Invincible Saint – Chapter 234

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Chapter 234: True identity of the trouble

Translator: Tseirp


After applying Extra Heal on Mr Bazak who served as somewhat like the representative of Ebiza, the arm that he had lost was restored and the response and reception we received transformed in an instant.

That scene resembled what I experienced in the Adventurer’s Guild in the past so I was feeling slightly nostalgic.


However, after we entered the town of Ebiza, I once again felt a couple of wary gazes.

Perhaps he sensed it as well as Mr Bazak spoke to me in an apologetic tone.

“Please don’t think badly of the residents. It has happened over a span of a couple of years but the Imperial soldiers have attacked and raided this town so they have not had any time to relax their vigilance.”

“Is that so? I feel that it is an excessive reaction but I guess it is normal in a place near the battlefield like this.”

I decided to ignore the stares but Lionel had an expression on his face that I have never seen before to the extent that I was hesitant to speak to him.


Thinking back, I was able to live in Meratoni because I became a Healer but if I didn’t meet Shisho and the others, I would not have gone to the Holy Capital and there’s a high chance I would just remain in Meratoni.

Adventurers would be able to leave this town but for residents who do not have the strength to fight against monsters, migrating from this town would be life-threatening.

Thinking about it that way, this world might be tougher than I had imagined.


When we walked further to the center of the town, I saw the Adventurer’s Guild and Healer’s Guild built side-by-side like a pair.

“This plaza is the center of this town. This central plaza houses the various guild buildings.”

Listening to Mr Bazak’s explanation, I looked back at the road we traveled and saw the Merchant’s Guild and Herbalist Guild there similarly in a pair.

In addition, the central plaza was so well maintained that it didn’t look like it belonged to a town close to the battlefield.


I looked over the town and matched gazes with Estia again.

Estia might have acquaintances at the Healer’s Guild too so she might want to talk to them too.

I thought as I suggested to Estia.

“Estia, if you have acquaintances in the Healer’s Guild, you can go ahead.”

“Thank you very much. But, it is alright.”

Estia smiled and rejected my suggestion.


But that smile clearly showed that she wasn’t fine.

The Adventurers welcomed Estia so I thought the Healer’s Guild would welcome her too but it looked like it was different.

Now that I think about it, Estia is able to use Holy Attribute magic but she can’t utilize that many spells.


Maybe the staffs made a fool of Estia and the Darkness Spirit removed their memories in anger … no, that’s unlikely.

… I decided to not think about it any further and I also decided to not probe Estia any deeper regarding the topic.

“I see. You can let me know anytime if you wish to go.”

“Thank you very much.”

Estia smiled in a somewhat lonely manner.


Well then, let’s have a change of gear.

With how I am saddled with the troublesome matters of the Empire, I would wish to be spared from new troubles but these shrewd diplomatic maneuverings are seriously troublesome too.

Since we’re at this central plaza, I threw a straight ball at Mr Bazak.


“Now then, Mr Bazak, you’ve been showing us the way since just now but are you guiding us to the inn?”

“I hope that Sage Luciel-sama can heal the wounded people here.”

I did hear the Adventurers who left first say something about gathering the people who need treatment.

If they need to conduct the treatment in this central plaza then it seemed like there was a considerable number of wounded.


However, I had already determined my answer to Mr Bazak’s request.

“I refuse.”

” … May I hear the reason?”

He most likely didn’t expect my reply as Mr Bazak showed a slightly anxious expression.


“The Healer’s Guild is right there and there’s also a Healing Institute(Hospital). I treated you because I wanted to show that we hold no hostility. But I do not plan to go out of my way to impede the Healing Institute’s work.”

In the past when there weren’t the guidelines and laws, Healers used unnecessary Upper-Class magic and turned patients who couldn’t afford the treatment fees into slaves. That’s why I used Recovery Magic in the Adventurer’s Guild as I was indebted to them.

Although it earned the nickname Deviant Saint’s Whimsical Day, nowadays I do not do it unless asked by Shisho or Granz-san.

Furthermore, I can’t accept this semi-forced manner of making me do it.


