Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Find a Daoist Priest

“Luckily, we haven’t missed the seven seven… Cai Ying, help ben gong find a Daoist priest who is skilled in the art of the Dao. Remember, don’t let anyone see,” instructed Yao Suluan coldly.

“This servant understands.” Though Cai Ying didn’t know what her master was planning to do, she still nodded and obeyed.

“Let’s go.  We’re returning to Pure Flowers Palace. The future is long, ben gong just doesn’t believe that a fool would be able to keep the favor of His Majesty for long! Humph!” Yao Suluan glared at Guan Osprey Palace and then left.

While the evening meal was being prepared, Yao Mowan casually reclined on the chaise lounge as she stroked Fluffy who was becoming increasingly languid. She lifted her clear eyes slightly as she asked, “Yao Suluan really said that?”

“Replying niang niang, this servant heard everything clearly. When the imperial gui fei found out that the Empress’ seven seven was five days later, she personally ordered Cai Ying to find a skilled Daoist priest,” Liu Xing reported faithfully.

“Haa, she really is thoughtful. Since she wants to find a Daoist priest, you should know what to do?” Yao Mowan’s brows lifted slightly as she curved her lips into a smile. Unexpectedly, Yao Suluan’s strength of heart was really out of the ordinary. The events last night actually didn’t manage to scare her. However, that was also good. If she really collapsed just like that, it wouldn’t be satisfying enough.

“Liu Xing understands.” Liu Xing understood his master’s intentions and nodded earnestly.

“Did anything happen in Xiang fu these past couple days?”

“Chen momo has been acting according to plan and Big Madam’s health is already declining conspicuously. Naturally, she doesn’t have the strength to cause trouble for Su Muzi and Yao Yu anymore. Actually, the method Master taught Yao Yu is very effective. There’s already no one in the fu that dares to anger the mother and son pair,” reported Liu Xing happily.

“That little kid is very clever. Not only does he listen well, he can hear the essence of the words.” Yao Mowan laughed in spite of herself. By now, Ting Yue had already finished preparing the evening meal.

“You and Ting Yue can withdraw. There’s no need for you two to wait upon us here.” Yao Mowan lightly waved her hand when she smelled that familiar scent. Liu Xing and Ting Yue respectfully withdrew.

The first thing Ye Junqing made sure to do when he walked in was to give Yao Mowan a disdainful look before sitting down next to the table.

Wang ye seems to hold a strong grudge against Mowan.” In a rare occasion, Yao Mowan didn’t carry Fluffy onto the table and had it obediently stay on the chaise lounge.

“So you should reflect!” said Ye Junqing in a bad humor. Then, he lifted his bowl and proceeded to eat on his own.

“En, Mowan also wants to reflect.” Yao Mowan’s sincere tone of voice attracted Ye Junqing’s indignant sidelong glance. “However, after Mowan thought about it a little, Mowan decided it was better to just forget it. If wang ye fell in love with Mowan after Mowan reflected, that would be troublesome.”

“Pfff….” Ye Junqing didn’t expect such shocking words to come out of Yao Mowan’s mouth so he spurted out a mouthful of ginseng porridge upon hearing that. Afterwards, he kept coughing violently.

“Did Mowan end up revealing what was in the bottom of wang ye’s heart?” Yao Mowan blinked her guileless eyes and looked innocently towards Ye Junqing. As Yao Mowan gazed at the man whose entire face was covered with black lines, she suddenly missed the way he used to look adoringly at her.

“In regards to that, you can be at complete ease. In this lifetime, ben wang will only love one woman! And, that woman is definitely not you!” Ye Junqing wiped his mouth with a handkerchief, then sat upright before saying this as if he was making a righteous proclamation.

“Don’t say things as if it was so certain ah!” Yao Mowan slightly smiled inwardly when she saw Ye Junqing speaking as if making a solemn vow. Then, she picked up a piece of shiitake and placed it in Ye Junqing’s bowl.

“You! What are you picking dishes for ben wang for!? Ben wang doesn’t want it!” Ye Junqing immediately picked up the shiitake and gave it back to Yao Mowan as if getting rid of something frightening.

“This is the first time wang ye has picked a dish for Mowan ah. Mowan truly feels overwhelmed by favor.” Yao Mowan placed the shiitake into her mouth with an expression of great enjoyment. It was very fragrant and savory.

“You! With how intelligent you are, you should know who is the woman ben wang loves,” said Ye Junqing seriously after a moment of silence. He didn’t want Yao Mowan to misunderstand.

“Eldest Sister, isn’t it? It’s not just Mowan, probably all the citizens of great Chu knows that the Esteemed Prince had feelings for the Empress. Mowan also got an increase in knowledge that day in the Esteemed Prince’s wang fu. Wang ye’s skill at drawing is not bad. However, Eldest Sister is already dead. You…”

“Moxin isn’t dead! At the very least, she still exists here in ben wang!” Yao Mowan saw Ye Junqing abruptly stand up and press his hand against his chest before she even finished her sentence. Then, he stormed out, leaving only this proclamation.

Tears overflowed Yao Mowan’s eyes as she watched Ye Junqing’s fading figure, that desolate and bleak figure. Though they were a lifetime apart, he was still as stunning as when they had first met. One glance lasts a thousand years*.

