Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: You’re Yao Moxin?

“Pei! What Yao fei!? She’s just an imbecile!” Yao Suluan gritted her teeth. At that precise moment, Yao Mowan walked into Pure Flowers Palace in rich attire.

“What is Second Older Sister talking about? Mowan seemed to have heard Mowan’s name?” Yao Mowan looked at Yao Suluan with her flawless naive expression and a hint of a smile in her eyes.

“Ah… You… Why are you here?” Yao Suluan was surprised and glanced at Yao Mowan as she questioned her angrily.

“Of course because Mowan missed Second Older Sister! What? Second Older Sister doesn’t like Mowan?” Yao Mowan couldn’t help but sneer upon seeing the unconcealable coldness on Yao Suluan’s face. She already can’t keep up her act?

“Of course not. That servant girl, Ting Yue, didn’t come with you?” Yao Suluan subconsciously glanced behind Yao Mowan. Seeing that there was no one following Yao Mowan, she relaxed. Just because Yao Mowan’s ears didn’t work well didn’t mean that those two lowly servants serving Yao Mowan had bad ears as well.

“Mowan wanted to chat with Second Older Sister and didn’t want them to nag, so Mowan told them they weren’t allowed to come.”

“Nag? They often nag you? What do they nag about?” Yao Suluan asked suspiciously as she looked towards Yao Mowan with sharp eyes.

“They’re always saying that His Majesty dotes on Wan er so Wan er doesn’t need to fear anyone in this Inner Palace. They say to tell His Majesty about whoever dares to bully Wan er and His Majesty will definitely get justice for Wan er! They also talk about killing and so on. In any case, it’s those kinds of things.” As Yao Mowan spoke, she happened to step on some of the shattered porcelain on the ground.

“What is this Second Older Sister? Who made you angry? Wan er will go tell His Majesty right now and have His Majesty also vent anger for Second Older Sister!” Naturally, Yao Mowan knew that Yao Suluan had been venting her anger after having to stifle her temper in front of Ye Hongyi.

“Don’t! Ahem…It only fell because ben gong wasn’t careful. Weren’t you looking for ben gong to talk? Let’s go to the Imperial Garden. Cai Ying, you stay here and tidy this place up!” Yao Suluan immediately stopped Yao Mowan and acted as if she was unperturbed.

“Alright!” Yao Mowan’s lips slightly hooked. Then she grabbed Yao Suluan’s arm and pulled her as she walked out of Pure Flowers Palace.

Yao Suluan loathed the small hand wrapped around her arm so much she immediately wanted to fling it off. However, times have changed. Thus, she could only endure it.

As the Jade Hare (the moon) rose from the east, the sunset gradually deepened. Yao Mowan deliberately hugged Yao Suluan who had a heavy load on her mind and walked towards the most remote jade lake in the Imperial Garden.

“Mowan ah, Second Older Sister heard that Eldest Sister left you some sort of treasure? What is it?” Yao Suluan wanted to fish out some evidence. From what she understood about Yao Moxin, there was no way Yao Moxin would be that secretive unless it was something extremely important.

“How did Second Older Sister know? Eldest Sister had only told Mowan?” Yao Mowan blinked her eyes as she looked towards Yao Suluan. Seeing Yao Suluan’s anxious and fidgety expression, a trace of coldness streaked through her heart.

Ben gong… of course ben gong would know! Eldest Sister also left ben gong something so ben gong wanted to see whether the item Eldest Sister left for you was better than the item Eldest Sister left for ben gong,” replied Yao Suluan as she looked back at Yao Mowan.

“How come ben gong doesn’t seem to remember leaving anything for a despicable lowly person like you? If there was one thing, then it would simply be inexhaustible hate!” A frigid voice that sounded as if it belonged to a demon spilled out from between Yao Mowan’s lips. At this time, Yao Mowan’s eyes had turned sharp and her expression became tranquil as water. A forest green light flickered in her clear eyes, making them seem like those of Asura’s.

“You… what drivel are you saying!?” Yao Suluan couldn’t breathe as she looked towards Yao Mowan with disbelieving eyes. Her body subconsciously retreated and she couldn’t bring herself to meet Yao Mowan’s current eyes.

“Heaven’s committed sin can be forgiven; one’s own committed sin, pay with one’s lifeT/N! Yao Suluan, you owe ben gong more than just one life! How do you plan to repay it?” The eerie voice resonated as if it came from the distant and incomprehensible nether world. Yao Mowan approached Yao Suluan step by step, her eyes glowing.

“You… you’re Yao Moxin!? That… that’s not possible! Yao Mowan! You imbecile! What trick are you trying to pull!?” Right when Yao Suluan gathered up enough nerve to rush up, Yao Mowan’s body suddenly rose into the air. Her magnificent skirt drifted up in the wind, lightly and airily, making Yao Mowan seem like a specter.

“Ah! How could this happen!? You… who exactly are you?” Large drops of cold sweat seeped out from Yao Suluan’s forehead. As she staggered backward, she suddenly tripped on a rock and fell to the ground. The moonlight shone on her face and revealed it to be deathly pale.

