Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Her Child Couldn’t Even Compare To Her Cat

“What did Second Older Sister say earlier? Wan er was worried about Fluffy and didn’t hear clearly.” Yao Mowan lifted her eyes which were filled with swirling tears. Her appearance was indescribably lovely.

“The imperial physician has diagnosed that ben gong has been pregnant with Your Majesty’s dragon seed for over a month…” Yao Suluan endured the unhappiness in her heart from seeing Ye Hongyi’s unconcerned expression and spoke each word clearly.

“Your Majesty, what’s a dragon seed?” Yao Mowan asked, wiping off the tears at the corners of her eyes.

“Wan er really is a little dummy. The dragon seed is zhen’s child. Wan er ah, when will you conceive one for zhen?” Ye Hongyi looked at Yao Mowan dotingly with some anticipation in his eyes.

“Wan er is still a child. Wan er doesn’t want to conceive a child. Being pregnant isn’t fun!” Yao Mowan lowered her eyes as she took Fluffy back into her arms. In the depths of her eyes, a faint light suddenly appeared. Her mind was filled with the images of Zhong er’s tragic death and her heart felt as if it was being cut by blades.

“Your Majesty, the imperial physician is here!”  Yao Suluan wasn’t willing to accept this result. Just as she was about to open her mouth to speak again, An Bingshan walked in with Imperial Physician Zheng following diligently behind.

“You’ve come just in time! Hurry and take a look at zhen and Yao fei’s Fluffy!” Ye Hongyi had given an order. Therefore, though Imperial Physician Zheng was unwilling, he didn’t dare to disobey and immediately placed his hand on Fluffy’s claw. On the surface, Imperial Physician Zheng was concentrating. However, inside he was crying out incessant grievances. For better or for worse, he was an imperial physician of the Imperial Medical Institute, yet he had actually fallen to the level of having a cat as a patient.

“How is it?” Yao Mowan restrained the sharpness in her eyes and looked towards Imperial Physician Zheng worriedly.

“Replying Your Majesty, Fluffy is fine. It’s just expecting!” Imperial Physician Zheng retreated backwards carefully and gave a respectful salute.

“Expecting?” Yao Mowan looked towards Ye Hongyi, puzzled.

“Little dummy! Fluffy is pregnant with little babies! In a little while, Fluffy will be able to give birth to a litter of kitties for zhen’s Wan er!” Ye Hongyi lifted his eyes excitedly with a smiling expression. However, when Yao Suluan saw that smile, all she felt was that it mocked her. She actually couldn’t even compare to an animal!

“Really!? Then Wan er will definitely take care of Fluffy well and give it good things to eat and drink. Wan er won’t let that iceberg face bully Fluffy again!” Yao Mowan rubbed her face against Fluffy’s gleaming snow-white fur. The stormy waves in her heart gradually calmed.

She had been secretly alarmed when she first found out that Yao Suluan was pregnant with the dragon seed. However, Ye Hongyi’s reaction showed that he probably wouldn’t tolerate the child in Yao Suluan’s belly. This was the most selfish part of Ye Hongyi. If it wasn’t a woman he approved of, all the children they give birth to were bastards!

“Iceberg face?” Ye Hongyi looked towards Yao Mowan, surprised.

“It’s the Esteemed Prince ah. He’s always making that awful lifeless expression. I don’t even know who he’s making that face for! In any case, Wan er doesn’t like it, Fluffy doesn’t like it, and everyone in Guan Osprey Palace doesn’t like it!” Yao Mowan shouted in a very exaggerated manner, causing Ye Hongyi to burst out laughing.

“Junqing ah! Did you hear that? In this great state of Chu, there’s finally someone that doesn’t like your face! Haha, amusing! Amusing!” When Ye Hongyi looked to the side, it was right in time to see Ye Junqing who was walking in.

“Yao fei isn’t willing to see Junqing? Does one think Junqing is willing to see Yao fei? It’s nothing but mutual sight and mutual dislike. Your Majesty should hurry and allow this subject and younger brother to live somewhere else so as to avoid Yao fei losing her appetite upon seeing Junqing!” Ye Junqing glowered at Yao Mowan. On the surface she acted cute and dumb but in reality she was black-bellied and ruthless. He really didn’t know how Moxin, who was so good at understanding others, would end up having this sort of younger sister.

“Wan er is just joking. Junqing shouldn’t take it seriously! It’s about lunchtime, isn’t it!? Fluffy is expecting, zhen is happy! An Bingshan, instruct the Imperial Kitchen. Zhen will be staying in Guan Osprey Palace for lunch!” Ye Hongyi said with a happy smile. At the side, Yao Suluan was being overlooked as if she was empty air. She was worried that she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from rushing over to Yao Mowan and choking her to death if she stayed. At this time, she had already thrown the terrifying scene from last night to the back of her mind.

“Your Majesty, then this qie will withdraw.” Yao Suluan bent in a curtsy.

“En. Now that you know you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t randomly walk around. You should return and nurse yourself properly,” said Ye Hongyi calmly. From start to finish, he didn’t glance at Yao Suluan even once.

