Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: She Can’t Agree to this Task

“What else could it be but the affairs of the imperial court? As of now, the Esteemed Prince has already handed over his military power. However, the Left General, Huan Heng, still grasps a massive military force. Zhen still has to be wary! Not to mention, Huan Heng has always been careful in his dealing with others so it would be hard to stifle public opinion if zhen suddenly took his power away for no reason. It’s really a headache.” Ye Hongyi shook his head and sighed with furrowed brows.

“Your Majesty suspects Huan Heng?” Yao Suluan was inwardly stunned. If she didn’t recall wrongly, Ye Hongyi had relied on Huan Heng quite a lot during the time Ye Junqing still had military power. This was also the reason why Huan Caier was so arrogant and despotic. Although Yao Suluan didn’t understand why Ye Hongyi would suddenly suspect Huan Heng of being traitorous, this was something that only had benefits for her.

“There’s nothing wrong with being careful as the monarch of a nation,” said Ye Hongyi.

“Your Majesty is absolutely right. This matter truly is hard to deal with…” Yao Suluan lowered her eyes as she thought over it carefully.

“How is it just hard to deal with? This is a great worry in zhen’s heart. Of the entire Imperial Court and Inner Palace, there’s probably no one that can help zhen resolve this difficult situation.” Ye Hongyi swept his black pupils over Yao Suluan’s face, then gave a long sigh.

“Your Majesty, niang niang, the evening meal has been prepared.” Cai Ying, who was at the side, cautiously spoke up.

“Things will eventually be resolved. This qie will accompany you for the meal first.” Yao Suluan was just about to call for the food to be brought in when Ye Hongyi stopped her.

Zhen has no appetite. It was just that zhen couldn’t relax so zhen came over to visit you. An Bingshan, arrange for a carriage to the Imperial Stuy.” Before Yao Suluan could even urge him to stay, Ye Hongyi had already walked out of Pure Flowers Palace.

“This qie respectfully sees off Your Majesty…” Yao Suluan’s happy expression was dyed slightly dark. She was unwilling to accept this.

Niang niang, His Majesty has already left.” Cai Yi reached out to help Yao Suluan up and supported her to the table as she continued, “Niang niang, His Majesty’s words seemed to have hidden meanings.”

“Do you think ben gong wasn’t able to tell!? His Majesty only wants ben gong to help give Chen fei a baseless criminal charge. Then with that, he can get rid of Huan Heng’s military power,” said Yao Suluan with a cold smile as she lifted a cup of tea.

“Since niang niang knew, why didn’t niang niang give His Majesty a response earlier?” Cai Ying looked towards her master, confused.

“What type of person do you think Huan Heng is? Put nicely, it’s called being cautious and careful but put more bluntly it’s called having rigorous schemes and deep foresight! Ben gong has no desire to be splashed by this muddy water. Not to mention, Father already no longer favors Mother. If ben gong wins this gamble, ben gong may be able to obtain the throne of the Empress. However, if this gamble fails, the aftermath is too terrible to contemplate!” Yao Suluan shook the teacup lid in her hand, then used it to push aside the tender leaves floating on the tea before taking a small sip.

The full moon rose from the east as twilight deepened. Yao Mowan stretched languidly on the chaise lounge. She sent Ting Yue and Liu Xing away and was just about to return to the bedroom to rest when she saw Ye Junqing storm in with a dark expression. Upon seeing this, Ting Yue wisely retreated behind Yao Mowan.

“Yao Mowan, ben wang seeks you for a matter!” The clear voice was indescribably stern and cold. Ye Junqing clenched his hands as he stood in front of Yao Mowan, a chilling intent emitted from his body.

“It’s nothing but a meal. It couldn’t be that wang ye desires to kill just because of that?” Yao Mowan thought that Ye Junqing was angry because Ting Yue didn’t bring him food and so she gave a shallow smile.

“All of you, withdraw!” Ye Junqing ignored Yao Mowan’s teasing. His tone was deep and serious. Upon seeing this, Yao Mowan’s expression also turned serious and the ridicule in her eyes disappeared as she indicated for Ting Yue and Liu Xing to withdraw. As of now, there was Yin Xue to protect Yao Mowan from the shadows so they were not worried their master might be harmed. Hence, the two of them obeyed and left, closing the palace doors tightly behind them.

“Why are you instigating a quarrel between His Majesty and the Left General?” Ye Junqing got straight to the point.

“Mowan doesn’t know what wang ye is talking about,” said Yao Mowan after a moment of stunned silence.

