Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: I’m Going To Protect Mother

“Cough cough…” His reminiscing screeched to a halt as Ye Junqing’s forehead became filled with black lines. He glared towards Yao Mowan, then stomped as he moved to follow her.

Yao Mowan had just entered the fu courtyard with Yao Yu when she bumped into Yao Tu whose face was filled with worry.

“Third Miss? Eh… this old servant kowtows in salute to Yao fei niang niang! Kowtows in salute to the Esteemed Prince!” As the steward of a prime minister’s residence, Yao Tu naturally recognized the emperor’s relatives and the officials of the court. At this time, when he saw Ye Junqing, he couldn’t help but be shocked. But what made him even more astonished was the site of the Yao Yu in front of him.

“Steward Yao, hurry and get up. Mowan’s not used to people kneeling.” A crystal-like voice sounded as Yao Mowan reached out to help Yao Tu up. In the entire Yao Xiang fu, there was only Yao Tu that knew that the current Yao Mowan was already no longer the silly fool of the past.

“Yao fei niang niang, how did Little Young Master end together with you? Master is almost about to worry to death. Right now he’s even in the middle of blaming Big Madam!” Yao Tu looked towards Yao Yu with joy as he spoke with surprise.

“It’s a long story. I’ll bring Yao Yu to find his mother first.” Yao Mowan didn’t pretend in front of Yao Tu and replied in a low voice.

“That… then this old servant will head over to report to Master first!” Yao Tu was just about to head off when Yao Mowan stopped him.

“Don’t, Mowan wants to personally give Father a pleasant surprise. You just watch. No one’s allowed to be a blabbermouth!” Yao Mowan’s lips lifted in a smile, yet it caused people to fill an abnormal chill.

“This old servant understands, but… Third Madam is currently in the firewood shed.” Yao Tu naturally understood what Yao Mowan was planning and cupped his hand slightly to indicate his compliance. Behind her, Ye Junqing slightly furrowed his brows and walked past Yao Mowan silently to head towards the firewood shed in the back. Liu Xing and Ting Yue shared a look, then also followed over.

Yao Mowan took Yao Yu’s hand before walking to the firewood shed doors. When they got close, they immediately heard the sound of a pitiful scream come from the firewood shed.

“Speak! Was it you that hid Little Young Master away!? Where did you hide him!?” A sharp voice that pierced people’s eardrums yelled. Yu Zhi directed the two momos at the side to keep whipping Su Muzi. A message had already been sent over from the Imperial Palace that Yao Yu wasn’t found and warned Dou Xianglan to be prepared. And the method that Dou Xianglan thought of was simply this extreme: drag the Su Muzi whose body was naturally weak to the firewood shed and violently beat her until she admitted that the child was hidden away by her.

“Give me back my Yu er… Ah—” Su Muzi’s mournful cry sounded out.

“You still refuse to admit!? Continue! I want her whipped fiercely!” The malicious voice demanded again.

Outside the door, when Yao Yu heard his mother’s pained scream, he immediately clenched his fist and was about to rush in when Yao Mowan stopped him.

“Remember, you’re a manly man. If someone dared to bully Mother, what are you supposed to do?” Yao Mowan spoke as she pulled two pearl hairpins out of her hand and placed it in Yao Yu’s hand.

“Yao er will stab them to death!” Yao Yu fiercely nodded, then turned and rushed into the firewood shed. Yao Mowan gave a slight smile and followed. Behind them, Ye Junqing suddenly understood why Yao Mowan would instruct Yao Yu this way. Perhaps… perhaps they truly deserved to be stabbed to death!

“You guys go away! You’re not allowed to bully Mother!” Yao Yu fiercely pushed away the two momos like a little crazed leopard. Before the momos could even react, he had already stabbed the hairpins in his hands into them.

“Aiyo!” In the interval of time while the two momos were frozen due to the pain, Yao Yu ran to Su Muzi’s side. He looked at his mother whose entire body was blood with heartache in his eyes and tears fell with large plops.

“Little Young Master… Su Muzi! And you still dare to say it wasn’t you that hid him away!? Little Young Master, hurry and come with me to go see Master!” At the side, Yu Zhi froze for a moment, then immediately moved up to grab Yao Yu. Yao Yu was filled with resentment and abruptly stabbed the hairpin in his hand hard onto Yu Zhi’s arm.

“Aiyo! You little bastard! You actually dared to stab me!? Watch and see how I’ll deal with you!” What kind of master would definitely have the same kind of servant. Yu Zhi had always felt, from her very bones, that Su Muzi and Yao Yu was beneath her. But she usually keeps up appearances in front of Master, so the way the pretense she used in front of Yao Yu was also passable. At this moment though, due to having been injured, her true atrocious nature was revealed.

Seeing that Yu Zhi had picked Yao Yu up and was just about to hit him, Liu Xing and Ting Yue immediately rushed over, having received Yao Mowan’s eye signal, and restrain Yu Zhi by pulled her hands behind her back.

