Invincible Saint – Chapter 195

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Chapter 195: Request

Translator: Tseirp


I wanted to see the blue sky the first time I took to the skies but the moonlight lit sky was quite picturesque too as I landed on the main street before I depleted my magical power.

It was in the middle of the night so there weren’t many pedestrians and I didn’t end up landing on anybody thanks to the lights leaking out from within the shops and houses.


Even if I was seen, it wouldn’t have stood out that much … “Did that shining person just descend from the skies?” “Oh, isn’t that the Deviant Saint?”, although something like that didn’t happen.

While smiling to the residents, I ran towards the Adventurer’s Guild.


When I entered the Adventurer’s Guild that is open 24 hours a day, many of the adventurers looked in my direction.

When they saw me, one person after the other came over but I didn’t sense the same hostility as from the Knight Corps so I didn’t intend to run.

“Deviant Saint-sama, so you are alright.”

“Priest Knights came from the church and told us to capture and drag you to the church if you came here but honestly, they were irritating so they are currently taking a nap at the underground training ground.”

“Deviant Saint-sama, I heard that you can’t utilize Holy Attribute Magic anymore but … if that’s true then come be an Adventurer like us.”

“Don’t steal the march on me. I’m troubled because my party’s vanguard is insufficient. If it’s that Whirlwind’s disciple, it won’t be a problem.”

They were in a welcoming mood for some reason but it seems like even if the church turns against me, the Adventurers were still my allies.

That strangely made me happy and warmed my heart.


Hearing the commotion from the Adventurers, the master of the Adventurer’s Guild in the Holy Capital, Granz-san, came over.

“Firstly, I’m glad you are safe.”

Granz-san said with a smile.

“Yeah, I was trapped in a conspiracy due to some rumors and was about to be arrested so I escaped from the Church.”

“I see. There were also idiots who came here to order your arrest but … Luciel, are the rumors that you were punished by the Gods true? What happened?”

Rather than anger, he seemed more concerned for me and the surroundings immediately became silent after his question.

It seemed like the Adventurers were silently waiting for my answer.


“God’s punishment … well, rather than punishment, it was more like God’s trial? I somehow overcame it and was stuck in this commotion when I returned.”

When I returned with a vague reply, Granz-san took a further step forward and questioned me.

“If you overcame that God’s trial, does it mean that the rumors of you losing your Healer job and not being able to utilize Holy Attribute Magic were rumors after all?”

“Yeah. As proof, Area High Heal.”

Making it such that everyone could hear me, I chanted Area High Heal with Chant Termination and light enveloped the wounds on the injured Adventurers and the injuries disappeared in an instant.

On the contrary, even lower back pain and tooth decay disappeared so there was a slight commotion.


“Quiet down for a moment you lot. Luciel, it looks like you’ve powered up compared to before.”

Granz-san joyfully slapped my shoulder and for some reason, I was surrounded by the Adventurers and it turned into a strange situation where I was hoisted up and thrown into the air.


After that, before I knew it, we had moved to the canteen and the welcome party began.

I was worried about the pursuers but it’ll somehow work out if I only have to flee so I let myself be spoilt by everyone’s kindness.


“And so, why was the church so eager to capture you despite it being mere rumors?”

“Beats me? But the order to arrest me was given out so I thought maybe there’s no other way but to back out.”

“To sever and discard a hard worker, what a demon-like organization.”

“Yeah. I was surprised by that too. Since there weren’t any information to deny the rumors, it seems like the Church decided to besmirch the S-rank Healer so that the Church’s image doesn’t fall …”

When I said that, anger swelled from in front and around me.

It wasn’t directed at me, they probably had thoughts against the Church.


“Ah, I forgot to say something important. There was one truth within the rumors, my job is no longer Healer.”

“ … Did you become a Paladin?”

I was bathed in attention and I wonder why it felt like I really wanted to escape.

With a wry smile, I announced my new job.


“Because I cleared the God’s trial, my job was promoted to Sage. Although like before, I can only use nothing but Holy Attribute Magic.”

“”””” Ehhhhh!? What!!!”””””

