Invincible Saint – Chapter 200

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Chapter 200: Cavalry

Translator: Tseirp


Before leaving the village elder’s house, I gathered the books related to Spirits and Dragons that the two of them were interested in and I told them of my intention to head to the commotion outside.


“I didn’t feel any ill intent from the village elder earlier. Since that’s the case, there’s a high chance that he suffered some kind of accident.”

“Is it the pursuers?”

Nadia imagined that it might be the pursuers but I immediately denied it.

“No, just now we told the village elder that we are heading towards the Holy Capital. So it won’t cause a commotion even if there’s a church personnel involved. I think it’s either the appearance of monsters or somebody got injured.”

“That would be dreadful. Let’s go quickly.”

“We have to help if there are people in need.”

The two of them looked like they were on a mission or something but I agree with them if there’s a person’s life at stake.


“Either way, let’s go outside. Ah before that, did any of the books catch your attention?”

“Nothing in particular.”

“Since the books related to the lore of Dragons and Spirits can be found in Nelldal too. There’s nothing noteworthy.”

“Then I’ll just take this one book.”

When I grabbed the book related to summoning and opened the door to the entrance, the cause of the commotion were the guys from the White Wolf’s Bloodline.


“What are you doing?”

Hazan-san and his group noticed us when I muttered that as I approached them and they called out to me. (TL: Hazan was written as Bazan in the past.)

“Oh, Luciel, it’s been a long time.”

“Oh, Luciel-kun is seriously around, Hazan’s sense of smell is already beyond that of human’s.”

“Luciel, it’s been a long time.”

Hazan-san, Skyros-san and Basra-san took turns to speak to me.


“Good morning. What did you guys do? Village elder, did these people do something to you?”

” … Luciel-sama, do you know these beastmen adventurers?”

The village elder looked at me and asked with a slightly puzzled tone so I could tell that he has been influenced by the human supremacy doctrine books.


Well, I don’t want the situation to worsen now so I accurately conveyed their relationship to me.

“Yes, I am acquainted with them. These people are the White Wolf’s Bloodline, an upper-rank adventurer party in Meratoni.”

“That’s why I’ve been saying I know him. Luciel, we received a request from Whirlwind because he was slightly worried.”

The village elder’s attitude could be inferred from Hazan’s tone that sounded like he found it bothersome.

He has probably faced racial discrimination before just like today.

That thought made me feel a little sad.


But then, a problem arose there.

I told him that I was going to the Holy Capital so I rather if they said that they were here to escort me instead of invite me but the village elder showed a slightly bitter expression maybe because he thought of it.

I don’t know if I would be able to deceive him but I tried talking while changing the nuance.

“So you received a request to escort me huh. We needed horses so I came to this village to purchase a few of them.”

When I said that, the grim look on the village elder’s face disappeared.

“If that’s the case, we came by carriage so you can ride in that too.”

Hazan-san offered out of goodwill but I sensed the village elder’s eyes sharpened at that instant so I decided to politely refuse.

“Well, I’ve already asked him to go through the trouble of selling them to me and something else came up that I wish to buy too.”

“Oya, what is it?”

Seeing his radiant smile that was completely different from before, I decided to stop thinking so deeply about his actions.

It seems like the village elder’s aim was gold so I would lose out if I think too much.


“Regarding this book on summoning, I’ve never read it before and I really want to read it but I don’t have the time to do so here so I hope you can sell it to me. Of course, I will compensate you with a suitable amount.”

“Ah, I don’t mind offering you that book. For someone like me who live in this village, I won’t be able to gather the materials written in that book and it’s a dubious book after all.”

Surprisingly, he did not seek compensation so he was either preoccupied with the notion of selling the horses or that he decided that the book has no value.


“Thank you. So what about the horses?”

“They have already been prepared but if it is okay with you, would you like to have a meal first?”

The village elder offered but it might be asking for trouble with the White Wolf’s Bloodline around so I declined.

A hungry aura was emanating from Lydia so I’ll pass her something light that can be eaten once we leave the village.


“I’d love to but I’ll have to decline this time. Please guide me to the horses.”

“Okay. This way please.”

It looks like it was just lip service as the village elder didn’t look like he minded it even after I declined his offer.

And he began to walk towards the stables so I followed him.


Behind me, Skyros-san and Nadia were talking and for some reason, the atmosphere felt like they were acquaintances but then Bazan-san talked to me. (TL: It became Bazan now …)

“Luciel, it seems like you’ve become a Sage. It was probably tough but I’m happy for you.”

Bazan-san laughed until his sharp canines could be seen and it looked like he was genuinely happy that I became a Sage.

I was glad to hear that but I realized that I had not thanked them for coming to pick me up so I thanked them.