“Isn’t it already very clear? Yao Suluan, ben gong won’t let you get away with this! Ben gong won’t let Dou Xianglan get away with this! And ben gong will never let Ye Hongyi get away from this! Ben gong will let everyone that has harmed ben gong slowly suffer in pain until they die. Haha… HAHAHA…” Yao Mowan’s chilling gaze shot towards Yao Suluan like a sharp blade. Following that, Yao Mowan switched to a different hand signal and her body steadily returned to the ground. Then, she continued approaching Yao Suluan step by step.

“You, don’t come over… stay away! Aah…” Just as Yao Suluan was about to turn and flee, her body suddenly lifted into the air. Shortly after, there was a ‘putong’ as something fell into the water.

“Save me! Someone save me! There’s a ghost!” Yao Mowan waited until she had her fill of watching Yao Suluan flop around in the water – and until she felt like Yao Suluan had drank enough lake water – before she secretly signaled for Yin Xue to get Yao Suluan out.

“Second Older Sister? What happened to you? Mowan only spaced out for a minute. How did you end up in the lake?” Yao Mowan returned to her naive manner and reached out to help Yao Suluan up. However, Yao Suluan dodged her as if she was the pestilence demon.

“Move away! Don’t come near me! Stay away! You shouldn’t blame me! If you’re going to blame someone, just blame yourself for flaunting your abilities! It was His Majesty that couldn’t tolerate you! If you want someone to pay with their life, you should be targeting His Majesty! Don’t touch me!” Yao Suluan trembled like a drowned rat as she kicked her legs nonstop in Yao Mowan’s direction. She flailed her hands like her life depended on it, as if she was extremely afraid of Yao Mowan touching her.

“Second Older Sister, what are you talking about!? You’re completely drenched. Mowan will help you back!” Only Yao Mowan’s fingertips touched Yao Suluan, yet Yao Suluan instantly slapped her hand away. Shortly afterward, Yao Suluan stumbled to her feet and ran like mad towards Pure Flowers Palace.

As Yao Mowan watched Yao Suluan’s pitiful figure, her lips hooked in a cold smile. Even though she had bore everything with that much patience, it had still been regarded as flaunting her abilities? Then ben gong should let you guys properly see what ‘flaunting one’s abilities’ truly meant!

“The women of the Inner Palace are sure easy to trick. It’s nothing but a small magician’s trick like attracting a floating object, yet she really thought it was a ghost possession!?” A soft voice drifted over through the air. Yao Mowan lifted her eyes upon hearing it and saw that distant red garment rippling in the air as it slowly descended.

“It’s not that the women in the Inner Palace are easy to trick but that people who have a guilty conscience are easy to trick. Unfortunately, she ran away too soon. Otherwise, if she saw Nansheng like this, her three immortal souls (representing spirit and intellect) and seven mortal souls (representing carnal life and desires) definitely would have been scared flying and she’d already be on her way to reporting to the King of Hell.” Yao Mowan lifted her brows as she looked towards Yan Nansheng. In her heart, she exclaimed, what a beautiful person.

Beneath the moonlight, the enchanting face of the man in front of her seemed to be covered with a layer of silver-white sheen. His completely white, exquisite facial features give off a faint glow. It was enough to make all of the women in the country blush with shame. Long black hair that reached his waist, with a breeze, lifted in a gorgeous arc. The most beautiful of all of his features were his elegant eyes. They were capable of stopping one’s breath with a glance and taking away one’s soul.

“How is it possible for her to be frightened unconscious? It should be that she will faint from over-excitement upon seeing ben zun’s appearance, no?” Yan Nansheng landed gracefully with his toes lightly touching the ground first.

“You sure aren’t modest!” Although Yao Mowan had to admit that Yan Nansheng had the right to be proud, shouldn’t he still be a little more low-key?

“Nansheng also really wants to be modest. However, there’s… there’s seriously no reason to be modest ah!” Yan Nansheng strolled to Yao Mowan. His captivating eyes seemed to be slightly hazy yet his irises were magnificently bright.

“Tch!” Yao Mowan unhurriedly bestowed Yan Nansheng an eyeroll. She has finally understood how confident Yan Nansheng was in his beauty. This self-confidence came from the very bottom of his heart. It was already strong to the point it was impregnable.

“What kind of attitude is that? For better or for worse, I gave you a huge gift as well. You should be grateful to me!” Yan Nansheng hastily moved to catch up when he saw Yao Mowan turn away to leave.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Sonia

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
T/N – “Heaven’s committed sin can be forgiven; one’s own committed sin, pay with one’s life. One of the interpretations for this is that people will receive compassion from others when they suffer an accident, something bad that happened to them that was out of their control. However, if it’s something bad that you brought onto yourself, people will just feel that you deserved it.
Here’s a link to the jade rabbit story~ There’s so many cute pictures of jade rabbits! XD
But ahem, the rabbit’s move is… kinda lmao, dumb in real life, would probably be super cute in manga.
This chapter though! *squeal!*

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