Invincible Saint – Chapter 177

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Chapter 177: Premonition

Translator: Tseirp


By the time I took a pause from copying down everything I researched, the day had already completely turned dark.

“Two of you, thank you for your hard work. We’ll stop here for today and let’s get dinner.”


After replying, Nadia held both her hands up and stretched while Lydia collapsed on the desk.

The collections that I carried over numbered over 50 in total but the books that had useful information were all the ones that I picked up using my gut feeling.

The information I obtained were not gathered from a single location but were all found here and there in bits and pieces so it took a tremendous amount of time.


“It’s bothersome to head down to the canteen so is it fine if we have our dinner in my rooms?”


It’s the same no matter where we ate and the two of them immediately agreed to it after I gave the suggestion.

“For now, let’s return the books to their original locations. It would be troublesome if they found fault with us later.”

“I don’t believe they would go that far but okay.”

“It’s so saddening to be unconditionally hated despite not having done anything wrong.”

“Yeah. Well, think of it as performing the job of a librarian. Let’s do our best and I’ll take out honey water later for our meal.”

“Let’s quickly tidy up.”

“I’m motivated now.”

Since they happily cleaned up, I also began tidying up.


I temporarily kept all the parchments they summarized the information on.

Because I did not want someone to complain about the work the two of them went through all the trouble to search.

Since we used our heads after a long time, I decided to have something with volume for today’s dinner.


We did not encounter anybody along the way until our rooms and the sounds of our footsteps resounded awfully loudly so the corridor was slightly spooky at night.

Thankfully, the lights were lit so I didn’t feel afraid.


“Do you two sense it?”

“Yes. There’s three of them.”

“My magic is already prepped for casting.”

Immediately after we left the Magic Archive, the magical powers that were supposed to be nearby flickered and disappeared but they could not hide something crucial, their presences.

While walking, I continued the conversation.


“Since I don’t sense any kind of malice from them, I basically do not mind ignoring them. What do the two of you think?”

“No problem. The training was only two months but I’m surprised by the amount of proficiency you obtained.”

“Something like that shouldn’t be a problem. It might be an order from Orford-san to monitor us.”

The two of them were not worked up at all and looked like they could deal with it anytime.

“Then, I’ll basically ignore them … oh, we’ve already arrived.”

I saw the room that was assigned to me and it happened as I was about to open the door to the room.


“Er, excuse me. Are you two by any chance Nadia and Lydia from the Bacray Viscount house?”

A woman from the three individuals we noticed called out to us.

The two behind her were also female and it appeared that they follow the woman who spoke.

The three of them looked to be about 20 years of age.


“Elinas-sama from the Meinrich Earl house, long time no see.”

“Elinas-sama, long time no see.”

It seemed like she was an acquaintance of the two of them as they bowed deferentially but I greeted her with only a nod.

Maybe that displeased them as the two aides behind wanted to voice their complaints but Elinas restrained them with her hand.

“Why have the two of you come here?”

She only spoke to the two of them without even looking at me but I guess that was probably the behavior of nobles.

I could tell that she was too obsessed with elitism and lacked prudence.

Judging from the conversation, she was probably a lady from the noble class in the Principality of Blange.

If she came from the Principality of Blange, she would be a noble that possess the power to ask for an audience with the king but an Earl house might be an excellent house that towers above the others.


“We are studying various subjects alongside Luciel-sama who saved our lives.”

“Moreover, we have already abandoned the country and we are now adventurers. More importantly, I’ve come to know for the first time how rude Elinas-sama is.”

The two of them were certainly angry at the woman who ignored me.


The woman and her followers completely stiffened as they did not expect the two of them to say such words.

She was slightly nervous when she called out to them before so maybe she called out to them when she saw them because she was impatient for having not been able to produce results in the Magic Guild?

After thinking up to that point, the two followers would probably behave recklessly … and to prevent that, the woman grabbed the hands of her followers.

And it was hard to believe but she apologized for what happened earlier.

” … Please forgive me for my rudeness. I am Elinas Meinrich, the second daughter of Ricarus von Meinrich, the feudal lord of the northeast region of the Principality of Blange.”

