Invincible Saint – Chapter 31

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Chapter 031: The steadily advancing exploration and the disaster in Holy City Schull

Translator: Tseirp


People do not grow that quickly. No matter how strong the desire.

Even a protagonist from a tale works hard to advance forward, struggles with his own weaknesses, experiences various hardships in the world, and grows by overcoming all of that.

With some luck added in, the story advances quickly, the protagonist powers up and becomes capable of easily winning against formidable enemies that he had trouble fighting against until now.


I spent 1 month to finish exploring the comparatively wider 31st to 40th floor.

Although just now I spoke of the success stories of protagonists from stories, I think that I differ slightly because of Great Luck-sensei.

Due to all the maps that I’ve been drawing until now, I now feel like the maps are all floating inside my head as I recalled all the times 「Great Luck」was triggered in the past 1 month.


Instead of me, monsters walked into traps and showed me the location of the traps. Just when I thought that there weren’t any treasure chests, I found one and while considering if it was a trap, I nervously opened it but instead what appeared was an extinct finest grade magic spell book.


Floating in the air wrapped in a black robe reminiscent of the reaper, I fought with a skeleton ghost Wraith and thought that I would face a tough battle but was instead surprised with an easy victory.


“Don’t tell me because my 「Aura Coat」 and 「Mental Resistance」 increased, Darkness magic is totally ineffective against me so I can just laugh while they approach and instant kill them. I somewhat feel sorry for the developer (the Pope).”


Because I continued to drinking Object X, I can no longer be dominated mentally or by illusions. The black light released by the Wraith wrapped around my body but it just dissolves away.

I was startled when the Wraith gave an eerie smile as it floated towards me. Without shooting any magic, without showing any vigilance, just slowly approaching.


The moment I cut it, it immediately turned into smoke so I couldn’t understand the Wraith’s feelings but I imagined that it was something like “That’s impossible!!”. (TL: The Wraith thought that he was caught in its illusion so it let it’s guard down)


“Being capable of advancing 10 floors in 1 month makes me feel overconfident, thinking that I’ve become stronger. In addition the enemies are all so predictable that it’s seriously toilsome.”

“This should be where the Pope created the scenario for the climax. If that’s the case then there’s no doubt that it will be the commanders of the paladins and priest knights from 50 years ago.”


“It feels like I would get instantly killed if I proceed on here. Should I go gather information from the Adventurer’s Guild first?”

I had no way to dispel the ominous feeling I had so I resigned from challenging the 40th floor boss this time.


“Welcome back.”

Katria-san’s friendly smile greeted me when I exited the labyrinth.

After that time I discovered the shocking truth, I returned as usual and explained to her my circumstances regarding why I drink Object X.

“Ara, is that so? Aren’t you glad another strange rumour didn’t start spreading around?”

Since she could say something so sinister, we had returned to our previous relationship.


“I’m back. I’ve reached the 40th floor.”

” … Truly amazing. What kind of monsters appeared?”

“Yeah. Wraiths, Specter Knights, mummies and ghouls. Well pretty much nothing new.”

” … Luciel-kun have you been told before that you don’t have common sense?”

” … Yes I have. Lumina-san told me so 15 minutes after I first met her.”


“That’s right. Although Wights are extremely strong monsters, Wraiths are monsters with a danger rating of over A rank you know?”


“I know that. But for some reason Darkness magic have totally no effect on me. It is also the same for mental attacks, maybe I have a constitution that makes it hard to affect me with abnormal statuses.”

” … Is it thanks to that?”

“Yes. Even though I’ve suffered from continuing to drink that, I’m thankful for it.”

“And drinking that is considerably tough as well.”

“Hahaha. I’m somehow feeling sad so I’ll go show my face at the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“Oh yeah. The Valkyrie Paladin Corps returned from their expedition. However, after reporting in they once again left on an expedition to various towns in Saint Schull.”

“Eh? Isn’t Lumina-sama’s squad abnormally busy?”

“Yeah. But it will be over soon. Wounds can’t be healed without first cutting away the pus. Luciel-kun as well if anything happens let me know.”

” …?! Understood!!”

From Katria-san’s chilly smile, I felt the same intimidating aura as from that time when Instructor Broad met Botacyl.


I headed towards the Adventurer’s Guild.


Just I as wanted to enter the Adventurer’s Guild, my robe was grabbed from behind.


Turning around, there wasn’t anyone behind me.

“Was it my imagination?”

I thought that was the case as I once again tried to enter but then I noticed a small beast girl grabbing on to my robe.

” … Please let go of my robe. Can I help you?”

The girl nodded with her tear-drenched face.

“Un~. There there. For now could we enter the Adventurer’s Guild first?”

The girl hesitated for a moment before nodding.


“Deviant Saint-sama, welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild. We’ve been expecting you.”


I was grabbed by stalwart guys and brought to the basement.

“Deviant Saint-sama has arrived.”

“Eh? Isn’t that Masochistic zombie healer-sama?”

“You idiot that’s a taboo nickname. Now we either call him Deviant Saint-sama or Deviant Paladin-sama.”

“Thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Deviant Saint-sama, please hurry.”

“Oi, bring along the injured people from the city as well.”

“Hey all you guys who are holding on to Deviant Saint-sama, I will drop your rank without any questions asked okay.” (Master)

Somehow something huge has happened.


“Erm there’s a lot of injured people huh? Erm, ah, Master, that little beast girl requested for my help in front of the guild so please help me listen to her request. She might possibly be asking for an escort.”

“So you are all properly lining up now eh? Okay. It would be impossible for me to approach a little girl so, Milty, go listen to the request from that girl who caught Deviant Saint-sama outside with her sharp sense of smell.” (Master)

“Understood. Deviant Saint-sama, please start your treatment from that side.”



Thus without grasping what had happened, I treated many injured individuals in the Adventurer’s Guild.

With some rest in between, I casted 「Area High Heal」 3 times as well as 「Cure」, 「Recover」 and 「Dispel」.

After about 30 minutes, treatment ended.


Ah, that’s right. It’s possible since I’ve done this. With that in mind, I made my request.

“This time, I came here to request for an investigation regarding the undead.”

“Okay. I’ll get some smart people to investigate. Guys, today Deviant Saint-sama won’t be escaping so go defend.”


Thus all the treated individuals ascended the stairs at once and only a small number of staffs, Master and the beast girl remained.


“Deviant Saint-sama, I’m sorry but could I bother you to please hurry to the slums together with this girl?”


Thus in addition to not fully understanding what had happened, without reviewing what happened in the Holy City, I was swept along by multiple escorts to the slums.


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