Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: Returning to the Fu for a Visit

“Master?” asked Yin Xue. Yao Mowan made a dismissive wave and Yin Xue respectfully withdrew.

“Moxin, are you well up there in the sky? You’re so heartless, to say leave and then just leave. You weren’t even willing to meet with Junqing one last time. Didn’t you say, that night in Water Ripple Pavilion, that you liked the sound of Junqing’s flute? Didn’t Junqing promise you that Junqing would play a song for you at the next family feast? Why didn’t you wait for Junqing? It’s been forty-nine days. Do you know how these days have been for Junqing? They have felt even worse than death! Moxin, don’t worry, Junqing won’t harm the people you care about even if Junqing dies. It’s just… is he worth it? Oh, and almost forgot, your younger sister is really a troublesome person. She’s clearly not dumb, yet her acting is more convincing than one could believe. Even you were probably fooled! Junqing really wonders if you two were born from the same mother. That personality…”

“The grand Esteemed Prince of great Chu is actually trash talking about others behind their backs? Wang ye’s personality doesn’t seem to be any better than Mowan’s ah!” Yao Mowan suddenly interrupted Ye Junqing’s words as she slowly walked forward.

“How could you be here?” Ye Junqing turned upon hearing her voice, his facial color changing abruptly.

“That’s why I say not having martial arts doesn’t matter. What’s important is to have a good hidden guard. Yin Xue, am I right?” Yao Mowan ignored Ye Junqing’s murderous look and slightly lifted her chin.

“Thank you, Master, for your praise.” Yin Xue’s voice floated out but one could not locate where it came from.

“Damned Yan Nansheng!” Ye Junqing suddenly felt a strong desire to go grab Yan Nansheng right now and beat him up. Right at this moment, Yao Mowan suddenly moved up and extinguished the joss paper next to Ye Junqing. Her expression was cold and indifferent.

“What are you doing!?” Ye Junqing abruptly pushed Yao Mowan aside and picked up the rolled torch.

火折子 – “rolled torch” old Chinese torch made by rolling several layers of paper. After lighting it, you blow on it until the flame is extinguished so that it burns with a red faint light. It can last for a long time and you only need to blow on it to make it light up again.

“Does wang ye think everyone in the Imperial Palace is blind? Just entering Changle Palace is a crime punishable by death. Now, you’re even offering sacrificial rites for Eldest Sister in this absolutely unrestrained manner. There will definitely be rumors in the palace tomorrow. Let’s see, en, the rumors will say that Eldest Sister and wang ye’s virtues are stained as they secretly had immoral relationships.  Perhaps the fetus that died due to a difficult birth was not a dragon fetus at all but Eldest Sister and wang ye’s bastard child…”

Slap… Yao Mowan felt stinging heat come from her face. Clear, shocking imprints of fingers appeared. Yin Xue immediately appeared and was about to act. However, Yao Mowan signaled for her to withdraw.

“How could you insult Moxin like this!? She’s your older sister!” Ye Junqing’s hardened eyes were like those of a fierce tiger’s as they emitted faint cold light. Yao Mowan took all this in and her own bright eyes flickered.

“This is simply the outcome of wang ye burning joss paper, wang ye should think things through.” Yao Mowan’s expression didn’t change at all. Then, she turned and left. Her slender figure seemed exceptionally desolate. Ye Junqing will never know that the moment Yao Mowan turned around, she started crying. Tears soaked her cheeks as her heart shattered into ice shreds.

Ye Junqing only felt that his heart was strangely stuffy as he watched Yao Mowan silently leave. Only when Yao Mowan’s figure faded from his sights did he look at his own palm. How could he have slapped her? How could he have slapped her!? Ye Junqing was extremely vexed.

The next day, after Yao Mowan finished breakfast, she called for Liu Xing.

“What instructions does niang niang have?” Liu Xing stood respectfully at Yao Mowan’s side.

“Tell Chen momo, it’s time! In passing, notify Yao Xiang fu that ben gong will be visiting today,” said Yao Mowan coolly. Then, she lowered her eyes and stroked Fluffy.

“Understood!” Liu Xing withdrew, having obtained his orders.

“Ting Yue, in a little while, head to the imperial kitchen and carry some food to the east wing. From now on, if the Esteemed Prince doesn’t enter the main hall to eat, prepare a separate portion for him.” As Yao Mowan stroked Fluffy, a strange, indiscernible emotion appeared in her eyes.

“This servant will do as you bid,” said Ting Yue with a nod. Although there was no expression on Yao Mowan’s face, Ting Yue could sense that her master was very angry today. The consequences were going to be bad. Someone was probably about to suffer.

