I believed that it would be all right entrusting it to the two of them.

“I have a hard time deciding if I am being flattered or slandered … leaving that aside, according to the strategy meeting, our attack on the Empire will be delayed for a week right?”

“Yes. Trying to keep spirits up won’t be easy.”

Lionel nodded and went ahead.

However, that wasn’t what I wanted to say.


“Normally at times like this, don’t you think it would be logical to return Ryina and Nanya to the Holy Capital?”

“Despite what they say, I don’t think they want to leave Dolan-dono’s side.”

Indeed, when I told them yesterday evening that we could send them back to the Holy Capital since we have the time now, they told me that they wanted to remain in Ebiza but it was probably because Dolan was there.


“As such, hasn’t it been decided that this whole week will be off-days?”

“That’s right nya. We need a change of pace at times like these nya.”

I agreed with Cathy.

However, I failed to realise this morning that everyone has different ways of recreation.

While sighing deeply, Kefin who was working ahead called out to me.

“Luciel-sama, the trap has been disarmed.” (TL: LOL I finally got what they were doing.)

“Ah, it seems like we will be able to see the stairs soon.”

“Then I’ll proceed up front.”

Estia announced with the map in her hand and Kefin advanced forward to disarm any likely traps ahead of us.


That’s right. We were currently within the labyrinth that connects Ebiza to the Empire.

This morning they purchased all kinds of food materials and food so I thought that it was strange.

I thought that they bought them just in case something happens at the Empire and I was greatly impressed.

However, I looked on in blank amazement as we sent His Highness Albert and his party off until the labyrinth and before I knew it, we were diving into the labyrinth too. I thought that it was clearly strange but everyone was happily clearing the labyrinth so I couldn’t really say anything.


I seriously wondered if this was actually the correct way to spend our off-days but nobody else raised that question so I had no choice but to dive into the labyrinth too.

“Lionel, don’t you find it weird that we are using the week we are supposed to get some rest to conquer a labyrinth instead?”

“Like Luciel-sama always says, it’s the best way to survive. Luckily, we got our hands on this labyrinth’s map and Luciel-sama might even be able to obtain a new power.”

I certainly understood what Lionel was saying. Without a doubt, doing what I have to survive is definitely something I should be doing now.

However, don’t you think something is strange if we visit the Adventurer’s Guild in the morning, win an irregular one versus five match against Adventurers, buy a map of the labyrinth and constantly slaughter monsters at the front lines since entering the labyrinth?

My head was hurting.


“I certainly do always say that this is the best method to survive. That’s why I will definitely not say nor think that leveling up is wrong. But … is there a need to go this far?”

“Yes, this is not enough. All brave men and heroes in history have always been involved in conflict no matter the era. And Luciel-sama is not exempted either and will definitely be caught up in the war.”

” … That’s so ominous. Not to mention the way you say it with confidence.”

If Lionel with his warrior’s intuition said so with conviction, I’m troubled that the possibility of that happening was not zero.


“Yes. Until now, we’ve had to experience things that would normally be inconceivable so I have a feeling that in the future, Luciel-sama would be caught up in all kinds of things.”

Lionel said such inauspicious words inside a labyrinth but had a refreshed look on his face as if he didn’t think that it was inauspicious at all.

Lionel doesn’t really tell me his true feelings. He just watches over my growth. That’s the feeling I always got.

That’s why I really wanted to ask Lionel what he felt about protecting me in the fight against the Evil God where he lost all the levels and skills he accumulated until that day.


“I’m surprised you chose to remain as my follower despite such ominous premonitions. Although you’ve been a great help, Lionel, are you really all right with continuing as my follower like this?”

Although it sounded a little mean, Lionel had a family in Ienith.

I’ve always wondered why Lionel continued to follow me even though he was no longer a slave.


However, after hearing me, Lionel didn’t seem to care much as he looked at me and said.

” … When I was a General under the Empire, I thought of nothing but the Empire. Although I did not think that there was anything wrong with it, I always had an emptiness within me.”

“Although we have not been in any wars, lately everyone have been involved in battles so isn’t it the same as when you were with the Empire?”

It’s true that after becoming my retainer, he has lived a life unrelated to wars but lately, as if there was some irresistible force or act of God, the number of life and death battles with the demon race and the Evil God had increased.


But as I was pondering that fact, Lionel smiled slightly and spoke.

“Taking a person’s life carries the fact that you end that person’s future forever. During wars, I always ran around the battlefield hoping that the opponent would retreat while making sure my allies don’t get hurt. It was extremely fruitless.”

Lionel during his Empire era huh … I’ve not really thought about it nor have I asked about it either.

“Now it is a world of difference compared to then. After becoming Luciel-sama’s retainer, I have faced countless exciting fights and personally experienced things that I would normally never think of. Take my this wonderful experience of rejuvenated physical body as an example.”

Lionel said with a smile. A smile that felt as if he didn’t feel any regret or grieve.

“You don’t have any regrets?”

“None. I’ve fought dragons, fought a serious match with my formidable rival (friend) Whirlwind, and I’ve even fought demons and the Evil God. And as my body has been rejuvenated, I can aim for even greater heights. Furthermore, I even have a family now.”

“I’m glad you’re that satisfied with it.”

“Haha. That’s not all. I can protect the future of the world by protecting Luciel-sama. That’s what I believe.”

” … Please don’t directly connect the future of the world to my wellbeing. That’s excessive expectations placed on me no matter how you put it.”

“It’s a reasonable evaluation. Moreover, I have an ambition.”

“Ambition? Do you mind me asking?”

“It’s okay. It is to appear in the biography that will be drawn about Luciel-sama, as the former Empire General who supported Sage Luciel as the leader of his retainers.”

I was dumbfounded by that unexpected curve ball.


“It is my ambition to be handed down as the loyal retainer who supported Sage Luciel once Luciel-sama’s biography is written. Hahaha.”

Lionel laughed loudly as he walked ahead.

“Biography … It will be amazing to have a biography like Sir Rainstar but will my biography be comparable … no way~”

I descended down to the labyrinth tenth floor with a gloomy heart.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

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