Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: The ‘Sharp Weapon’ Yan Nansheng Sent Over

“Ahem… then Mowan has truly troubled wang ye last night. Just based on this single fact, Mowan must bow to wang ye to express thanks!” Upon hearing what he said, Mowan unhurriedly put down her chopsticks before getting up slowly, cupping her hands together, and respectfully giving Ye Junqing three bows as if she was offering incense*.

Offering Incense

“You! Humph! Don’t be so proud of yourself. Sooner or later ben wang will know all of your secrets! Listen well! It’s all of them!” Ye Junqing spoke as if he was making a vow before getting up and storming off.

As Yao Mowan watched Ye Junqing’s tall figure gradually leave her sight, she couldn’t help but smile sweetly.

Niang niang, this servant feels that this Esteemed Prince seems to be particularly against niang niang. In the future, niang niang should be careful.” Ting Yue moved close to Yao Mowan to warn worriedly with Fluffy in her arms.

“Ting Yue, remember this. The one person we don’t need to scheme against the most in this entire Inner Palace, is him.” Yao Mowan retrieved the warmth in her eyes and turned towards Liu Xing.

“Liu Xing, did you find the person I sent you to look for?”

“Replying niang niang, I have. In Xiang fu, Chen momo has always been in the outer kitchen doing rough tasks such as getting water and chopping wood. This servant used some silver and has already arranged for her to be transferred to the inner kitchen. This Chen momo’s daughter was originally serving Big Madam. However, due to a small matter, she was terribly beaten by Big Madam. Later, her injuries worsened and she died before she could get treatment. Based on this, Chen momo probably has an absolutely irreconcilable hatred towards Big Madam,” Liu Xing reported solemnly.

“Wonder how much blood exactly has grown to cover the hands of those surnamed Dou after all these years? Since Chen momo is this trustworthy, then just let her carry it out,” Yao Mowan said as she took a paper bag out from her sleeve and placed it in Liu Xing’s hand.

“Yes, Liu Xing will go right away.” Liu Xing took the paper bag and respectfully withdrew.

At night, when Ye Hongyi walked into Guan Osprey Palace, Yao Mowan was stroking Fluffy and dazing out.

“What’s wrong, zhen’s treasure?” Ting Yue had originally wanted to announce Ye Hongyi’s arrival from outside the palace, but Ye Hongyi had stopped her. Yao Mowan’s tears spilled down before she even opened her mouth.

“What’s wrong, Wan er? Who bullied you? Tell zhen, zhen will get you justice!” Ye Hongyi hastily walked to Yao Mowan’s side and lifted that delicate little face with his palm. His heart felt unbearable heartache as he looked at that grievances-filled face.

“Your Majesty… Is Wan er a fool? Is Wan er really?” Yao Mowan cried brokenheartedly. Her tears continuously swirled around, then fell as if they were worthless.T/N

“What happened?” Ye Hongyi’s deep eyes instantly became covered with chilling light as his hands continuously wiped the corners of Yao Mowan’s moist eyes.

“It’s Eldest Sister’s Soul Sand Forest…” Yao Mowan choked with sobs as she spoke and her eyes glimmered as she looked towards Ye Hongyi.

“You went to Soul Sand Garden?” Ye Hongyi’s hand which was stroking Yao Mowan’s cheek involuntarily shook. Soul Sand Garden was, as the name implied, a place planted with a tree called Soul Sand. The trees had countless snow-colored flowers. Regardless of day or night, regardless of the four seasons, they bloomed without withering.

To this day, Ye Hongyi still didn’t know where Yao Moxin got these trees from. He only knew that every time she went to check astronomical phenomenons, she would go to Soul Sand Garden. Based on what Yao Moxin said, those Soul Sand Trees correspond to the constellations in the sky. The Soul Sand tree right in the north of the garden represented the star Polaris which had the respect of ten thousand stars. That was his natal horoscope. Yao Moxin had said that as long as the flowers on that tree continued to be dazzling without wilting, it meant that his imperial throne would be eternally firm.

And time has shown this to be true. Ever since Soul Sand Garden was constructed, all other the Soul Sand trees had mostly dimmed and withered, yet that tree that represented his natal horoscope was undamaged by the four seasons and bloomed without withering.

“En. Eldest Sister said that Wan er’s nature is simple and good. And that since Wan er didn’t have any distracting thoughts, Wan er was suitable for learning how to observe the stars so she taught Wan er a little. She even told Wan er about how magical the Soul Sand trees were so Wan er asked Eldest Sister for one tree. Eldest Sister allowed Wan er to have one, but when Wan er found Soul Sand Garden… There were actually that many! Eldest Sister is not here anymore. How will Wan er be able to find out which one Eldest Sister gave Wan er?” Yao Mowan’s voice was filled with a thick sobbing tone. Her current appearance was like raindrops on a pear blossom, causing people to be filled with tender feelings for her.

