Invincible Saint – Chapter 160

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Chapter 160: Unexpected incident

Translator: Tseirp


There were many times when I thought of throwing away everything during my about 40 years of life if I include my previous life.

Even so, by diligently accumulating experience without giving up, the endpoint will certainly come some day.

Then, it will be followed by the start of something else.


Against the wolf monsters that are the starting monsters when learning to fight monsters, I was bitten countless times but thanks to my equipment and 「Area Barrier」, their fangs did not reach my flesh so I was totally unharmed.

It was one thing to be yelled at by Shisho but being wrapped in an air of silence also made me notice some things.


I knew that wolves would appear in the Labyrinth of the Fang Wolf but even though in the beginning they mostly moved in a linear motion, they gradually began to have more attacking variations like kicking off the walls or attacking while cooperating with one another.

Because I was on the receiving end of varied attacks, I was forced into struggling battles and I gradually felt like I was under immense stress.

However, whenever that happened, somebody from the female team will firmly hold my hand without fail and I would regain my calm every time.

Occasionally, maybe due to the sense of security, I end up falling asleep but Shisho did not reproach me for that so I was able to maintain my spirits even in such harsh conditions.


After the 22nd meal since the start of my training, my Magical Power, Presence and Danger Perception skills all leveled up together and I felt like I was able to distinguish whatever was within 1 meter of me, albeit just faintly, so I began to feel the results of this harsh special training.

Then, I even acquired 「Intimidation Resistance」 which was a godsend but that was really just a bonus.

Without concentrating, I gradually became able to notice the faint presences and magical powers that were nearly drowned out by the labyrinth approach me and by sensing those presences that entered my combat space and cutting them down, I was able to raise my skill level.


Am I growing stronger little by little?

It would be great if that is true.

When I reached that level of perception, my arm was pulled by Shisho going by the sensation and I received the cue to take out the carriage.

It probably meant that I have graduated from this labyrinth.

When I used the Hermit’s Key, as usual, to take out the horses, I absentmindedly stared at the conspicuously large presence of Fornoir but I noticed it take shape.

Then, when she play bit me, I felt my gloominess and the stress accumulated in my mind disappear.


I once again fell asleep accompanied by intense pain.

When I woke up to the vibration sensed by my body, I healed myself with 「Middle Heal」 just like the previous time.


Thinking that it would definitely be a tour of the labyrinths, I continued meditating until we reached the next labyrinth.

While thinking of the day when I would be able to distinguish everyone’s presence and magical power by color, I had my meal before I began my training.


When I was led into the labyrinth, I prayed that I do not lose my sense of smell, taste, and touch.

Then, although my prayers were answered, from the smell emitted when I cut the monster that approached me, I recognized that I had slain a goblin.

I was slightly confused.

I wouldn’t really be bothered if the goblins attacked with clubs or rusted swords but in actual fact, they attacked in a versatile manner with accurately aimed arrows and released magic so they were actually tremendously dangerous monsters.

Well, since I have magic and presence perception skills, I might be able to somehow sense it but because I am not able to recognize their weapons the way I am now, my impression was that it was way too dangerous.


I heightened my concentration and searched for any presence and magical power that was out of place while I braced for their attacks.

My nervousness was rising noticeably from the sweat on my hands.

To be safe, I readied my shield that didn’t really seem reliable to me but I concentrated in order to escape from an instantaneous death.


However, I noticed one thing.

In comparison to the sensation of how the ants and wolves looked at me as food, I faintly sensed the goblins direct bloodthirst or rather hatred at me.

I didn’t know why that was the case but noticing that was certainly helpful to me.


By sensing the faint magical power and presences attacking me, I fought with my feet planted firmly in the ground against the increasing hatred directed at me but even while I suffered attacks, I noticed that there was no need to be afraid of them any more than necessary.

When I was brought deeper into the labyrinth, the magic concentration thickened and it became harder to distinguish monsters using Magical Power Perception and the presences were mixed up due to the increase in the number of monsters so it became harder to grasp everything.

Even so, thanks to my Danger Perception, I was able to somehow avoid fatal injuries.

That tingling sensation became my lifeline.


During meal time, I activated 「Area High Heal」 for everyone while making sure to not include myself in it.

