Invincible Saint – Chapter 186

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Chapter 186: A man’s romance?

Translator: Tseirp


I fell into the condition of magical power depletion from my battle with the Water Dragon but for some reason, it turned into a lecture from the Water Dragon and Wind Dragon about the mechanism of magical power.


《Sage, your mind is too rigid. If only you open your mind, you would be able to fully demonstrate the power you have finally acquired?》

《Only using our power to supplement your own magical power would cause you to fall into magical power depletion. Think for a moment for what reason did you acquire the divine protection of Spirits and Dragons.》

“Even if you tell me that, although I’ve finally regained Holy Attribute Magic after a long time, I only began to use Dragon Magic today so it’s difficult to fully grasp it.”


《Sage, what do you understand of our Dragon divine protection and the divine protection of Spirits?》

“Understanding of the divine protections? Dragon divine protections strengthen the body and raise attack and defense against dragons and their kin. For Spirit divine protections, it increases the magic resistance towards the respective attributes.”

《… That’s not wrong. However, such a shallow understanding of it … it’s the same for my brethren too but Sage, your diligence in understanding yourself is insufficient.》

《I will not recognize those who understand any less than that. There is no loss in knowing more information.》

The content the Twin Dragons spoke of overlapped with something written in a business article I read in the past.

Hearing those words, I could only nod.


《Sage, my brethrens’ powers are enormous. However, it is originally not something that people who have the divine protections can utilize.》

《Only Sages who materialize the power of the divine protection from Spirits can utilize our powers.》

” … Don’t the power of Dragons and the power of Spirits resist each other?”


《It seems like you are misunderstanding something. It’s true that after receiving both divine protections, the manifestation of regular magic becomes more difficult.》

《That’s right. Indeed, from now, it would probably be difficult for you to express magic that humans normally use no matter how hard you work. In addition, since you did not possess the divine protection of Spirits since you were born, you would likely not be able to fully utilize Spirit Magic either.》

“It would help if you summarize it. It’s a little jumbled up.”

《Ordinary humans can’t see Spirits and naturally can’t hear their voices too so they can’t use their magic from the start.》

“Didn’t you just nonchalantly say something serious?”

But they ignored my words and continued their speech.


《However, you learned the method to manifest the power of Dragons.》

《But, as you are now, you hardly have the power to break through difficulties.》

I had the undeniable feeling that I was being ignored for interrupting them.

Rather than a dialogue, it felt more like an atmosphere where I have to listen to everything before I ask questions.


《If you are capable of manifesting my brethren’s power and clad yourself in it, you should be fully able to utilize the Spirit’s power without expending that much magical power given that you have a clear mental image of what phenomenon you want the Spirits to cause while providing them with magical power.》

《However, if you activate it by channeling it into your sword, it would probably expend as much magical power as it had previously.》

Summarizing the words of the Twin Dragons, does it mean that although it is the same as when I release a flying slash, magical power consumption will be suppressed if I wear it instead?


《You look like you have questions but before that, I will explain to you the divine protections. Firstly, the Divine Protection from Spirits makes the handling of the respective attributes easier and allows conversion to your favorite magical power.》

《Even though many Spirits exist in the natural world, normally they won’t take action even if you provide them with magical power. However, the Spirits have hierarchy too, in cases where you are given the divine protection of a Great Spirit that possesses enough power to give out divine protections, the Spirits will take the initiative to work for you.》

《If it’s a Sage like you, even if you provide little magical power, as long as you have a definite mental image, the Spirits will be able to gather up magical power that exists in the natural world.》

Does that mean that as long as I have a clear mental image, even with spending little magical power, I can clad my body in the power of Dragons?

Then why is it that the magical power consumption for Dragon Sword doesn’t change?


《The skill you used to release my brethrens’ powers differs from the magical power of the natural world. For that reason, when you instead wear it around your body, the Spirits are able to compensate for the insufficient areas.》

《However, when the magical power is isolated from your body, they can’t supply the natural world’s magical power fast enough.》

《Sage, now that we have spoken until here, do you perhaps understand what you are lacking?》

“Just like how I circulate magical power within my body, I should control the magical power that I clad my body in?”

《Umu, that’s fine. Since it would just be like bullying the weak if it continued like before.》

《It’s a little soon but I’ll be your opponent next.》

” … Before that, you all didn’t explain to me the Divine Protection of Dragons?”

The Wind Dragon was confident but I didn’t think that it would immediately lead to results just by receiving advice from them.

Hence, I decided to prolong the time until my magical power recovered.

《Our divine protection strengthen the physical body and the respective attributes.》

It seems like, in terms of usefulness of the divine protections, the Divine Protection of Sprits are useful while the ones from the Dragons are not so much so.

” … I see.”

《So, have you understood our divine protection and that of the Spirits as well as the power residing within yourself?》

“It’s still a little vague but I’ve grasped the gist of it.”