“And zhen thought it was some alarming matter. Since Wan er likes it, zhen will bestow the entire Soul Sand Garden to Wan er.” Ye Hongyi exhaled softly. So this was the important item Yao Suluan talked about. Haa.

“Really? Your Majesty’s the best!” Yao Mowan abruptly stopped crying as she smiled like a flower. That slight smile combined with the lingering tears seemed to bewitch Ye Hongyi like a spell.

“Wan er really knows how to read the astronomical phenomenons?” After Yao Moxin died, he had once sent the Imperial Board of Astronomy to Soul Sand Garden, yet they couldn’t figure anything out despite all their attempts at investigating.

“Of course ah. But Wan er hasn’t told anyone else before. Eldest Sister made me promise not to!” Yao Mowan nodded as if such a matter had occurred, then stealthily glanced around as she spoke.

Zhen isn’t anyone else, right? In the future, can Wan er tell zhen what phenomenons you observed?” Ye Hongyi ticked Yao Mowan’s jasper nose as he spoke with a pampering tone.

“Alright!” Yao Mowan suddenly really wanted to laugh. Observe astronomical phenomenons? Dog fart! At that time, she was just borrowing the Soul Sand Garden to help Ye Hongyi get rid of quite a few treacherous court officials. As for now… the future is long. Mowan will definitely let you see the greatness of the Soul Sand Garden!

As Ye Hongyi gazed at Yao Mowan’s clear pupils which had not a single speck of dirt, he pulled her into his arms as gently as if he was clasping a sole unique treasure. Then, he walked with large steps towards the inner room.

The scene on the bed was endless as the two bodies pressed together desperately. However, only one person’s heart felt moved.

Once it passed six, Ye Hongyi got up. His thin lips lightly flitted across Yao Mowan’s cheek before he hastily put on the dragon robe and left. Yao Mowan waited until that nauseous scent dissipated before she opened her eyes, the depths of her eyes filled with a cold light.

She no longer remembers clearly when An Bingshan became favored. However, after An Bingshan became favored, Ye Hongyi would get out of bed and leave every day at six, no matter if he was in Changle Palace of the past or Guan Osprey Palace of now. Even if he was in some other palace, he never changed this practice. Yao Mowan knew that there was something fishy in this. It was just that she didn’t feel the rush to get to the bottom of it right now. At present, she had other, more important matters to attend to.

It was still early in the morning, so Yao Mowan was about to close her eyes and nap some more when she felt a sudden slight chill. Yao Mowan abruptly opened her eyes and saw that a woman wearing all black was standing in front of her bed. She had delicate ice crystal-like features with skin that was fair as now. Her beauty could captivate even the birds and the beasts. It would not be an exaggeration to say it could ruin and overturn a state.

“Who are you?” Yao Mowan got up and looked at the woman in front of her with a stern expression. Her gaze was firm as a blade without the slightest bit of fear, calm as a pond of water that startled no dust.

“This subordinate, Yin Xue, kowtows in salute to Master!” The girl cupped both hands and abruptly knelt on the floor as she spoke respectfully. Her voice was mellow as that of a yellow oriole, yet contained an unquestionable austerity.

“What did you call me?” Yao Mowan looked with shock towards the woman as she asked.

“This subordinate has received the order of Phoenix Feather Manor’s Young Master to recognize Yao fei as this subordinate’s master from this moment on. Whatever Master desires for this subordinate to do will be done. This subordinate pledges her life!” Yin Xue knelt on one knee. Every single word she spoke resounded with strength.

“You’re Yan Nansheng’s subordinate?” Yao Mowan’s willow brows furrowed as that long red garment emerged in her mind. Those exceptional looks the red garment set off were especially hard to forget after seeing.

“From this moment on, this subordinate is Yao fei’s subordinate!” Yin Xue’s voice was refined, yet quite domineering.

“En. Ben gong orders you to immediately disappear!” Yao Mowan was only trying to test things out, yet unexpectedly, the moment her voice fell, there was a breeze and the area in front of her became empty.

“Ha! It’s really…” Yao Mowan gave a laugh, then laid down and fell asleep. She was seriously too sleepy.

During breakfast, Yao Mowan was still thinking about the thing that happened at six. She kept feeling that it had been a dream. As she was dazing out, Fluffy suddenly jumped out of her arms to climb onto the table, then boldly started licking the ginseng porridge on the table.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
T/N – “Her tears continuously swirled around then fell as if they were worthless,” I think this sentence has to do with a different saying that said tears are precious. So since she’s dropping so much, they must be worthless since she’s not keeping them.
Sharp weapon refers also to a useful tool or a capable person.
Haha, omg, Yin Xue will turn out to be very very useful, lmao.

8.19.18 I’m recruiting translators for this series with plans to make it my next main project around Winter Break. However, to do that while not failing my college classes, I need at least 2 translator helpers. Please check out this [[recruitment page link]] for more details and let me know if you’re interested!


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