Ye Hongyi was very surprised when Yao Mowan appeared in the Imperial Study.

“Wan er? Why are you here?” Perhaps it was because he was haunted by guilt but no matter how much Ye Hongyi doted on Yao Mowan, he still didn’t dare to step into Guan Osprey Palace yesterday on the day of Yao Moxin’s seven seven. From what Ye Hongyi understood, the ghosts usually looked for their relatives on the night of spirit returns.

“Wan er wants to ask Your Majesty for something.” Yao Mowan drilled her little head into Ye Hongyi’s arms and pressed her cheek against his chest. A trace of unclear light flashed through the depths of her eyes. One day, she will definitely witness the moment this heart stops beating.

“Haa, just say it. Zhen will agree no matter what it is, even if it’s the stars in the sky!” Ye Hongyi seized Yao Mowan’s slender waist like usual and pulled her to sit between his knees.

“Wan er wants to go back to Xiang fu to visit Younger Brother, is it ok?” Yao Mowan looked at Ye Hongyi like a spoiled child.

“And zhen was thinking it was some difficult matter! Of course you can. Zhen will order the Esteemed Prince to accompany you in a bit!” Ye Hongyi lightly stroked Yao Mowan’s jasper nose as he replied with a straightforward smile.

“Don’t want! Wan er doesn’t like him coming along! Wan er has Ting Yue and Liu Xing!” Yao Mowan pouted her little peach pink mouth, displeased.

“Looks like zhen’s Wan er really hates the Esteemed Prince ah! Alright! Then we’ll have zhen’s imperial bodyguard accompany you. Zhen doesn’t want zhen’s little treasure to encounter even the littlest accident!” Ye Hongyi replied easily.

Thus, Yao Mowan was escorted back to Yao Xiang fu by Ye Hongyi’s personal bodyguard.

“Wan er jiejie!” The moment she entered Xiang fu, Yao Yu ran over like a monkey and grabbed onto her hand happily. Yao Mowan also liked this little brother from the bottom of her heart.

“This old servant kowtows in salute to Yao fei. Yao fei, little Young Master has been waiting at the entrance ever since we had received the news. He has waited almost four hours!” Yao Tu looked at Yao Yu affectionately, his appearance benevolent.

“This subject kowtows in salute to Yao fei.” Yao Zhenting had arrived moments later.

“Father, hurry and get up. Daughter can’t take such a courtesy!” Yao Mowan’s eyes swept over Yao Zhenting coldly before she hastily moved forward to help him up.

“You are currently His Majesty’s consort, a monarch. Naturally you can take this father’s courtesy. Alright, never mind about this. This father still has matters so let Yao Tu accompany you!” Yao Zhenting instructed Yao Tu on a couple matters, then turned to head to the study.

“Steward Yao, why isn’t di mother here?” Yao Mowan looked at everyone that came to welcome her but Dou Xianglan wasn’t around.

“Yao fei, Big Madam has caught a cold these last couple days. Although the doctor has prescribed medicine, her health doesn’t seem to be recovering. These last few days, she has been so weak she couldn’t even get out of bed,” reported Yao Tu honestly. His expression seemed a bit sad.

“Really? Ben gong wants to take a look.” Yao Mowan knew that Yao Tu knew everything. However, he didn’t expose this matter or stop it. He didn’t even report it to Father. This favor, she will remember.

Jiejie, Yu er doesn’t like Big Madam. Yu er will bring you to see Mother instead, alright? Mother really wants to see Wan er jiejie!” When Dou Xianglan was brought up, an unconcealable expression of hatred appeared on Yao Yu’s face.

“Ting Yue, you go with Yu er to see Third Madam first. Ben gong will go later.” Yao Mowan bent down and pinched Yao Yu’s little face before instructing Ting Yue with a smile.

When Yao Mowan walked into Bamboo Wish Pavilion, it was right in time to see Chen momo head out holding a herbal medicine pot.

“This old servant kowtows in salute to Yao fei niang niang!” Chen momo was respectful upon seeing Yao Mowan. However, when she saw Liu Xing who was behind Yao Mowan, she gave a firm nod.

“You should get up. Wan er hates people kneeling around the most!” Yao Mowan walked up and helped Chen momo up with both hands. Her eyes were filled with a deep, meaningful light. It was just a shame that Chen momo didn’t read and understand the gratefulness in Yao Mowan’s eyes. This was because, Chen momo thought all of this was Liu Xing’s idea.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Sonia

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