Yao Yu who was freed was like an enraged tiger. He wrapped both his hands around a single hairpin and stabbed it on Yu Zhi’s leg as if his life depended on it. Again and again, like the tapping of rain. It pained Yu Zhi to the point she screeched and wailed. The two momos at the side wanted to approach and stop it, but was made to stop by a single shout from Liu Xing.

“He’s the flesh of Master’s heart. If you dare to hurt him, see if Master wouldn’t strip your skins!” The two momos exchanged looks upon hearing this and hesitated over whether to approach or retreat.

“What are you still dazing out there for!? Hurry and help Third Madam back to Quiet Snow Pavilion, then attend to her! It couldn’t be that you’re still waiting for Little Young Master to give you directions one by one?” Ting Yue shouted sternly, seeing that Su Muzi had fainted on the floor. When the two momos heard, they immediately threw away the whips in their hands and carefully lifted Su Muzi up before leaving the firewood shed.

“Aiyo! Come back! How dare you betray me! Hurry and pull this bastard away! Stop! Let me go! Save me ah!” Yu Zhi’s legs had already been pierced by Yao Yu to the point they seemed like sieves. She screamed loudly, in so much pain that she wanted to faint. But that severe piercing pain rushed to her brain again and again, causing her to be incomparably clear-minded and awake.

Yao Mowan only indicated for Liu Xing and Ting Yue to let go after Yao Yu became tired from stabbing. Having lost her restraints, Yu Zhi’s entire body collapsed down and fell onto the rice straw pile. As she lifted her head while enduring the pain, she saw with astonishment that it was Yao Mowan that was standing in front of her.

“So it was you, you damned yatou! It was you that hid that bastard away! And you even let these two lowly slaves restraint me! I’m going to tell Master! I’ll tell Master! Aiyo, hurts to death…” Yu Zhi had become muddle-headed from the pain and shrieked with all her might.

“It wasn’t me… It was the Esteemed Prince that had them restrain you! If you don’t believe, you can ask them ah!” Yao Mowan looked towards Yu Zhi with a face full of grievances. At the side, Ting Yue and Liu Xing enthusiastically nodded.

Ye Junqing’s lips twitched and a large drop of sweat immediately dropped down the back of his head. He couldn’t stop himself from looking over at Yao Mowan, only to see Yao Mowan shrug with a ‘what-else-could-I-have-done’ look.

“Just on that phrase of ‘damned yatou’ that you cursed, it wouldn’t be excessive at all to have you beheaded!” Ye Junqing’s cold gaze swept over Yu Zhi; he didn’t deny it.

“Yao Yu, come over here. Third Older Sister will bring you to look for Father!” Yao Mowan pulled the exhausted Yao Yu that was currently panting for breath over and left the firewood shed without even looking back. Ting Yue and Liu Xing naturally also followed them out.

Yu Zhi was the sole person left behind in the firewood shed and she continued to shout loudly for someone to save her.

Before even stepping into Bamboo Wish Pavilion, Yao Mowan already heard a loud bellow come from within.

Lao fu will ask you one more time! What did you, damned wretch, do to Yu er!?” Yao Zhenting fiercely pulled Dou Xianglan’s hair, his vicious eyes were shooting faint green light similar to those of jackals. He has, in this lifetime, successfully won success and recognition. All that he lacked was a son!

Lao ye! This qie has already said it, it was Su Muzi, that lowly wretch that hid Yao Yu away! She’s trying to frame this qie!” Dou Xianglan has always thought that with Yao Suluan, this imperial gui fei, as a guardian talisman, no matter what offense she committed, Yao Zhenting still wouldn’t dare to do anything to her. Luo Yuxin from that time was the best example of this. But now, she suddenly realized that she was gravely mistaken. As she looked at Yao Zhenting’s bloodshot eyes, Dou Xianglan felt both legs going weak.

“You really think that lao fu wouldn’t dare to kill you!? How many eyes do you think saw you bring Yu er to the Imperial Palace yesterday? Yet afterwards, you came back alone! If you said that Yu er was inside the Imperial Palace, lao fu could have believed, but you actually tried to push the blame onto Su Muzi! Dou Xianglan! That is lao fu’s only son!” Yao Zhenting’s eyes were scarlet red. As his rough hands abruptly reached out to clutch Dou Xianglan’s neck, the rims of his eyes seemed about to split.

“E… Laolao ye! Hurry and let go… If this qie dies… Suluan won’t let you off…” Dou Xianglan looked with shock and fear at the Yao Zhenting who seemed like a beast that had escaped from his cage, her face turning purple.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Unedited

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Lol, my fav paragraph:
“It wasn’t me… It was the Esteemed Prince that had them restrain you! If you don’t believe, you can ask them ah!” Yao Mowan looked towards Yu Zhi with a face full of grievances. At the side, Ting Yue and Liu Xing nodded enthusiastically.

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