It’s hard to explain why I did so but I peeped at Shisho and Lionel and it felt to me that everyone’s presence had weakened.

Even though I applied my magic, I was not able to tell everyone’s expression nor could I hear everybody’s voices so it was purely for my own self-satisfaction …


My proficiency rose by 1 point the instant I sense the opponent once and I could see it rise over 3 points if I can clearly distinguish the opponent by the end of the battle.

For that reason, I could tell that it was a skill that was inherently easy to level up.


I could guess that the reason why the skill did not reveal itself until now was because I did not know in what way I could use it.

It’s probably a skill that is extremely difficult to manifest.

Without my sight and hearing, Presence Perception and Magical Power Perception integrated with and heightened my Danger Perception so it would likely transform into my weapon one day.

Giving it thought, it is extremely likely that I might achieve the Mind’s Eye that often appears in manga and novels.

I vaguely thought about such a thing.


It was going smoothly but it’s impossible for everything to go according to plan.

That holds true for both Shisho and me.

Since in the first place, I am not a special human.


That was immediately after the 36th meal when the labyrinth capture was going smoothly, my Presence Perception and Magical Power Perception reached LvIII and my combat space had stretched to 2 meters.

While feeling puzzled at the presence and magical power of the individual that was completely different compared to goblins, I activated 「Area Barrier」 on all my allies and entered my battle stance after activating it on myself too.

At that time, the thought of using Extra Heal did not surface in my mind at all as I merely thought of removing the lump that was in front of my eyes so I channeled magical power into my Illusionary Sword and circulated magical power throughout my whole body as well.


At that time, I heightened my concentration to the limits so that I won’t die, read the bloodthirst emitted by the monster by combining its presence, magical power, and hatred and decided to defeat it while giving up on my thoughts at the start to attack first.

Because I thought that it would be truly reckless to advance without grasping the current terrain.

As if it understood that, it felt like the monster scoffed at me as the bloodthirst disappeared.

Then, after that scoff, the bloodthirst suddenly strengthened and sensing the danger, just as I readied my shield with my body bent, I felt a tingling sensation that was stronger than any I’ve felt before.


The next instant, 2 presences started running towards it.

It was probably Shisho and Lionel.


Because my perception level rose, I was able to notice the 2 of them.

They probably reduced the numbers all along and disposed of any dangerous monsters.

I felt at ease leaving the task to the 2 of them but because this time they did not do it without me noticing like before, I decided to join in.


Regarding the terrain, I reached the conclusion that since it was a labyrinth, where there was magical power meant there was a surface so I began running too.

Perhaps my act of running over was outside its expectations, the bloodthirst swelled in my direction as if directly aimed at me and the instant the tingling sensation intensified, I kicked the surface and leaped into mid-air to evade.


When I felt the tingling danger sign get interrupted for a moment, I stored my Illusionary Sword in mid-air and took out the Holy Dragon Spear before throwing it.

I don’t know if it hit or not but the bloodthirst definitely dispersed.

Shisho and Lionel crossed to its left and right.

Even though I could only see it as a mental image, I felt my heart beat faster as I once again took out my Illusionary Sword when I landed, aimed at the mass of magical power and presence and rushed over with my body lowered.


The moment I sensed the tingling sensation, I poured all my magical power to slash at the mass in front of me with my Illusionary Sword.

The same time I completed my swing, it felt like the black mass burst open.

However, the next instant, an intense pain ran through my body and it felt like my consciousness was about to drift away but knowing that it would be bad if it continued, I somehow chanted High Heal but not only did the pain not subside, it conversely became worse.

While thinking that such a thing has not happened before, I thought that maybe I was being punished.

If it can’t be healed, it might be a curse.

However, just as my consciousness was slowly fading away.

Somebody hugged me.

When I noticed that, I activated 「Extra Heal」, 「Dispel」, and 「Recover」 at the same time with No Chant.


When I was wrapped in the light, I thought I saw an angel smile at me with a troubled expression but the angel disappeared when the light gradually subsided.

In exchange, I heard and saw everybody’s worried expressions and voices.

Shisho was making a face as if he was about to cry and he was hugging me being the one who was the most worried.

Feeling relieved that I had survived, I did not resist the attack of drowsiness and I released my consciousness.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

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