Invincible Saint – Chapter 180

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Chapter 180: In order to regain confidence

Translator: Tseirp


After we entered the Magic Archive, we separated from the three of them and I began reading the parchment where Orford-san wrote down various conjectures and points for improvements.


When I continued reading from where I left off just now, I ran into contradicting information.

Why is it that when I allow magical power to discharge out of my body, my magical power doesn’t decrease? Even after taking into account the magical power recovery amount, there’s no way I would have enough magical power to continue discharging it. (TL: He’s referring to the previous chapter. The magic where he clad his body with magical power for protection is also the same as discharging magical power out)

Moreover, when I activate Body Strengthening, my magical power definitely decreases, albeit only a little.

There was no explanation written regarding that.

” … It would be too convenient to wish for details to that extent.”

But when I turned to the next sheet, my excitement level suddenly rose.

This was recorded in it.


In this world, people who can send flying slashes apparently exist and they apparently load the magical power within themselves into a blade to allow it to fly.

If Luciel-dono can master such flying slashes, you should be able to use a ranged attack that is considerably powerful that utilizes less magical power compared to attacking with unskilled magic.

However, it would probably require a weapon that has sufficient strength to withstand Luciel-dono’s magical power and have high magical power conductivity to allow smooth magical power conversion like that cane you use.


Since I have the Illusionary sword, as long as I can examine the phenomenon of how exactly a flying slash can actually happen, I’ll be able to deal long-range attacks.

It’s a different issue altogether but that was the most promising information since I lost my Holy Attribute Magic.


It’s the flying slash that I’ve seen Shisho and Lionel release countless times during training.

I couldn’t help but feel excited when I thought of the possibility of me sending those flying slashes.

If it’s now, I felt like I could endure whatever hardship that came my way.


When I read the materials further, I saw that he even wrote down the investigation on flying slashes.

Channel all the magical power that is discharged out into a sword and interfere with the magical power outside the body with the image of launching the sword … written after that were technical terms so I gave up on trying to understand it.

But that slightly gave me hope for my wish to die of old age.


My goal was the revival of my Holy Attribute or Healing Magic but I took into consideration the premise that I would have to fight someday.

While supporting a bitter smile, I continued reading the materials and this time, my expression stiffened.


An aptitude in the Holy Attribute is required to change job to a Healer.

If the Healer job is not available despite having the aptitude, there is a high chance that the person is controlled by strong hate or negative feelings greater than his desire to help others.

If the Healer job is not available even after resolving that, it means that it is the fate that has been determined by the Chief God Kuraiya and the God of Healing so there is no option but to accept it.


Negative feelings that are stronger than the feeling for others and controlled by hatred …? I don’t think so.

I may even have unconsciously thought of running away the next time I encounter the Evil God.

Even so, I can confidently say that I had chosen the best option at that time and I would even like to praise myself for achieving that.

If that’s the case, it might be my destiny.


… If I can’t become a Healer, the only other jobs that can utilize Holy Attribute Magic are Priest, Paladin, Sage, Saintess and Hero.

Among them, the only one I have a possibility of getting used to would only be Sage.


Described on the last sheet of material was the person who became a Sage a hundred years in the past.


That person was given the blessing by all six Spirits, Light, Darkness, Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. However, it took too much of his life to raise all the magic of the basic four attributes to level X.

Then, the golden fruit that grows on the World Tree that only blooms once in a thousand years … he ate the white fruit that grows on the Tree of Philanthropy that blooms once in a hundred years near the World Tree and the door to the Sage job was opened to him.

(TL: Wait what … Luciel just saw both the World Tree AND and Tree of Philanthropy in the food warehouse AND they both have fruits? I will facepalm if Luciel doesn’t go back to get the World Tree fruit.)

However, the Sage only had a single thing to say during his later years.

He would have been able to reach the Sage job sooner if he had created the drink called Object X sooner …


“Ha? Didn’t he make Object X after becoming a Sage?”

Nadia and Lydia looked over when I inadvertently voiced my thoughts out so I waved my hand to show that it was nothing.


I was shocked by the information of his reason for developing Object X but that means he began to belong to the Healer’s Guild after he was a Sage?

While discovering an unexpected fact, I wondered if I would receive the blessing if I went to the fountain and met the Wind Spirit.

If I acquire the blessing, I’ll proceed with the plan to eat the white fruit and reach the Sage job.

Would I really be able to use Holy Attribute Magic if my job becomes a Sage?

Such doubts and uneasiness pressed down upon me.

Feelings of doubt as to whether it was alright to just swallow all the information that Orford-san investigated for me also surfaced.

When I had that thought, I suddenly realized.


Was that wall around my heart due to my doubts the negative feelings that cause me to not be able to use Holy Attribute Magic? At the start when I was able to use Holy Attribute Magic, even though I was in denial because it looked like it would be full of hardship, I thought that it would somehow work out and thought of it from a positive aspect.

Perhaps my defensive instinct kicked in when my Holy Attribute pretense was peeled off …

Just like my dark sales era when I couldn’t sell anything …


A negative spiral that caused me to see everything as my enemy.

I thought of my boss, seniors, colleagues and even my juniors as my enemies.


When I looked up after sighing, I saw Nadia and Lydia and muttered my favorite motto at that time.

“True strength can only be built from hard work. Luck is just a trigger, without hard work, one would not even notice an opportunity. It is up to yourself to make use of the opportunity.”


It was my favorite motto that I made by mixing the story about luck-chan that my senior told me during the darkest period in my sales and the quote from an athlete that girl who was transferred to General Affairs told me.

It was slightly long but I always muttered it whenever I was lost after hitting a wall.


There might be times when one is seriously unlucky but an equal amount of lucky times certainly exist too.

But luck has a shy personality so it is always hiding.

For those who prepare for it by laying a foundation with steady effort, they may be able to occasionally get a glimpse of luck and opportunities will come visiting.

So all the hard work you did until now will be tested. Everyone is doing their best.

Then what is needed to achieve results? It is the confidence that you yourself have firmly done what you had to do without deviating from it.

By doing so, you gain fortitude in your heart, your outlook widens and new luck will come to you.


” … Thinking about that, although I take pride in pouring my heart and soul into combat training, I realize that I have not done much hard work in Holy Attribute Magic apart from magic chants.”

Some degree of room might have been born in my heart since the guidepost that leads to the Sage job has appeared.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, I decided to go meet the Wind Spirit after I gain confidence by deepening my knowledge in magic and attributes.

From that day, while studying hard like a student about to take a test, I continued to train my body.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

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