She performed a greeting with an elegant curtsy by holding both ends of her skirt.

” … That’s very polite of you. I am Luciel from the Church Headquarters of the Saint Schull Allied Nations.”

I also introduced myself and gave a simple bow but I saw their expressions stiffen after I did that.

Moreover, it was all three of them.

” … Are you all alright?”

“Per, perhaps, you are that Luciel-sama who attained the rank of S-class Healer for the first time in decades?”

“Well, yes. I’m currently only 21 years old though.”

After my reply, it looked like even the two followers who had their arms held since just now were excited as well and they questioned me.

“That Luciel-sama who accomplished the title of Dragon Slayer despite being a Healer?”

Just that phrase alone gave me mental damage. I was uneasy and had no idea how that nickname reached Blange but I was too afraid to ask.

“Did you come to Nelldal to heal somebody?”

” … No, although I have learned Holy Attribute Magic, I have the aptitude for other attributes so I created the opportunity to study magic in Nelldal.”

Rather than that, I’d like it if they mentioned more about the nicknames.

But my thoughts did not get through to them.


“That’s right! Luciel-sama, would you like to have dinner together at our dining hall?”

Elinas offered as if to say it was a good idea.

But to us who had continually read books all day, this high energy level was … painful.

Moreover, it was conceivable that it was a trap.

“It’s an honor to be invited by a daughter of the Earl family. Thank you. However, I’m sorry but we just only arrived today so we have a lot of work to be done piled up. So is it all right we have a meal when we have settled down?”

That’s why I refused her offer this time.

It was hard to watch their delighted faces gradually become downhearted but I hardened my heart.

“I understand. If that’s the case, I’ll invite you another day. Nadia, Lydia, let’s take our time to talk next time.”

Elinas said and left via the corridor.

But I could not hear any sound of footsteps so it was probably either their equipment or they were using magic.


“Well then, we’ll be having our meal so come on in.”

” … That was nerve-wracking. Since Elinas-sama has been called a genius since our time as nobles.”

“Compared to the Evil God, it was not frightening at all.”

Maybe she was feeling pressured because she’s known as a genius magician. But I was bothered by why Lydia would compare her against the Evil God.

“She probably won’t be able to come here without the permission of the kind so she might be shouldering the expectations of her country. Besides that, Lydia, why did you compare the Evil God against her?”

” … I met her once when my Spirit-user job manifested but she laughed at me saying ‘You can’t cast magic without begging the Spirits huh.’ so I don’t really like her.”

“Hm. Understood. Sorry for making you recall unpleasant memories.”

Then, I opened the lock to the room and entered.


The room was pitch black but when I pressed the switch, the lighting tools all lit up at once and it became bright.

While feeling emotional like I had returned to my previous world with the presence of objects like a switch that can dim the lights, I began preparing the meal.

Though it’s just taking out the dishes and serving them in portions …


While having our meal, I told them our planned schedule for tomorrow.

“Let’s begin our day tomorrow by organizing the dining hall. We will practice magic after we are done with that. In the afternoon, we will continue what we’ve done today, scrutinize the information in the Magic Archive and gather useful information.”

“” … Yes.””

Worried about their absent-minded replies, I asked them further.

“Do you two feel unwell somewhere? Or do you wish to change the schedule?”

But the reason for their absent-mindedness was a more particular reason.


“Luciel-sama, this honey water is strange.”

“I cannot accept that this is honey water.”

It seemed like Nadia and Lydia had complaints regarding the honey water.

” … What do you mean? This is honey water as far as I know.”

Then, the two of them started trembling.

I don’t know any other honey water other than that so I had no choice but to be puzzled.

“Do you know the extent of the value of something like this? What is with this deliciousness.”

“I feel overflowing magical power. This is absolutely not honey water.”

The two of them just stared at the emptied cups that held the honey water without moving.

” … Would you like more?”

“”Yes, please!””


Then, the two of them endlessly lectured me on just how valuable the honey water I offered them just now was.


For this amount of events to happen on the very first day I arrived at Nelldal, I foresaw that various more occurrences would definitely happen from tomorrow onwards and I would have no choice but be dragged into them so I fell into a melancholic mood.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

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