Seeing my response, Lionel spoke after me.

“Bazak, interacting with Luciel-sama not with sincerity but with shrewd diplomatic maneuverings would only bring unhappiness.”

” … The ones I hope you will see are the ones that have been determined to be beyond help after the Healers in this town have examined them. I have sent a petition to the Guild Headquarters through the Healer’s Guild but we had given up since there was no reply.”

“And that’s when I turn up huh.”


It was suspicious but the Church Headquarters was currently in a mess so it might not be a lie.

I’ll lose my peace of mind of I suspect any and everything.

I looked at it objectively and decided to do what I can.


“So where are the patients?”

“Are you willing to treat them!?”

“I will decide after seeing them. You mentioned it earlier but I will only treat those that the Healers have given up on.”

Actually, I intended to treat them all but I don’t want to get into a dispute with the other Healers.


Mr Bazak had a look of relief after hearing my reply and raised his arm.

That was most likely the cue as people began to gather from the town to the central plaza.

As the numbers were that significant, everyone immediately shifted into combat stances.


“Are the ones gathering here all the patients?”

“No, there are some who are injured so I would be thankful if you treated them too but they are mostly ones that can be treated by this town’s Healing Institute. There are ten patients I hope Luciel-sama can treat.”

As most of the town’s resident came to accompany them, the ones that they want me to treat were most likely influential people or perhaps ones who hold a leadership position in the town.

Perhaps Mr Bazak was governing this town in place of those ten people.

However, it was beyond my expectation for the central plaza to be buried under these number of people.

The gathering of people ranging from Adventurers to commoners gave rise to an extraordinary oppressive feeling.


But if this was supposed to be their strategy, it was having an opposite effect on us.

” … Did you think I would cower in fear and treat anyone with Holy Attribute Magic if these many people ask me to heal them?”

Everyone quietly placed their hands on their weapons.

This might be telepathy born from journeying together for this long.

“No, this would be foolish. The people gathered here are just worried about those ten people … especially the two representatives.”

But Mr Bazak immediately shook his head vigorously and denied it.


Mr Bazak didn’t look like he was lying and sure enough …

Both sides maintained silent but that silence was broken once the wounded were carried over.

The person who broke the silence was not me nor Mr Bazak but Lionel.


“What!? Your Highness Albert! And Melfina too.”

I was also surprised at Lionel’s unusual display of shock.


Luciel just called the patient that was brought over ‘your highness’.

The first thought that came to mind would be that one of the two was probably a prince from the Empire.

However, that further confused me.


For these people who have been troubled by the Imperial soldiers, would they save these ten Imperial soldiers including these two people? That shouldn’t be the case.

Nevertheless, to have these many people wishing for them to get better —


“Lionel, please calm down and tell me who they are.”

“Yes. These two are the Empire’s first prince, His Highness Albert as well as Melfina, known as the Prophet Saintess.”

Lionel regained himself upon hearing my voice and told me about the two of them.

These two might be the source of my premonition of trouble.


“She is our town’s Saintess-sama, our leader who challenges the current Empire’s strategy.”

Mr Bazak further added on.


When she was brought to me on a crudely made stretcher, I immediately understood her condition.

Because miasma was leaking out from her.


“Lionel, please decide if I should help her or not.”

“Please do so, Luciel-sama.”

Lionel suggested that I treat her without any hesitation.

I nodded as I gave out instructions.

“Everyone, prepare for battle. And please capture those who show signs of pain.”


I ignored Mr Bazak’s question and weaved my chant.

【By the hand of holy healing, by the breath of Mother Earth, against the existences that have fallen to demonization, against those unholy existences, swallow everything with a wave of purification. Purification Wave】

I activated the newly created magic I used in the Church Headquarters and multiple waves of pale white light spread out like ripples with me at the center.

I decided to leave it to everyone if demons appeared from that while the former prince and former saintess grimaced in pain as they returned to being human after being bathed in Purification Wave.


However, it happened just as I was about to chant the following spell.

A dagger flew towards me and fresh blood danced in the air.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

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