“His Majesty gifted the Soul Sand Garden to you, but this is how you repay him?” Ye Junqing immediately blocked Yao Mowan’s path when he saw that she wanted to leave. His sharp eyes were so cold they seemed to have frozen over.

“Is wang ye now expressing your loyalty? But wang ye has chosen the wrong target. You should go to where His Majesty is and tell His Majesty that Mowan is a big liar! The biggest liar in the world!” The clear voice was cold as ice and Yao Mowan’s beautiful eyes were deep as an abyss. The light within those eyes seemed to contain the power to freeze everything. The atmosphere of the hall seemed to abruptly plunge in a drop.

At this moment, Yao Mowan felt an indescribable hatred. She didn’t know how much she must have tormented Ye Junqing to make him still speak for Ye Hongyi even after suffering so much persecution. As she looked at the wrath on Ye Junqing’s face, she hated herself. She hated herself so much it wasn’t possible to feel any more hatred!

“I… I was just asking. You don’t have to get so emotional…” Ye Junqing couldn’t help but choke back his words helplessly upon seeing that tears were overflowing Yao Mowan’s eyes.

“You’re not allowed to even ask! If you’re so amazing, go investigate for yourself. If you don’t have the ability, don’t come here to make a big fuss in front of Mowan! Mowan’s tired, move!” Yao Mowan rebuked sternly, then she headed to her bedroom without looking back.

“Hey, I still haven’t eaten yet!” Ye Junqing shouted from behind her.

“Then just let fate run its course!” A door slammed in accompaniment to this statement. Ye Junqing’s lips twitched.

“How did you end up offending her?” A soft voice leisurely arose as Yan Nansheng appeared behind Ye Junqing. Originally, he had come to get revenge on Yao Mowan. However, after seeing this scene, he felt that he could still endure a little longer.

“Stepped on her tail! Move, don’t block ben wang’s path!” Ye Junqing turned around angrily and glared at Yan Nansheng. There was an uncountable number of complaints in his heart.

“Can’t you have a better attitude towards me? It’s not like I stepped on your tail. Hey! Don’t walk so fast ah, wait for me!” Just as Yan Nansheng started to complain, Ye Junqing left Guan Osprey Palace.

On the unbounded blue dome of heaven was a vast sky full of stars. Yan Nansheng sat down casually next to Ye Junqing. He glanced at Ye Junqing, then he couldn’t help but give a long sigh.

“Speak if you have something to say.” Ye Junqing was half lying down on top of the roof tiles. When a breeze swept past, his ink dark hair that seemed like brocade lifted in a graceful arc. Beneath the moonlight, red and white crisscrossed and set each other off nicely. Nothing more beautiful could be imagined.

“What need is there for you to stay here and suffer mistreatment? Come with me back to Phoenix Feather Manor!” Yan Nansheng had already said this countless times.

“Say something that’s actually possible.” Ye Junqing’s pupils which were deep and black as night were like the boundless sea. He looked at those twinkling stars in the sky of ink. The twenty-eight constellations moved rhythmically in their cycles. He remembered Moxin saying before, that just as the moon waxes and wanes, constellations can be bright and dark. This was nature. The so-called act of viewing astrological phenomenons was nothing but stories made up by people with hidden motives.

“That yatou is really angry. Why don’t you go apologize to her?” Yan Nanshang laid straight down on the glazed roof tiles and pillowed his head with his arms. His gown spread out like a red lotus. When one lowered one’s eyes to gaze down on this scene, one would be captivated by this beauty.

Ben wang really can’t understand why Yao Mowan would do this. Ye Hongyi treats her even better than Moxin, so well that ben wang can’t even stand it. However, she decides to instigate a conflict between Ye Hongyi and the Left General and rattle the stability of great Chu. What exactly is it for!? Say… could it be related to Moxin?” Ye Junqing couldn’t figure it out even after contemplating numerous scenarios. In the end, he turned to look towards Yan Nansheng.

“Ahem… your brain’s completely full of Yao Moxin. From my point of view, you must have been bewitched! Couldn’t it just be because there’s history between Yao Zhenting and Huan Heng!?” Yan Nansheng immediately directed Ye Junqing’s line of thought in a different direction. If he really ended up figuring something out, the consequences would be too terrible to contemplate ah. Yao Mowan’s warning was still ringing in his ears.

“Perhaps. Say… should I warn Ye Hongyi?” Ye Junqing knew what Yao Moxin had cared about the most in her lifetime.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

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