Invincible Saint – Chapter 32

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Chapter 032: The wheel of philanthropy

Translator: Tseirp


Since coming to the Holy City, I’ve never once take a good look at the Holy City~ as I thought that, Eh? Come to think of if, since coming to this world have I ever had a leisurely stroll? I realised that I had never done so, not even once.

While I noticed that I’ve been living a life without any free time, I was at a loss for words as I advanced through the slums. I saw puddles made by copious amounts of blood in various places.

Upon coming to my senses, I dispatched orders while invoking chants to heal the injured.


Immediately after I began healing, the beast girl pulled my robe and I noticed a fainted beastman fully armed within the group of beastman covered in blood.

Somehow it seems that he is likely still alive.

When I approached him, “Look out!” I heard an exclamation and unexpectedly the unconscious beastman stabbed me at my flank with all his might.


“Ah~ It hurts. It really hurts. Ugh I’ve had enough. I will heal everyone at one go.”

As I became teary eyed, I chanted「Area High Heal」.

Following that I applied purification magic to clean up as well as 「Recover」. When the beastman woke up and extracted his dagger, I applied 「High Heal」 to my wound and the situation finally settled down.

“I’ve had it. Where are the obedient patients. I will only safely treat weak patients.”

After I declared so, the people who heard that guided me to the place with obedient individuals and I treated them in order.


I was focused on doing my best so I didn’t notice, but various thoughts spilled out from the adventurers who saw the scene unfolding in front of them.

“Did you see that? Even though that beastman pierced the Deviant Saint with a sword, he still angrily treated him.”

“If that happened to a normal healer, he would have either died or fainted.”

“Yeah. Usually a healer wouldn’t even be able to use magic in that situation.”

“Rather than that, normally wouldn’t a healer just refuse to treat the patient after that?”

“Is it that, like a real zombie, he’s strong against attacks?”

“But, if he died then, wouldn’t it have been seriously bad for us?”

“Yeah. Moreover among the adventurers in this Holy City, many of them have received help from Deviant Saint-sama. It also would have been bad for that beastman as well as for the other beastmen.”

“That’s right. I tend to forget because of his young age, but it seems like those who wear that armour are of high ranking in the church, and I also heard that he has a good relationship with the Valkyrie Paladin Corps.”

“There might even be a riot and the human supremacist might start a commotion.”

“Looks like it will be chaotic if we do not properly look after him.”

“Well then everyone, please remain vigilant.”



Without any knowledge of the conversation flowing in the background, since I was already here I decided to simultaneously treat all the inhabitants of the slums, including the beastmen as well.

Thus the next 3 days I conducted treatment in the Adventurer’s Guild and visited the slums to clean up as well as thoroughly treat all the injured individuals.


The slum residents were initially fearful of my appearance but when they knew that I offered to clean and treat them free of charge, some of them even worshiped me.

“This time I came here only for charity. Because I intend to treat people kindly, I came here to offer plenty of charity work. I hope that you all will also do charity like me in hopes that people will treat you kindly as well. I hope that someday the kind treatment you’ve offered will return back to you. As long as you all do so, I believe that this kindness will come back to aid you. I believe in all of you here.”

Thus as I smiled, my 3 days of volunteer labour ended.


” … And so, erm~ I’m begging you, isn’t it about time you all left? Any longer, I fear that I would face strange rumours circulating about.”

Within the Adventurer’s Guild Guildmaster’s room, a group of beastmen were prostrating on the ground. This is really … harsh on my mental health.

If this was how it’s going to be, I felt that fighting with the undead would have been much easier.

I could only grumble to complain.


“To think that I stabbed a high ranking healer, such an admirable person, even if I offered my life in exchange it would not be enough.”

“Un. There is no need to say so. Well, I heard that you guys are a delegation from the Free City-State of Ienith. So, why were you on the verge of death?”

It is a rare form of a nation without any racial discrimination operated by people representative in the form of a self-governing body. I heard that the representative’s term of office was 2 years.


“Yes. On this occasion, Ienith intends to establish a Healer’s Guild but it depends on their decision.”

“I see.”

“After contacting the Saint Schull church, it was decided that we would meet with the Pope to discuss. But when we were approaching, we were attacked by bandits. The bandits were disciplined instead of disorderly so it was dangerous. Somehow it stank of a conspiracy.”

“I am a healer so I can’t help you with that. Even so you all done well to escape from that.”

“Yeah. Our luck was seriously good and we somehow escaped when magical beasts and adventurers showed up.”

“I see. So were the talks successful?”

“Yeah. The truth is the talks were ongoing until just now but everything has been smoothened out without any problems.”

“I see. If that’s the case, please take care on the way back. For example they might ambush you all halfway through your journey, or they might pretend to ask for help and when you approach them they will scream out and concoct false accusations. That’s right. It would be better if you stay at the Adventurer’s Guild for a while and circulate the results of the talks to the adventurers. Also, if you have the gold, you can request for the guildmaster to dispatch adventurers to escort you all for the journey home.

” … Is it necessary to prepare to such an extent?”

“Yeah. I had been in the care of beastmen before and there are some who are close with the beastmen but it seems like there are many human supremacists within this country. Especially within the Healer’s Guild, there are many such purulent factions.”

“Thank you for your advice.”

“Don’t mention it. Well then I will leave the rest to Guildmaster. I have other matters to attend to in the church.”

“Yeah. You really saved us this time.”

“Same here. I’ve also received various reports regarding the undead. We are even. Also, I might not visit for a period of time after this so please take care. Well then everyone, if it is fated we will meet again somewhere.”

Just as I wanted to exit the room Shiela-chan, who had her vocal cords cut and can’t speak, tugged my robe and hugged me.

“Shiela-chan, you are the hero who saved everyone here. In the future too, work hard such that you do not lose to your destiny.”

Without knowing if it would work, I chanted a certain magic before leaving the room.


I did not even know that this encounter here would cause a drastic change in my life later on.


“Eh? You plan to enter the labyrinth now?”

“Yeah. Somehow knowing that the labyrinth is still here is a constant thorn at my side so fortunately I have half a year’s worth of food so I plan to stay in the labyrinth.”

“Don’t say such a foolish thing. There’s no way I will allow something like that.”

“I guess so. Even so, this time my actions would likely be noticed by evil individuals and I am afraid of being assassinated or raided so I wish to become stronger at least up to the stage where I can escape.”

” … I will bring this up with the Pope.”

“Okay. Thank you. However, to gain resentment just by helping others, this is a scary world huh.”

“That is really true.”

“Well then please go ahead without acting reckless.”

“Yeah. I’m off.”


Thus I stepped foot into the labyrinth training ground.


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