Invincible Saint – Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Revenge battle after 3 years

Translator: Tseirp


The mock battle with the knights was a bitter experience.


The mock battle between Lionel and Catherine-san was held first.

Lionel, having to use bladeless weapons, chose a greatsword and a large shield as usual and seemed like he intended to maintain a firm defence while aiming for a single blow.

Faithful to her position as the knight’s Knight Captain, Catherine-san chose the orthodox one-handed sword and small shield and when her combat preparations were complete, their mock battle began.


… Speaking from the conclusion, the victory went towards Lionel.


Against Lionel’s tough turtle-like defence, Catherine chose to make the best use of her speed to implement a hit-and-run style of combat.

If I was the opponent, the attacks would have exhausted me in an instant but it was a speed that Lionel could follow and the offensive power was something to the extent that he could shrug off.


In the beginning, it seemed as if Catherine-san was dominating the battle. However, Lionel measured the distance and timing and used his large shield instead of his greatsword to send Catherine-san flying, before immediately closing the distance and peppering her with follow up attacks with the flat side of his greatsword to conclude the match.


I rushed over when the combat concluded and applied 「Middle Heal」 to the 2 of them while asking them about their thoughts regarding the fight.

“Catherine-san, are you alright?”

“Yeah. The pain also immediately subsided.”

“How about Lionel?”

“No problems. Since most of the attacks were blocked using the large shield.”

Listening to Lionel’s succinct answer, I recalled something but I decided to ask about it later.

Because I felt that he’s definitely thinking about something similar to me.

“Catherine-san, this is my retainer who I have confidence in.”

” … Luciel-kun is seriously unfair.”


“Former General Lionel, could you fight with all of my squad leaders?”

“If Luciel-sama so desires.”

“You sure are loved.”

“Yeah. Since I’m working towards Lionel and Cathy and Kefin becoming people who are like my comrades, companions and for us to be like a big family.”

Those were words that somehow came out when Catherine-san commented on that but it made me realise how I fully trust and have confidence in Lionel and the others.

“So enviable.”

Catherine-san looked somewhat lonely when she said that.


Lionel’s strength silenced the whole large training ground but taking into consideration the balance of power between Catherine-san and Lionel, it was something that could be predicted.

Lionel who is a rival to Instructor Broad won’t lose to Catherine-san who is both slower and hits lighter than Instructor Broad. The only way it could happen was if she overwhelmed him with numbers or by crafting strategies.

This time, since it was a one versus one mock battle, she most likely could only rely on strategies. However, the strategy itself was too naive and could not threaten Lionel.


Actually, Cathy can’t impart powerful attacks but she emphasizes on speed and has established a perfect hit-and-run style.

Kefin takes his opponents by surprise and he continues to look for methods to absolutely win while catching them off guard so he has a wide range of tactics.

It’s only me, with my fighting style of constantly healing while using barrier magic to raise defence, who doesn’t have anything that surpasses others apart from my weapon.


Lionel’s fight with the squad leader-class, Cathy’s fight with the vice-squad leader-class and Kefin’s fight with the squad member-class began.

Catherine-san acted as the referee,


“Just like how there’s always a mountain higher … the challenge would be how to establish a fighting style. Although it would be great if there’s a method to prevent combat from happening in the first place.”

“Everyone probably thinks about that too but the reality is that it won’t happen, Luciel-kun.”

I heard the voice from behind me and I saw Lumina-san when I turned back.


“Regarding the knights, they are most likely able to achieve a certain level of results when they fight in groups. However, ones who possess the ability to overcome unfavourable situations … unfortunately, there are none in the Church Headquarters.”

“That’s right … because to overcome someone who’s strength is above a certain level, one either has to have absolute combat strength or inscrutable stratagems.”

“That’s true … I hope that you do not feel bad about the words Catherine-sama said earlier.”

“The words she said earlier? I didn’t really feel bad in particular?”

” … What Catherine-sama said about Luciel-kun’s ability and charisma drawing people to you was all said with the church in mind.”

“Don’t worry, it didn’t bother me at all. Either way, if we ever go to war with the demon race, I would be recruited to the battlefield. Since the number of casualties would decrease if there’s healing magic. However, I get the feeling that Catherine-san seems anxious?”

” … Catherine-sama who has returned to the knight corps is an excellent commander and the appropriate one in terms of individual skill and group leadership. However, she’s anxious to improve because she does not possess as much charisma as Luciel-kun and she can’t use Holy attribute magic.”


Judging by the flow, it ends up making me feel as if she’s envious of my abilities.

In a world where I hope for a peaceful life without being bound by the hustle and bustle but end up using healing magic to save the people while at the mercy of fate and having combat strength to the extent of defeating dragons … causing the attention of the populace to gather towards me.

That’s something that I am very not thankful for.

It’s steadily becoming a straitjacket that binds me firmly.

I wonder what would happen if I lose my abilities?

Now I’m filled with nothing but anxiety.

Maybe I should try to consult Lumina-san?


” … I also have the experience of feeling envious towards the ability of others. To live my life peacefully while saving those in need. That’s all I wish for so it’s not like I hope for a war with the demon race or the Empire soldiers.”

