Invincible Saint – Chapter 131

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Chapter 131: Empire, Demon race, Human rights

Translator: Tseirp


After arriving at the Valkyrie Paladin Corps’ training ground, we were stopped when we were about to immediately begin loosening our bodies.

“Luciel-kun, the mock battle today will be held at the large training ground ahead.”

The instant Catherine-san grinned and pointed at the large training ground, I got a bad feeling about it and immediately asked.


” … I feel that this location would be sufficient with our numbers here? Or must it be done there?”

“A mock battle with these numbers would certainly be useful for you. However, I believe that gaining the experience of leading on a larger scale would be to Luciel-kun’s advantage in the future.”

“I’ve not commanded such a scale before though?”

Even the combat in Ienith and the Dwarf Kingdom were horrible experiences.

Commanding a small number of people is my limit and even if I get Lionel to command them, I totally do not feel any appeal to this mock battle.

Instead, I’m getting assaulted by nothing but bad feelings about it?


As I was thinking about that, Catherine-san began talking about the truth.

“So you won’t do it after all … yesterday, I don’t know how they got wind of it but the other Paladin Corps and Priest Knight Corps asked me, saying that they also want to practice with Former General Lionel if there’s no danger to their lives.”

“Since you said that they asked you, please don’t accept their request. I understand if it is a battle against a small number of people but fighting the entire Knight brigade is impossible.”

While feeling surprised at Catherine-san who quite easily admitted it, I thought to myself that I would never have a chance to command such a scale of combat in my life but I don’t feel the need to command such a scale of combat in the first place.


” … You refuse no matter what?”

“I’m sorry, even if you stare at me with those eyes, I refuse. I’ve said it yesterday but Lionel is my retainer. Please stop identifying him as a slave.”

The Valkyrie Paladin Corps and Catherine-san changed to a look of surprise at my unusually firm tone.


“Taking Catherine-san’s feelings fully into consideration, the best concession would be to have round-robin battles. I believe Lionel and others have leadership and actual ability parallel to Catherine-san so I believe they will raise the standard of the entire squad. So if everyone from the Valkyrie Paladin Corps is agreeable, let’s head to the large training ground.”

“All right. I originally wanted Luciel-kun to experience Lionel-dono’s commanding but it was somewhat too abrupt … it’s certainly my bad.”

It would have been fine if she just said that I won’t have to take up command if she didn’t intend for me to take up command in the first place.

While doing a mental tsukkomi toward Catherine-san, I asked about the sudden decision to train my commanding ability as I was wondering about it.


“Why are you trying to make me command a group the scale of the knight brigade? Does it appear that the Empire is going to attack?”

I would be able to tell from the anxious atmosphere if there was to be a war.

Since Catherine-san has not returned to actual combat duty, it might be a blank worry, the forces were split into 2 so I could infer that it would be a battle between Catherine and Lionel.


“Of course, we are cautious towards the Empire but the ones we are the most vigilant towards is the demon race. Moreover, Luciel-kun. This is also for your sake.”

I can’t comment since I’ve never actually encountered the demon race before but they do give the feeling of being more troublesome than the Empire. However, the revival of the Demon Lord should only happen 40 years later.

More importantly, the future where I have to take up command of forces … is it a problem if I can’t imagine such a future?


“I can understand why I should accumulate experience by fighting with a lot of people if there’s a possibility of fighting with the demon race but why is there a need for me to learn leadership?”

“So that Luciel-kun can become the hope of the people.”

“The hope of the people?”

… I’m not aware of the fact that I’ve become the hope of the people though? Ah, perhaps it’s because I constructed a school?

Or perhaps it’s because I have Healing magic, that earned me the nickname Deviant Saint, that can solidify our foundation?

I waited for Catherine-san’s words.


“Yeah. Because it’s thought that with Luciel-kun’s healing magic and barrier magic, people won’t die. Morale would be high if an ever victorious army is made by making full use of Luciel-kun’s those 2 magic.”

“If that’s the case then I don’t have to lead either, it would be fine if I am just a part of that army.”

Even if I don’t lead that ever victorious army, I would even consider running away so that I won’t need to enter the army as a healer so I’d rather not lead a squad.


“Normally that would be fine. But, it is different if viewed from the viewpoint of those who do not fight. The weak seek for those with charisma. They call for a hero (yuusha) if it’s a Demon lord, a hero (eiyu) if it’s a wicked enemy. Luciel-kun has already obtained the title of hero (eiyu).”

“Are you perhaps referring to the title … S-rank healer?”

“That’s right. By reviewing the price system as an ally of the people, becoming the first human representative in Ienith and the dragon slayer title raised quite a commotion too.”

Nothing good has come from becoming the S-rank healer … that’s not the case so I can’t really lament it but if Pope-sama is involved in this, why do I feel a slight tinge?

Leaving that aside, why do the residents know about the dragon slaying and Ienith representative?

“Why do they know about my dragon slaying and Ienith representative position?”

“It’s famous within the Healer’s Guild that Luciel-kun received Pope-sama’s permission and killed a dragon. Well, that story circulated around the Adventurer’s Guild for one point in time so it was widespread from the start.”

I wonder where exactly does my peace and quiet lie?

” … I already want to be sent to live in seclusion.”


“Fufufu. Do you seriously think that you can do that?”

Despite Catherine-san’s way of saying it with a bewitching smile, I was shocked as I stared at her and squeezed out my voice.

“Is it impossible?”

“It’s impossible until the threat of the Demon Lord is gone. Even if you were to hide somewhere, you will immediately be searched for and taken to train at the Church Headquarters if you were found.”

“Do I not have human rights?”

“You do. Despite saying it one way or the other, you’ve released the seal on the Fire Dragon and the Earth Dragon right? I saw a delighted expression on Pope-sama after such a long time. Thank you, Luciel-kun.”

” … Those were all due to the course of events though? Furthermore, that doesn’t answer my question.”

“As long as you face off against your destiny, your human rights is protected. I hope that you become like Sir Rainstar who overcame all odds despite being at the mercy of countless things. Well then, let’s go.”

My arm was grabbed and I was dragged to the large training ground, with all the knight squads waiting in ranks.

Thus … the curtains were raised for the days where I … we, fought mock battles with the knight squads repeatedly.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

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