The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven

Alternative Name: 凤唳九天
Author: 晓云
Artist: –
Category: Chinese Web Novel, Action, Fantasy, Historical, Romance
Status: Completed in Country of Origin
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Translator(s)/Translation Group: YumeAbyss
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Description: {translated from source}

For the two-faced Emperor she gave her everything, yet she ended up with the fate of being gotten rid of once her usefulness ended and even lost her son’s life. Reborn as a human, she appears to be a fool, but meeting a god she’ll kill a god, meeting Buddha she’ll kill Buddha, pretending to be a pig in order to eat the tiger! She got rid of the malicious legitimate mother, slaughtered the snake-like legitimate elder sister, scared silly the heartless father, and angered the two-faced Emperor to death. Finally she can leave free and unfettered, but behind her followed a bunch of lovestruck pretty boys. So many tails, how to shake them off!

Summary: {from rosyfantasy}
Yao Mo Xin, the empress of Da Chu died in a cruel way a day after she gave birth at the hands of her husband the emperor, Ye Hong Yi, and her legitimate second sister, Yao Shu Ran. Ye Hong Yi got the throne because of the smartness of Yao Mo Xin, but he hated her because she made him feel like a useless person who needed a woman to become the emperor.

Her soul got in the body of her illegitimate third sister from the same mother Yao Mo Wan. Yao Mo Wan has the mentality of a child because the legitimate wife of her father fed poison to her mother while she was carrying Yao Mo Wan. Yao Mo Xin wants revenge for everything that happened to her, so she seduced the emperor and began her plan of taking everything away from him. She did that while pretending to still have the mentality of a child. She also wants to repay Ye Jun Qing back for everything he did for her while she was Yao Mo Xin. In the process of revenge, she met many people who will fall in love with her wit and intelligence.

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  1. Kate says:

    Good luck with the translation of this novel. The summary has peaked my interest, and with that said, I will stick with you till the end of this novel!!! (*^ω^*)

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    summary is awesome..
    can’t wait for this >.<
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3

  3. mariajess says:

    How often is the release

  4. Susan says:

    Reminds me of The Princess Wei Yang. Does it have a happy ending?

  5. Abc123 says:

    So much potential is this novel I hope it stays interesting looking forward to her revenge

  6. silhoutte says:

    Im looking forward to this translation…….as Im a sucker for revenge with a beautiful face and intelligent mind!

    Hope your translations will be continuous!

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    Looking forward to this translation omg!

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    looks promising! Thanks for yor effort

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    Thank you vry much can’t wait for next chapter😊

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    I like very much

  11. Jenny Ha says:

    The chapters seem to be mixed up… Five seems like it’s supposed to go before 4 and 8 is identical to 4… Correct me if I’m wrong.

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    New Chapters!!!! AHHHH!!! I am so exited. Thank you for the updates!

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    Thank you so much!!!! Do you recommend if the author’s other works?

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