The instant Yao Suluan stepped out of Guan Osprey Palace, she twisted her handkerchief until it was unrecognizable. Never in her dreams did she imagine that Ye Hongyi would view her this lightly. For better or for worse, she was the one that helped him eradicate Yao Moxin! How could he treat her this lightly!

Niang niang, you shouldn’t get angry. That’s not good for the unborn child…” Cai Ying advised softly with an embarrassed expression on her face.

“Shut up! Are you blind!? Didn’t you see that His Majesty doesn’t care about this child at all!? Since he doesn’t care about it, what use is there for ben gong to keep it!?” Yao Suluan seethed. Reaching out, she was about to hit her abdomen when An Bingshan’s voice suddenly came from behind her.

“This old servant advises niang niang not to cause a fuss here. If His Majesty heard, he might actually decide to fulfill niang niang’s wish and send this child off to reincarnate once again.” An Bingshan’s voice was filled with mockery and taunting. Yao Suluan didn’t say anything. She simply strode up, lifted her hand and slapped him. An Bingshan never expected that Yao Suluan would hit him without any hesitation. His face smarted with burning heat.

“Damned dog slave, who do you think you are!? You’re nothing but a castrate, an eunuch! To actually dare criticize ben gong!? An Bingshan, don’t think that ben gong isn’t aware of all those fine things you’ve done! That accidental encounter that day was nothing but an accidental encounter. Ben gong gave you face and didn’t disclose the matter to His Majesty. However, you not only did not feel grateful, you even used your public office to avenge private wrongs and trouble the Prime Minister’s wife! Since you don’t want face, there’s no need for ben gong to keep it wrapped up either! If you don’t act with more sensitivity, then don’t blame ben gong for being ruthless! Scram!” Yao Suluan raised her voice sternly, infuriated. An Bingshan’s lips twitched and faint light lurched in his shrewd eyes. He gritted his teeth as he looked at Yao Suluan.

Niang niang… Don’t ruin your health from anger. This servant will help you back to the palace.” Cai Ying had worked in the Imperial Palace for many years so she naturally knew the status An Bingshan held in the palace. In order to prevent her master from making any more drastic actions, Cai Ying immediately moved up to try and help Yao Suluan back to the palace.

“What are you looking at!? Did you fail to understand ben gong’s words!? Ben gong told you to scram!” Yao Suluan flung Cai Ying aside as she glowered.

“This servant will withdraw!” An Bingshan spat out each word between gritted teeth and saluted stiffly before leaving with backwards steps. Cai Ying only dared to try approaching after An Bingshan left Yao Suluan’s line of sight.

Niang niang, this servant knows that you’re angry but there’s no need to make things difficult for An Bingshan. He’s someone His Majesty favors greatly. The incident last time at Changle Palace was nothing but a misunderstanding. However, now that you’ve insulted him like this, last time’s incident is probably unretractable. In the future, it’ll be hard to explain!” Cai Ying looked worriedly towards Yao Suluan, feeling apprehensive.

“Even if ben gong didn’t yell at him, do you think he would believe ben gong’s explanations? Not to mention, he might not necessarily give ben gong a chance to explain. Otherwise, would Mother have suffered those twenty slaps!? Rather than submit to humiliation, it would be better to curse to one’s heart’s content. As of now, ben gong and An Bingshan are enemies so there is a definite need to guard against him. You should pay attention and secretly find evidence of An Bingshan doing obscene things in private to palace maids in order to prepare for a possible time of need.” Yao Suluan exhaled, then coldly instructed Cai Ying.

“This servant understands. Niang niang, don’t worry.”

“That’s right, earlier in Guan Osprey Palace, did you see anything different about Yao Mowan?” After Yao Suluan calmed down, she suddenly recalled the incident from last night and her heart abruptly chilled.

“This servant didn’t see anything. She just seems even more foolish than before, to not even understand ‘dragon seed’ and ‘expecting’,” Cai Ying replied, choosing only the things that Yao Suluan liked to hear.

“Could it be… How long has it been since Yao Moxin died?” Yao Suluan’s pupils turned cold as she asked quietly.

“Mm… replying niang niang, her seven sevenT/N is in five more days.” Cai Ying didn’t know why her master suddenly brought up Yao Moxin. However, she carefully looked around before replying quietly. Ever since the Empress died, all the topics that related to the Empress became classified as taboo.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Sonia

[Chiyomira’s Corner]

T/N – After a person dies, every seven days, rites must be paid. The last time is the forty-ninth day, called the ‘seven seven’. Also known as ‘final seven’, ‘full seven’, ‘end of sevens’.
Comes from the influence of Buddhism and Daoism. People say the first 49 days is when the departed spirit wanders about. So the family must respectfully do the sevens and offer a steady supply of money so as to prevent the departed spirit from getting stuck in the nether world. On the first seven days a person dies, the family members must bow to the altar while crying and wailing, offer sacrifices (food and paper money, I think) every day and night, and do Buddhist rites every seven days. It’s said that every seven days is when the departed spirit begs for a chance at reincarnation. If they don’t get it, they beg again seven days later. The 7th time they beg, they get to be reincarnated for sure. The Buddhist rites are the family also begging God so that the departed spirit can reincarnate.

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