Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Instigating Disharmony Between the Two Imperial Concubines

“Moxin wouldn’t lie to me! She might choose not to say it, but she definitely wouldn’t lie to me!” The clear pupils flashed with an unswerving radiance. Ye Junqing spoke confidently as if he were stating an unquestionable truth.

“Haa… Yao Moxin that big idiot.” Tears, swirled in the rims of her eyes but Yao Mowan forced them back. She really doesn’t know what she did to Ye Junqing, to allow him to have such unswerving faith in her.

“You! You’re not allowed to say bad things about Moxin! Otherwise, I won’t be polite towards you! No matter who you are!” Ye Junqing’s eyes abruptly turned ice-cold and an intense darkness coiled in his eyes.

Just at this moment, Ting Yue’s voice suddenly came from outside the door.

“This servant kowtows in salute to Your Majesty, kowtows in salute to imperial gui fei, kowtows in salute to chen fei!” Ting Yue’s voice was extremely loud, it was clearly warning the people inside the room.

Yao Mowan couldn’t help but shake her head. Yao Suluan didn’t seem that smart at all; in the end she had still, according to predictions, brought the matter of the green jade lake to His Majesty. Suddenly, Yao Mowan’s lips hooked into a trace of an extremely grim smile. Even though it was brief like the night blooming cactus that only shows once, it still fell into Ye Junqing’s eyes, causing him to involuntarily frown.

Wang ye wouldn’t be impolite towards Mowan in front of His Majesty, right? You know how much His Majesty adores Mowan.” Yao Mowan lifted her gaze as she smiled. Her gaze ignored Ye Junqing in an almost provoking manner, then she headed towards the palace entrance.

“Your Majesty! Wan er doesn’t want to dine with the Esteemed Prince. Don’t want him to enter Wan er’s house anymore!” The second the palace doors opened, the tears in Yao Mowan’s eyes fell simultaneously with her words. It happened so fast Ye Junqing almost bit his tongue.

Ye Hongyi who originally had an indignant expression immediately seized Yao Mowan into his arms the moment he saw her grieving and upset expression. He seemed to have completely forgotten his original purpose for coming here. He just couldn’t bear to have this celadon-like doll drop tears.

“What happened? Tell zhen, zhen will get justice for you!” Ye Hongyi’s deep eyes swept across Ye Junqing’s furious expression, but when his gaze landed on Yao Mowan it was warm as the spring wind in April.

“The Esteemed Prince insists on killing Wan er’s Fluffy! Wan er didn’t allow and he took to force! Your Majesty, kick him out!” Yao Mowan held a childish tone as her finger abruptly swung to point towards Ye Junqing. Her fuming little face was truly like the scene of raindrops on a pear blossom,  arousing people’s endearing tender feelings.

Ye Junqing’s mouth twitched and three black lines immediately appeared in front of his forehead as he was thrown into the chaos in the wind alone(gloomy, depressed, speechless). This woman! To be able to act so realistically! Seriously should die! He really wanted to expose Yao Mowan’s fake mask, but he endured!

“Junqing ah, that is your wrong. You are after all a wang ye, what need is there for you to bicker with an animal? Fluffy’s life zhen will be protecting. If there’s something you’re unsatisfied with, then come towards zhen. Don’t make things difficult for Yao fei!” Ye Hongyi looked towards Ye Junqing with restrained anger, his voice imbued with chill.

“Imperial Younger Brother doesn’t dare.” Ye Junqing couldn’t, and didn’t want to, give any explanations. At this moment, Yao Suluan, who was standing behind Ye Hongyi, only felt a nameless rage burn in her heart so much that she wanted to explode. That damned cat, for it to actually obtain His Majesty’s protection! Looks like she wasted her time preparing poison. For the time being she’ll let that animal off. The future is long, she’s not worried that she wouldn’t have the chance to make it die!

“Your Majesty, you shouldn’t spoil Wan er too much. Right now she’s becoming more and more bold; she actually pushed chen fei into the water. Wan er, it’s also about time for you to change that temper of yours. In the past, in Xiang fu, everyone let you do as you please but this is the Imperial Palace. No matter what you must learn to exercise some restraint, understand?” Yao Suluan held back the anger in the depths of her eyes as she slowly walked to Yao Mowan’s side. Her voice was soft, yet each sentence held deep criticism.

“Second Older Sister… It isn’t like that…” Lowering her eyes, Yao Mowan put away the sharpness in her gaze. When she lifted her eyes again, glistening waves spilled out from her eyes.

“You better not tell lies. Chen fei is right here, you probably won’t refuse to admit?” Yao Suluan hated this pitiful expression of Yao Mowan’s the most, this expression that looks as if the entire world’s people were bullying her.

“Your Majesty, you must give this qie justice ah. This qie was originally in the pavilion feeding fishes when this Yao fei appeared out of nowhere. Not asking the rights and wrongs of any matters, she just directly pushed this qie into the water. If it weren’t for the fact that the imperial bodyguards came to the rescue in time, this qie is afraid… afraid she would never have been able to see Your Majesty again!” Huan Caier cried and wailed as she walked to Ye Hongyi’s side. Lifting her sleeve to wipe her tears, she completely embodied the picture of a plaintive and dismal woman

“Wan er, tell zhen. Why did you push chen fei down from the pavilion?” Ye Hongyi didn’t even bother to raise his eyes to glance at Huan Caier. Using his finger to gently lift Yao Mowan’s chin, he asked in a soft voice.