《Umu, then let’s fight … or that’s what I would like to say but it’s not fun bullying you while you are in magical power depletion.》

It seems like the Wind Dragon somehow understood my intention.

“Then what would we do?”

《Show me how you control yourself in the air after I flip you into the air.》

“Eh? What … Ooooo!? I’m floating?”

In response to the Wind Dragon’s words, my body suddenly began floating in the air.

I gradually floated away from the surface and flew up to the Twin Dragons’ eye level in the blink of an eye.

Even though I’ve just merely left the ground, for some reason I felt uneasy.


《With Wind Magic, humans can freely fly in the air. While accelerating in the air, master that sensation.》

Why did it turn out this way? Doesn’t this look like I’ve completely turned into a toy for them?

While having such thoughts, the sensation of speed gradually increased and the G force that accompanies the upwards and downwards movements kicked in.


I somehow kept it together and maintained my posture but maybe it was not interesting to them as the difficulty suddenly increased.

《Sage, it looks like your body balance is quite good. Next, I’ll make a wall of air so prepare for impact.》


I immediately cast Area Barrier when it said that and an instant later, an invisible mass hit the left side of my upper body and my body was sent flying.

Once I lost my balance, my body began rotating and I lost my central axis.

In the end, I was in a difficult situation as I tumbled countless times in the air and it had an effect on my semicircular canals as my eyes had difficulty focusing.


《Clad yourself in magical power and speak to the Spirits. If it’s you, they would teach you a technique to overcome winds of this degree.》

Or rather, just stop this wind!! I’d love to scream that out but they likely didn’t have any intention of stopping no matter how much I scream.

I immediately switched gears and shouted out what I associate with that can dispel my current predicament.

“Earth Dragon, and Spirits, create a foothold that can ride over the raging winds.”



After I shouted that out, light shone at my feet and something smaller but wider than a surfboard, a wakeboard … a gypsum board appeared.

“It doesn’t matter as long as I have a foothold ahhhhhhhhhh.”

I was buffered by an excessive amount of wind and fell head first onto the ground … or so I thought but I stopped in an instant about 30cm from the ground.

” … I’m saved?”

The magic board that I hastily constructed had already shattered from just now.

I could casually think about how it was possible to create materials in the air where there was nothing around because I didn’t crash into the ground.

However, something else was in store for me.


《Idiot!! What were you thinking to further increase your wind resistance.》

Without even lowering me to the ground, the Wind Dragon once again raised me to its eye level and began to lecture me.


It was seriously angry that I created a board without thinking properly.

Naturally, I could not carelessly blurt out that I suddenly recalled an anime about flying in the air with a board so I said that I purely just thought of it.

” … I thought I could ride the air waves. Moreover, I thought that I would be able to regain my posture if I made a foothold.”

” … You could have either attacked me, the being who was manipulating the wind or cut a path through the wind using the power of the Thunder Dragon or there were various other methods but … I would have been saddened if flying in the air became a traumatic experience for you.”

” … Hn? What kind of training was this?”

“Isn’t it obviously training to fly in the sky? Isn’t it often said that it is a man’s romance to fly in the sky?”

” … Then why did you make an invisible wall in the air?”

“Even winged dragons with low intelligence can create magical power barrier and avoid fluctuations in magical power if such a wall with magical power is created so it was special training.”

I wonder why … talking with the Wind Dragon is seriously taxing.

It most likely planned it to let me enjoy flying in the sky.

Although I could feel its intention, to be honest, it was an unbelievably difficult setting so it shouldn’t have been part of the content when I had just started floating in the air.


Even though I should have known that the common sense of Dragons and Spirits would not match with that of humans, this time, I neglected it so I should have been more careful.

Well, I found that I won’t die and considering the attractions, it might actually be interesting.

“Incidentally, do you know when would Nadia wake up?”

《It’s up to Dragon God-sama, but she should wake up within a couple of days.》

“Wait a minute, if it goes poorly then does it mean she will stay like that for a couple of days?”

《It’s up to Dragon God-sama.》

Yup, for long-lived races, 1 day or 1 hour probably won’t be that much different to them.

“She can’t just stay in that position for so long. Please let me move her to a safe place.”

《I don’t mind.》

《I’ll leave it to you if you have any method in mind.》

Thus I opened the Hermit’s Coffin from the Hermit Key series and housed Nadia in it.


If human common sense doesn’t work then I probably don’t need to use honorifics too.

“Well then, Water Dragon and Wind Dragon, sorry to keep you waiting. I’d like to ask one thing though, how far do I need to go to get your recognitions? I would like an indicator?”

《Sage, it doesn’t take that long. But I will say that it depends on yourself too.》

《Sage, first become capable of fully utilizing our brethrens’ power.》

《Then show us how you utilize those powers.》

《What we desire is your resolution.》

It was somewhat nostalgic like how I could do nothing but be defeated in the past.

I pumped myself as I repeated in my head the most important thing about this battle, which is I won’t die, so I decided to genuinely tackle the challenges from the Twin Dragons.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

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