At first glance, one feels deep love. After it lasts a thousand years, proves true love.

The next day, Yao Mowan greeted Ye Hongyi happily when he walked into Guan Osprey Palace.

“What happened that has made Wan er this happy?” Ye Hongyi pulled Yao Mowan and drew her into his arms in a familiar manner. At that time, he had only been a little interested. Unexpectedly, Yao Mowan was like a clear wine that had been fermented for a long time. After one taste, he couldn’t bear to part with her.

Ye Hongyi sighed with feeling and pulled Yao Mowan over to sit down. There had been disappointment and frustration in his heart. He had loved Yao Moxin before, but it was more of a grateful emotion rather than true love. Afterwards, when Yao Moxin flaunted her abilities, his gratefulness eventually faded away until there was almost none left. He had never felt anything even for his consorts and concubines. Those women were nothing but chess pieces he used to balance the power of the important ministers in court. They could be discarded at any time. The only woman that was different was the one currently in his arms. She was innocent, pure. Ye Hongyi could thoroughly relax every time he was with her and he would never have to suspect a fool of harboring any plots. Perhaps, he had fallen in love with this fool. Ye Hongyi suddenly laughed a little.

“Your Majesty, Wan er observed the astronomical phenomenons last night and finally discovered what was different about those Soul Sand trees in Soul Sand Garden!” said Yao Mowan excitedly like a little kid.

“Oh? Then zhen must listen carefully to what exactly zhen’s Wan er discovered.” Ye Hongyi was originally skeptical towards Yao Mowan’s ability to observe astronomical phenomenons. The words he had spoken before were just for show in order to encourage Yao Mowan in her interests.

“Then Your Majesty should come with Wan er to Soul Sand Garden! Okay?” Yao Mowan pulled Ye Hongyi with both hands as if trying to haul him off the chaise lounge.

“Alright!” Ye Hongyi also felt like taking a stroll so he decided to just go along with what Yao Mowan wanted.

The wind arose, spreading the fragrance of Soul Sand Garden everywhere. The flower fragrance was fresh and elegant, making people’s minds feel relaxed and refreshed.

Yao Mowan pulled Ye Hongyi into Soul Sand Garden and stroked the Soul Sand trees at the left side.

“Your Majesty, these Soul Sand trees correspond to the Seven Mansions of the Vermilion Bird in the south sky. Those at the right correspond to the Seven Mansions of the Black Tortoise, those of the north sky. Your Majesty, hurry over here. In front, these are the Seven Mansions of the Azure Dragon and over here are the Seven Mansions of the White Dragon! These Soul Sand trees are split into four regions, each corresponding to the stars in the sky. And this one is the one corresponding to Polaris, the center of the four-star mansions!” Yao Mowan pulled Ye Hongyi all around the Soul Sand Garden in a big loop before leading him to the Soul Sand tree at the very north.

“Wow, Wan er knows so much!” Ye Hongyi exclaimed, shocked to hear about the allocated areas of the constellations from Yao Mowan.

“Wan er only learned this bit so Wan er wanted to learn it properly. Otherwise, they’ll really think Wan er is a fool! Even if Wan er is a fool, Wan er is only Your Majesty’s fool. Once Wan er really learns how to observe astronomical phenomenons, let’s see who else dares to call Wan er a fool!” Yao Mowan purposefully said some confusing words in order to diverge Ye Hongyi’s attention.

“That’s right! You only belong to zhen!” Ye Hongyi pulled Yao Mowan into his arms. He lifted his eyes and suddenly he trembled. All that could be seen was that the blossoms at the left side of the Soul Sand tree in front of him were wilted. It was also gradually showing signs of withering. He had never seen this happen before. This was the Soul Sand tree that represented his natal horoscope. It has always been splendid and only became more prosperous with each passing day.

“Why would this happen? Wan er, do you feel like there’s something wrong with this tree?” Ye Hongyi’s voice was slightly heavy as a trace of unconcealable anxiety appeared on his face.

“There is ah. There definitely won’t be as many flowers on this tree as there were before.” He had finally taken the bait. Yao Mowan’s eyes suddenly turned cold but in a flash, they were back to normal as she answered him with an innocent voice.

“Why?” Ye Hongyi lowered his eyes to look at Yao Mowan as he asked.

“Because the Polaris in the sky isn’t as bright as before. Actually, the Great Bear in the White Tiger Mansion is much brighter than before. So that tree will definitely flourish more than before!” As Yao Mowan spoke, she pointed towards a Soul Sand tree that wasn’t far away. She had added fertilizer so of course it was growing well.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Sonia

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
“Mowan also got an increase in knowledge that day in the Esteemed Prince’s wang fu.” Sonia pointed this passage out. I’m not sure if this explanation really makes sense but, it’s like a thing in Chinese culture. When you experience/see something, your knowledge ‘increases’.
8.19.18 I’m recruiting translators for this series with plans to make it my next main project around Winter Break. However, to do that while not failing my college classes, I need at least 2 translator helpers. Please check out this [[recruitment page link]] for more details and let me know if you’re interested!


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