“She can say that Wan er is a fool. It’s alright, everyone says this so Wan er is already used to it. But… she can’t say bad things about Second Older Sister. Wan er only has Second Older Sister left now. If someone wants to bully Second Older Sister, Wan er won’t agree! Second Older Sister… Don’t be angry, okay? Don’t dislike Wan er, okay?” Yao Mowan’s voice carried a heavy sobbing tone. She lifted her hand and without any prior indication, extended it towards Yao Suluan. In the gap of time before Yao Suluan noticed, she griped that hand which was still wrapped with bandages hard.

“Oww! Get away!” Yao Suluan cried out from the pain and flung away Yao Mowan’s hand with loathing. But in the next second, she realized that she had lost self-control. When she lifted her eyes, her gaze met directly with Ye Hongyi’s ice-cold expression.

“Ah… Second Older Sister doesn’t dislike you.” Yao Suluan gave a false explanation.

“Your Majesty, this qie didn’t say bad things about imperial gui fei before. Really didn’t!” Chen fei hurriedly refuted. From what she remembered, she had only cursed Yao Moxin a couple times.

At the side, Ye Junqing took this entire scene in and couldn’t help but admit his respect for Yao Mowan’s skill in using four taels to move a thousand catty*. With only two, three sentences, she had shifted the responsibility of the conflict to Yao Suluan and Huan Caier, as if she didn’t commit any wrong at all. What was even more impressive was that Yao Suluan and Huan Caier were now drawn into the matter by her and had long lost the aggressive attitudes they had when they first arrived.

If you’re good at conversions, a tael is equal to 500 grams and a catty is equal to 50 grams, 1/16th of a catty. A common expression is ‘half a catty, eight taels’

“Enough, all of you withdraw! Zhen wants to accompany Wan er to dine!” Ye Hongyi indignantly waved his hand to dismiss them. Then, he continued to pull Yao Mowan into his arms and wiped the tears on her face gently.

“Wan er cried so much that even zhen’s heart hurts. In the future, if someone dares to cause Wan er to drop tears again, zhen will have them all beheaded!” Ye Hongyi’s tone was soft as if he was treasuring some exceptionally precious gem. The light in his eyes was as gentle as water.

Hearing this, Yao Suluan who was originally about to speak immediately held herself back even though her heart felt unwilling. It was actually Huan Caier to the side that seemed to have yet to grasp the seriousness of the issue. Refusing to accept and die an easy death, she rushed over and looked towards Ye Hongyi with tears swirling in her eyes.

“Your Majesty, then this qie…”

Zhen told you to withdraw, didn’t you hear?” A sinister chill penetrated through his cold voice and a threatening aura burst forth from within Ye Hongyi’s pupils. Huan Caier immediately froze. Normally no matter how angry His Majesty was, he still wouldn’t expose this kind of expression that was like a blood-thirsty lion which desired to open its ferocious mouth to devour someone.

“This qie… withdraws.” Huan Caier held back tears as she saluted. When she lowered her eyes, envy like that of a viper’s filled her eyes. With her exceptional intelligence and beauty, she actually still couldn’t even beat a fool! Seeing that Huan Caier wasn’t able to obtain anything good, Yao Suluan naturally acted tactful and withdrew from Guan Osprey Palace with Huan Caier.

Very soon, after the palace doors closed firmly, Huan Caier furiously walked to Yao Suluan.

“You sisters sure sung a great act!”

“What does chen fei mean by this? It couldn’t be that you suspect ben gong and that… and Yao fei were collaborating?” Yao Suluan suddenly had a feeling of having no choice but to suffer in silence. She clearly had greater desire for Yao Mowan to die than Huan Caier did, but unfortunately, no one would believe.

“It’s not suspicion, it’s certainty! Yao Suluan, you sure are impressive ah! If you have the ability then just charge directly towards ben gong, don’t use a fool as a knife!” Relying on the backing of her father, Huan Heng’s military power, Huan Caier had never curbed her temper before in the Palace and was usually domineering. At present, having suffered this kind of grievance, she naturally wouldn’t be willing to take things lying down.

Chen fei, don’t forget. Ben gong is the imperial gui fei, take note of your attitude!” Yao Suluan normally also wouldn’t stir up this type of trouble, but if she encountered it, she also wouldn’t act weak and just take it. After all, her father was the prime minister of the court and her own rank was above Huan Caier’s.

Ben gong’s attitude already counts as pretty good! Yao Suluan, this matter isn’t over! Since ben gong wasn’t able to receive justice with the help of His Majesty, ben gong naturally has her own methods to demand justice back! Zi Shuan, we’re leaving!” Huan Caier couldn’t tolerate Yao Suluan’s retort and immediately flung back her sleeves and left.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Scullyhahn

[Chiyomira’s Corner]

8.19.18 I’m recruiting translators for this series with plans to make it my next main project around Winter Break. However, to do that while not failing my college classes, I need at least 2 translator helpers. Please check out this [[recruitment page link]] for more details and let me know if you’re interested!



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