Invincible Saint – Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: Distortion within the Knight Corps

Translator: Tseirp


After the training that consisted of only mock battles ended, I thought that they would return to their respective duties in the afternoon.

However, some knight corps who didn’t find that agreeable appeared … or rather, the other 7 squad leaders from the knight corps excluding the Valkyrie Paladin Corps heard that they planned to have training in the afternoon as well and protested to Catherine-san.


I didn’t concern myself with that and thanked Lionel and the others for their hard work.

“Everyone, great work. How was it?”


The very first person to answer my question was Lionel who was showing a stern expression.

“To have such terrible squads … if I attacked during the time when I was still a general with the Empire … this place would have likely already become a territory under the Elimasia Empire. The salvation now is that, due to Luciel-sama’s policy towards adjusting the healer fees, it largely led to the support from the adventurers and the people from the surrounding countries towards the Saint Schull Allied Nations, creating a situation where others can’t attack even if they could.”

Apparently, somehow I had unwittingly caused the Empire to resent me once again.

I shall definitely never go to the Empire.

It feels like I would totally get assassinated if I go there.

I firmly swore to myself.


“Certainly, I feel the same too nya. I believe that it was lucky that Lionel-sama didn’t propose to attack if there’s a large collection of people like Luciel-sama around but, without a secret weapon, the Holy Capital will fall into ruin nya.”

The analytical ability of the 2 of them was exceptionally high.


“I feel that the Priest Knights at Ienith were stronger than the knights here.”

Kefin announced.

Then, Lionel voiced out improvement measures.

“Unless each and every one of the knight corps has Holy attribute magic … either by being able to use magic like Area Barrier and Middle Heal like Luciel-sama or have healers join and support them, they would not be able to win in battles.”

Lionel asserted as he looked distantly into the sky.


As the various squads rushed to the canteen in order, we announced that we would slowly have our meal last. Upon doing so, each and every one from the knight squads who suffered crushing defeat during the mock battles began to come to seek advice from Lionel and the others.

I thought that there were human supremacists among them as well but they approached Cathy and Kefin while holding a respectful attitude so they were not subjected to any kind of discrimination.


In the end, until the dining hall cleared out, I applied 「Area Barrier」 on the knights who requested for it to try out the effects as they told us that they would put in effort immediately while holding Lionel and the others’ opinions as reference.


However, I avoided explaining to them the possibility of power leveling healers.

Because I could imagine them forcibly sending healers out to the battlefield and I believe it would highly likely produce a disastrous situation.


If the time comes that they can’t use magic, in situations where they are fighting alone, if they can’t even defeat weak monsters, the healers would have to bid farewell to their lives.


I’m incapable of making the decision of imposing such risks to the healers is the correct thing to do.

Wouldn’t it somehow be alright if healers who use healing magic in adventurer parties are recruited? I did consider that but since there’s a discrepancy in the rise of stats, unlike in games, it may be fine at the beginning but as they advance to the latter half, they would be hard pressed when the healers can no longer support them.

I was once again made aware of this world’s reality as I thought about this case.


After a while, for the sake of lunch, we headed to the dining hall and Catherine-san was waiting for us there.

Then, she told us that instead of a mock battle with the Valkyrie Paladin Corps for the planned afternoon training, it has been finalized that it would be changed to a combined exercise.


“Because of that, could I have you observe the combined exercise from above?”

Catherine-san directed that at Lionel instead of me. But, Lionel’s gaze flowed towards me.

“Meaning you want his advice from watching the exercise?”

I asked squarely instead of Catherine-san’s way of beating around the bushes.


In the past, when I was in the church headquarters, the combined exercise only happened thrice. To have this at this timing was most likely because they wanted Lionel to observe and to receive advice from him.


It’s not like I don’t understand the feelings of Catherine-san who climbed up to the ranks of knight captain at a young age.

It’s probably natural to seek for advice from somebody who has higher leadership ability due to seniority and is even stronger as an individual when you’re at a loss.


“There are conditions. Firstly, this time, we will not be participating in the exercise and will only be viewing from above. I’ll gather the points that Lionel and the others noticed and give it to you after I make a summary of it.”

” … Understood. Thank you.”

After bowing, Catherine-san dashed out of the dining hall.


After Catherine-san had completely disappeared from the dining hall, Lionel spoke.

“Is it fine to not participate in the exercise?”

“I don’t really know why but I have a feeling that Catherine-san has a lack of self-confidence. If Lionel takes command of the exercise and Cathy and Kefin participate in the exercise, there’s a possibility that Catherine-san may speak of retiring.”

