Invincible Saint – Chapter 176

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Chapter 176: Value varies from person to person

Translator: Tseirp


After arriving at the Magic Archive, for now, I decided to systematically read all the books that interest me from one end to the other … or that was the enthusiasm I had but the books that interest me were few and far between.

” … I still do not understand what exactly is the reason why this place is called the Magic Archive.”

Even though there were books like ‘The correct way to brew black tea’, ‘How to care for planted trees’, and even a series of books of attempts to use various kinds of ores to create OO, the crucial books related to magic was extremely scarce.


And yet the magic books present were only beginner and intermediate level books and rather than call them books, they were merely a collection of several research papers compiled together with a cover attached to them.

“Even the relevant ones are just research papers … is this kind of neglect excusable? Or did Orford-san think that I was a hindrance … and set me up since the time he brought me here?”

“I don’t think that is true. There should definitely be something useful among all this.”

“That’s right. Even if Orford-san hated you, no matter how much he hates you, there should be some kind of a clue somewhere.”

Having heard my mutterings, the two of them gave me encouragement.


“Lydia, could you please not say that I am hated so many times consecutively? Since it’s pretty painful mentally. Leaving that aside, did the two of you noticed anything or sensed anything about Orford-san or the Magic Guild?”

I felt that he did not look angry as far as I could tell but the two of them told me while having troubled expressions.


“There wasn’t anything in particular but Luciel-sama has taught us something during the course of our training.”

“Nothing that is done is a waste, stacking up hard work is the best shortcut to success.”

Following Nadia, Lydia also smiled as she nodded.

But I didn’t have any recollection of saying something like that and to begin with, I have not done anything while traveling with them.

“Did I say something like that?”

I was probably making a strange expression.


The two of them laughed as they saw my expression and told me.

“No, it was through your actual battles. Regardless of whether it is a spar with Broad-sama and Lionel-sama or a battle against monsters, you taught us to not give up and to persevere.”

“Because for a Healer to acquire such a level of combat techniques, it was definitely not gained overnight. Furthermore, with such a large number of books here, a method to regain Luciel-sama’s ability must definitely be hidden somewhere within.”

It’s possible that Orford-san hid all the important materials but the worth of an object varies from person to person.

I decided to believe in that.

I wanted to convey my thanks but for some reason I became shy.

” … Thank you.”

Even though I have been fine all along, it felt like I suddenly returned to my adolescence days and I was extremely embarrassed.

However, at the same time, I also felt that I was feeling very happy for some reason but I totally had no idea why. (TL: Lol Luciel is someone who can’t be praised.)


“Our ability may be poor but please allow us to aid you so let’s do our best and think of this as training.”

“If it’s Luciel-sama who has the courage to stand up against the Evil God, you would definitely accomplish your goal.”

The words from the two of them permeated into my chest.


It seems like I’m a simple man.

My motivation was overflowing from receiving support from the opposite sex.

“Thank you, the two of you. And please lend me your strength.”


Thus I obtained the cooperation of the two of them and we began fishing through the materials.


Nadia was to investigate regarding attributes, Lydia on chants and I thoroughly investigated the materials regarding magical power and the structure of magic.

We wrote whatever that was of interest onto a piece of parchment and the three of us would discuss it later.


There were many books that were a waste of time to read.

I was feeling optimistic from Nadia and Lydia’s words but after continuing to look at words after a long time, I ended up becoming sleepy.

“No matter how motivated I am, the fact that the hint is hidden somewhere is …”

Suddenly, a book caught my eye.


My attention was not caught by a book regarding magical power or magic but a paper that earnestly researched on only the ability to raise physical ability in one go.


By circulating magical power within the body at high speeds, it not only strengthens the body but also raises all statuses.

However, it has similar recoil as forcibly drawing out such strength so it is not something that ordinary people can utilize extensively.


“This information came a little too late. So it means that since I’ve lost my Healing Magic, it is no longer acceptable for me to strengthen my body.”