“Well, this time I really didn’t think that I would survive though. Leaving that aside, thank you for coming to pick me up. If you guys are around here, doesn’t it mean that you guys galloped all the way here?”

“Yeah. Nevertheless, it’s because we knew that the life of our life’s benefactors was being threatened. We rushed over.”

Life benefactor is way too much an exaggeration.

However, I had the power of healing and there was a patient for me to heal, and now it had come around in terms of how that patient was now assisting me so it was quite moving.

” … Thank you. So about Shisho’s condition, how is he now?”

” … That person asked me to not reveal it but he has recovered to the extent of being able to have a good match with us.”

I felt like he hesitated about something for a second there but if Shisho has recovered until he is able to fight with the A-rank Bazan-san then there shouldn’t be any problem.


“Even though it’s only been three months, to be able to fight with an A-rank Adventurer … as expected of Shisho. He’s really beyond human.”

“But thanks to that person organizing mock battles every day, the Adventurer’s Guild has a strange tense atmosphere though.”

Bazan-san said with a wry grin but thinking of the current progress, it would probably continue the same way as what has been happening the past three months.


Since Shisho’s level and skill were not sealed but just reset, to regain his former ability, he has no option other than to steadily go through mock battles and actual fights.

That’s probably the reason why Shisho was taking the initiative to have mock battles with the rookie adventurers.

Well, if the adventurers knew that Shisho had weakened, he probably won’t have any trouble finding actual fighting opponents who challenge him thinking that they might be able to win now.


It’s probably troubling for Shisho as the guildmaster to be low-leveled so Garba-san and Grulga-san were definitely helping him but … I’m uneasy with how those two allowed the mock battles.

” … Are the adventurers alright? Like whether the requests are being delayed or such …”

“People are continuously losing consciousness but somehow, I would say that the current Adventurer’s Guild is filled with vibrancy.”

“It’s great that it’s vibrant.”

I’ll ignore the part about people losing consciousness.

It smells like the kind of Pandora’s box that shouldn’t be opened.


“So, how did Luciel reach here? Seeing that you all don’t have horses, don’t tell me you guys made three horses collapse?”

Bazan-san changed the topic for me but it was difficult to explain so I’ll tell them later.

“No, I was alone until just now. But I’ll talk about that after we leave the village.”

“That’s true. Oh, are those it? They seem calm.”

” … I hope they aren’t packhorses though.”

The village elder came back with the horse owner and there were three horses lined up that gave a favorable impression.

“It looks like they might actually be swift horses.”

“It would be a pleasant miscalculation if that was true.”


Bazan-san and party checked the horses and it didn’t seem like there were any problems so I passed the village elder a coin pouch with 30 gold coins inside for the three horses.

“These horses look quite fine. This is your payment.”

“Oou. I’ve received it. These three horses run around in this village so they would easily be able to last until the Holy Capital.”

He said that with a satisfied smile.


“If any church personnel come asking for me, please tell them that I have already returned to the Holy Capital.”


“This is a tip. Please use it so that everyone from the village doesn’t have to experience hunger.”

“Haha. Thank you very much.”

I was surprised by the hand that shot out the instant I offered the gold coin but I somehow managed to pass it to him normally.

He would notice that we would be traveling in the opposite direction from the Holy Capital if he saw us off so I decided to part ways here.

“These people can lead the way so you don’t need to send me off.”

“All right. I pray for the safety of Luciel-sama and party.”


Nadia and Lydia led a horse each but the horses avoided me whenever I approached them so I had no choice but to have Basra pull the reins as we successfully exited the village.


The village elder was worried that I would return the horses I purchased but I told him that I would somehow make do with them so he bowed and returned to his own home.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a person so obsessed with gold.”

“Leaving that aside, Luciel, it would probably be unreasonable to ride these horses all the way right? Would you like to ride our carriage?”

“No, there’s no need for that. Since I have my partner.”

I used the Hermit’s Key to cause the stables to appear, shocking Bazan-san and others but the ones most shocked were probably the horses.


The calm atmosphere totally changed due to the presence that Fornoir exuded when she came out of the stables.


With just that sound, the horses all bowed down to Fornoir together.


” … I don’t really understand but it has a mysterious presence? That’s not a regular horse.”

“Yeah. That’s my partner. I noticed that Bazan-san and party’s carriage has two horses pulling it so let’s store the carriage and ride like cavalry with ease.”

“Luciel … you’ve become a lot more strong-willed compared to before.”

“Haha. That’s good.”

I got a little shy from what Bazan-san said so I quickly stored the carriage.

Thus after finishing our preparations, we became a cavalry corps and headed towards Meratoni.


At that time, because the horses were desperately trying to follow Fornoir, I was naturally up in front despite how the guys were here to act as my guards but we had no choice but to travel like that since the horses were unable to run ahead of Fornoir.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

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