I’ve never seen Catherine-san trying to hang on like that.

It didn’t feel appropriate to ask around if anything happened to her during this one-year duration so I held my head and worried about it.


” … I don’t think that it’s something to that extent nya. However, trying to find a person to take command may be the right decision nya.”

“What do you mean?”

“The commanding officer grasps the overall picture. However, results and strong charisma are required to consolidate all the squads … something like that?”

“Kefin seems to have also gotten it … ”

“Information gathering is Kefin’s forte nya.”

” … Does it mean that she is incapable of bringing together the whole knight corps?”

As it seemed to be an opinion derived from analysing the situation instead of beastmen intuition, while admiring the intelligence gathering ability of the 2 of them, I asked about it in detail.


“For example when Lionel-sama was the general leading the Empire’s army, he stood at the forefront as he gave out instructions to the respective squads and he personally stepped in when there was an unfavourable situation nya.”

Lionel eluding arrows and magic as he pushed forward on horseback with a spear and blew away all who approached him.

I could easily imagine such a scene.


“I have the same belief of not letting even a single soldier die like Luciel-sama, no, I feel that yours is even stronger than mine. Furthermore, with respect to commanding, since you have no problem leading a small number, depending on the training I believe you will be able to command larger groups.”

“You think I should take command of the church knight corps?”

When I asked the 3 of them, they gave … unexpected replies.


“If you cannot completely refuse getting taken by the flow and given command, it will turn out like that.”

“The times when Luciel-sama had to think of an answer on your own and ended up getting caught up in it has already happened many times nya.”

“I honestly thought that you had grown when you chose to observe the combined exercise just now.”

My evaluation was low across the board.


” … I don’t want to be tied up here and I want to quickly head to Meratoni.”

“If that’s the case then we should leave here today after finishing our dinner.”

I understood that I also need to be able to make decisions like Lionel.

Even so, that wasn’t my decision.


” … I’m thankful for the advice. However, I still have to thank Rosa-san and I think there’s also a risk if we move immediately. That’s why I decided to head to Meratoni a week later. Thankfully, I have not taken the horses out from the Hermit’s stable so we’ll probably be fine.”

” … That’s when you should go immediately nya. Luciel-sama has a strong sense of duty in strange ways nya.”

“I’d say that’s a good aspect of Luciel-sama though.”

“We’re Luciel-sama’s retainers so we’ll follow your decision.”

Cathy smiled wryly, Kefin gave his affirmation while Lionel summed it up.


We once again set foot towards the large training ground as we had that conversation, sitting on the overlooking seats of the large training ground that Catherine-san guided me to in the past, we watched the combined exercise.

They were divided into Priest Knights and Holy Knights, with Catherine leading the Priest Knights and the youngest among all the squads, Lumina-san, commanding the Holy Knights as they clashed.


There were 4 squads each but combat strength-wise the Priest Knights required double the amount of people.

The battle between the Priest Knight Corps led by Catherine-san in a fan-shaped semi-circular formation and the Holy Knight Corps led by Lumina-san in an acute V-shape formation began.


“What do you think?”

“Normally, it would be advantageous towards the Priest Knights but, the Holy Knights have higher individual ability and I imagine the difference in commanders would come into play later.”

“I think so too nya … Also, I understood one point nya. It seems that this time the drill relies on Luciel-sama’s healing magic nya. It was easy to understand with the exercise getting scheduled in a hurry nya.”

The words of Cathy continuing from Lionel felt like they pulled me back to reality.


“It’s just my intuition but the Holy Knight Corps will probably win. The difference in strength is to that extent.”

“Well even so the winner would be the Priest Knights led by Catherine-san … otherwise, they would probably end with a draw.”

When I muttered that, the 3 of them showed astonished expressions and looked at me curiously.


“How could you tell nya?”

“Lumina-san’s admiration for Catherine-san is one point, the morale effect on the Knight Corps if Catherine-san losses is one point and I don’t feel any fighting spirit from the Holy Knight Corps side.”

The Knight Corps looked strained.


“Seems like you are watching properly.”

“If it’s commanding a squad of that extent, Luciel-sama would also be able to command them sufficiently well.”

“All 3 of you knew right? I can tell because I’m looking from above but if the location changed I’d most likely see it a different way.”

“That’s dependent on the experiences you have in the future.”

Lionel said with a smile but I can’t imagine myself capable of doing that.


Just as we had expected, the combined exercise between the Priest Knight Corps and the Holy Knight Corps ended with the victory of the Priest Knight Corps.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

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