I unconsciously laughed at that harmonious cry of disbelief like they practiced for it beforehand.

After that, everyone was thrilled and they were glad like it happened to them.


“ … Even though the Church should understand Luciel best … why did they believe in the rumors and release the orders to arrest you?”

Granz-san said with his head tilted.

“Beats me? Pope-sama lamented about this incident but this time it was an independent action from the Executives Department so it seemed like Pope-sama was not informed.”

“For such an important matter to not be relayed to the leader … that’s the worst in many ways. You have no allies?”

“Those who stay neutral or stand on my side are limited to the Valkyrie Paladin Corps. Apart from them, rather than hostility, the others showed amazing animosity. But since I used Holy Attribute Magic, they would have noticed that the rumors were mere rumors and I felt the animosity quickly turned into fear.”

“I see. Then, why did you stop by here?”

Granz-san asked thinking that I had another aim for coming here but honestly, I didn’t.

Then, since I have so many allies here, I thought that there would be people who would accept my request so I made a request.

“Well, I wanted to know what everyone thought about the rumors but I know it well now so I’ll now make a request.”

Just by saying that, the hard-faced Adventurers smiled in embarrassment for some reason.

“What is it? I think it should be possible if it’s the usual?”

Granz-san also looked like he found it weird and gave a bitter smile as he asked for the contents.


“You don’t have to capture the ones who spread the rumors but please gather information on them and the source of the rumors. The reward will be ten white gold coins that will be distributed according to the importance of the information and the remainder will be evenly distributed to the participants.”

“Hey hey, that’s way too much. Moreover, to distribute to all participants … what is your true aim?”

That gaze he gave me didn’t have the welcoming mood of before.

“The Church wants to conceal this incident but once it is made clear that it wasn’t a punishment by the Gods, they would have no choice but to cancel the arrest order.”

“I see. They won’t be able to openly send pursuers. With the arrest order like now, your movements would be restricted.”

“Yeah, that’s the gist of it. Also, I want to broadcast the fact that I was thrown into a conspiracy as I was in the midst of going through God’s trial. Once that is known, I’m sure the number of people who would assist me would increase.”

“If that’s the case then leave it to me. I hate the ones who return evil for good the most.”

When Granz-san said that, the Adventurers behind him gave voices of agreement.


While paying the white gold for the request, I asked about the safety of Shisho and the others which I couldn’t find out in the Church.

“Also, I wanted to find out about Shisho, Lionel, and the others but have you heard anything about them?”

“If it’s the Meratoni guildmaster, there are rumors that he’s been leading the field of guiding newbie adventurers.”

Well, even if they tried to forcefully capture him due to the rumors regarding me, I’m sure Garba-san and Grulga-san would protect Shisho.

However, if Shisho believed the rumors, he might try to be the scapegoat for me.

Given that the rumors spread to the other countries half a month ago, I confirmed when it began spreading here just in case.

“I’m glad to hear that. By the way, do you remember when the rumors started appearing?”

“Yeah. It was about a month ago. Well, even though the rumors were going around, most of us deemed it as mere rumors and some were even thrilled that Luciel would attain great success as an Adventurer if the rumors were true.”

“As expected, rather than the Healer’s Guild, the Adventurer’s Guild is my home.”

From my one statement, the canteen within the guild once again burst with excitement and Granz-san dropped a bomb there.

“Then quit the Healer’s Guild and aim for the SSS-rank in the Adventurer’s Guild, Deviant Saint Sage-sama.”

“I want to live a peaceful life ─ ─ !!”

However, the Adventurers ignored me and began talked among themselves with their heads tilted after Granz-san called me Deviant Saint Sage.


“Doesn’t it sound somewhat strange?”

“True. But despite being a Sage, not being able to use anything other than Holy Attribute Saint, isn’t it deviant after all?”

“It’s fun that good joke material keeps rolling in one after the other.”

“I didn’t expect him to become a Sage. Moreover, to be chased by the Church, the scale sure is different.”

As those conversations were being whispered here and there, I finalized the contents of the request with Granz-san.

I prayed that it won’t turn into another strange nickname.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

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