“That’s the same for everyone. Even so, Luciel-kun, in the end, you still stayed behind. Becoming an S-rank healer at 18-years-old, achieving the feat of slaying a dragon at 20 years of age and becoming the representative of Ienith. It’s the same for me as well but Catherine-sama admires Luciel-kun.”

“You’re exaggerating.”

“That’s not true. Because she got excited when we reached the topic on Luciel-kun last night. She said that you’ve really become stronger and more attractive.”

The age of my popularity has arrived … as if.

I could tell just from looking today, it felt to me that the girls looked at me with eyes like elder sisters watching over the growth of their younger brother.

I was happy but I was also unhappy, such a mixed bag of feelings was sprouting within me.


“Lumina-san won’t be participating in the mock battles?”

“It’s been a long time since I last fought with Luciel-kun so I asked Catherine-sama for the chance.”

“I’m a healer so I’ll be using barrier magic and healing magic okay?”

“Of course. I’ll be fighting with the impression that Luciel-kun is a Rock Turtle with hard defence.”

“At the very least imagine me as a human …”

I smiled wryly as I continued watching over the battles of my 3 retainers.


“How much difference is there between a squad captain and vice-squad captain?”

“It depends on the squad but … to think that they would lose so one-sidedly.”

It’s most likely this that caused her to be speechless.

He allowed the attacks to continue for a minute, defeats them when exactly one minute is up and gives them advice.

Such a scene repeated itself and after 15 minutes, Lionel had finished defeating all the squad captains apart from Lumina-san.


“The church knight corps have completely lost their will to fight so what is next?”

“The battle would end if we go to the center but …”

“Then let’s quickly get it over and done with. Anything more would be a waste of time. Lumina-san, once our battle is over, let’s have combat training with the Valkyrie Paladin Corps.”

“I’m delighted to hear those words.”

Thus when Lumina-san and I moved towards the center, the knight corps opened a space.

“Are you sure you want to go with that fighting style?”

Because I was using the same spear and sword dual sword spear technique I used yesterday.

Recalling about the same warning she gave me in the past, I smiled and replied.

“It’s because I have but a single style.”

“Is that so?”

Lumina-san was most likely not convinced but in order to show her my figure that has grown a little, I’ve decided to do my utmost best.

My heartbeat started pumping loudly in anticipation for the revenge battle after 3 years.


After the 3 of them including Lionel finished their battles, Lumina-san and I waited for Catherine-san’s signal to start and that time finally arrived.



The instant I heard Catherine-san’s voice, I extended a 「Protect Barrier」 via 「No Chant」 while circulating magical power within my body and I shortened the distance as if propelled forward.

Lumina-san similarly bridged the distance but there was surprise shown on her face.


Towards Lumina-san who took an attacking stance faster than me, I threw my spear without hesitation.


She dodged the spear without difficulty but her posture was broken.

As I took out a shield from my magic bag and held it in my left hand, I slashed at Lumina-san with my one-handed sword but she blocked it with her shield.


“I was surprised, I didn’t think that the display of your fighting style was already part of your strategy.”

“That’s because in my case, if I don’t rely on some clever schemes, in the worst case scenario I would be dead in a split second. In terms of this mock battle, for the sake of my retainers, I must at least show the minimum amount of tenacity.”

“I see. However, this distance is within my striking range though?”


Just as the sight of Lumina-san lowering her posture with amazing vigour crosses my mind, she plunged towards me.

I swung my sword without hesitation.

A look of surprise floated on Lumina-san’s face as she rolled away to avoid the attack.


“To think that you’ve become able to see even that … what kind of training did you do?”

“Cathy is faster than Lumina-san while Kefin can move without showing any motion or interchange position with a log so I won’t be easily taken down by combat that takes advantage of speed.”

It happened when I laughed and was in the motion of swinging my sword. The next instant after I faintly heard the voice saying 「Accelerator Boost」, I had collapsed facing the sky.


I totally could not understand.

It wasn’t merely at the level of being faster than Cathy.

I was thrown down by Lumina-san before I even knew it.

It was my complete loss.


“That’s my full power. Just like how Luciel-kun has grown, I have also grown.”

I immediately stood up and drew near to Lumina-san.

“It was spoken softly but I heard it. What kind of magic is 「Accelerator Boost」?”

“?! … I’ll tell you about it when it’s just the 2 of us so could you not ask about it now?”

Since Lumina-san showed a rare astonished expression and said so after thinking about it slightly, I agreed.

From that battle, I intuitively felt it.

The fact that Catherine-san is the Knight Captain hasn’t changed but Lumina-san is the stronger one without a doubt.


If not, there wouldn’t be the glint of combat maniac eyes the moment I looked back.

While having the feeling that … for a couple of days from tomorrow onwards, Lionel and Cathy would want to have mock battles with Lumina-san, I swore to get my revenge too.


Although we’re all church personnel, the morale of the knight corps recovered with the first victory and the training continued until the afternoon.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

TL: Wait that’s a bombshell, I’ve always thought that Catherine is the most OP knight in the church but it looks like Catherine is the most experienced and respected while Lumina is the strongest knight instead.

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