While tsukkomi-ing at the paper, I continued reading further and easily discovered a hint.


Instead of circulating the magical power within the body like mentioned previously, they also apparently did some experiments on utilizing the magical power from outside the body.

I was curious about the outcome so I turned the page and what I saw were plenty of words like ‘failure’, ‘loss’ and ‘explosion’ but successful examples were also described among all that.

“A successful example was when the magical power was dense to the extent that it was visible to others but even with that, there was no physical strengthening … eh?”

The conclusion was that while it is possible to interfere with magical powers that does not belong to oneself, no matter how well a person can interfere with it, the only variable that changes is how much a person can interfere depending on the skill level of magical power manipulation.

However, there was a remark saying to research the casting of attributed magic by individuals who possess no attributes.

“To use magic even without the attributes, is it referring to casting the magic through magic tools?”

I immediately scrambled for the continuation volume for that book series but after looking through the archive, I could not find it at all.

“It’s either hidden or perhaps the thesis was not evaluated and did not obtain research funding?”

It would be a waste of time to gather the books indefinitely so, after praying to the gods, I went to pick up whichever collections that caught my interest like before.


“Er Luciel-sama, what is with that mountain of books?”

After that, I began thoroughly gathering all the books that interested me.

I replied Nadia’s question with just a smile.

” … Moreover, there are even books not related to magic … what happened?”

But Lydia’s remark that had a hint of saying that my mind has perhaps gone mad was slightly saddening.


“Just now, when I was investigating, I found information that was useful. It was from a book that somehow caught my eye. I tried looking through all the other books which the titles attracted me but they were all useless.”

“So you are only gathering books that catch your attention?”

” … It’s not that I don’t understand but that amount is slightly too much.”

The two of them were shocked but they did not criticize my strategy.

They probably did not find any useful or noticeable information on their side.


” … I was overjoyed because I found a hint. Well, this is not an amount that I can look through in one go. But I believe that it’s definitely better to look through these instead …”

When I calmed down, I realized that it was not an amount that can be read in one sitting.

For doing something like that unconsciously, my embarrassment was welling up.

“That’s good to hear. But, I’ve not gotten anything from my side.”

“Me neither.”

The two of them commented in passing but it felt to me that they were slightly tired so I suggested to take a tea break.

“Maybe the two of you should take a rest. The food and drinks here should probably be free so maybe you should return to your rooms to rest.”

“Luciel-sama, do you have any problems with regard to today’s meal?”

Lydia asked in doubt.

Now that she mentioned it, there’s the preparation of food too.

I still had not seen the items inside the warehouse so today would probably be ready-made food too.

“Yeah. Since I still have plenty of ready-made food.”

“If that’s the case then I’ll continue. Since it looks like I can freely use more magic even as a Spirit-user.”

“My job is a Swordswoman so I had given up on magic but I will work hard for the sake of my goal.”

The two of them said that and returned to their work.


While thinking that the two of them might be trying a little too hard, I decided to flip through all the books.

“Instead of tea, I’ll give you two some sweets.”


Perhaps the two of them wanted some sugar but they immediately approached me.

Their speed was amazing so I was slightly taken aback.

“Ye, yeah. It’s a trial product made using honey but I had not had the chance to eat them.”

“”Thank you!””

The twins Nadia and Lydia synchronously placed the honey sweets in their mouths and were instantaneously healed, showing extremely content smiles.

Looking at those faces, I suddenly remembered falling in love with two people in my previous life. (TL: The phrasing the author used was a little weird. It sounded to me like he remembered falling in love with the two of them in his previous life – which is impossible, or maybe he meant that he remembered that they would be the type he would fall in love with in his previous life.)

Then, to hide my rapidly beating heart, I put the honey sweet into my mouth.


I could not hide my confusion from all my various kinds of desire that have been surfacing due to having lost my Healer job.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

TL note:

Sounds to me like he’s going through puberty lol but he’s 21 years old!

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