Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: An Eye for An Eye

“This old servant shall withdraw.” Chen momo’s fingers trembled a little. Once Chen momo left, Yao Mowan glanced at Liu Xing and he tactfully withdrew from Bamboo Wish Pavilion.

When the door to the room was pushed open, Yu Zhi, who was standing next to the couch, turned around and saw Yao Mowan walk in.

“Yao Mowan? Why are you here?” Yu Zhi looked at Yao Mowan, surprised, then she immediately looked past Yao Mowan. Upon seeing that Ye Junqing wasn’t with her, she felt relieved.

“Yu Zhi, your behavior is outrageous! How dare you call a gui fei by her name? And you’re still not kneeling upon seeing Yao fei!?” berated Yao Tu when he saw Yu Zhi’s rude behavior.

“It’s alright ah. Steward Yao, Wan er is a little hungry. Can Wan er have Yu Zhi make her specialty, the sweet and sour fish?” Yao Mowan blinked her eyes innocently as she looked towards Yao Tu in a very spoiled manner.

“Yu Zhi, didn’t you hear what Yao fei said? What are you still standing here for!?” said Yao Tu sternly towards Yu Zhi.

“But… but Big Madam is still not awake yet?” Yu Zhi looked awkwardly towards Dou Xianglan who was still sound asleep on the couch.

“Yu Zhi is must be worried that no one will be around to hand di mother water after she wakes up. It’s fine, Wan er will stay here so Yu Zhi, you should hurry and go. Wan er’s really hungry.” As Yao Mowan spoke, she walked to the couch and pushed Yu Zhi towards the door. Though Yu Zhi was unwilling, she had no choice but to leave as Yao Tu was watching sternly.

The moment the door closed, the innocence in Yao Mowan’s eyes was replaced by a cold expression as she slowly turned around. Yao Mowan languidly leaned over the side of the couch with the trace of a smile on her lips as she looked at Dou Xianglan.

“Yu Zhi… Yu Zhi… water…” Dou Xianglan called out weakly for Yu Zhi. She stretched out her withered fingers until they made contact with a teacup that was still warm.

“Yu Zhi ah, in a little while, head to the Imperial Palace and tell Yao Suluan to come visit. For some reason, I keep dreaming of her these past few days.” Dou Xianglan drank the water with difficulty before casually passing the teacup back to the person next to her.

Di mother’s thoughts are truly so linked with Wan er’s, Wan er has also been seeing di mother in dreams. As a matter of fact, Wan er headed out early this morning just to visit di mother. Isn’t Wan er more filial of a child than Second Sister?” said Yao Mowan softly as she looked towards Dou Xianglan with a bright smile on her face.

“Why is it you? Who allowed you to come in!?” Dou Xianglan was shocked upon hearing this voice and her eyes immediately darted over. She saw that Yao Mowan was sitting next to her and was even holding the teacup she had just passed over.

“Of course Wan er entered on her own. Has di mother forgotten? Wan er is now the Yao fei, how could Yu Zhi dare to block Wan er’s way?” Yao Mowan slowly got up and walked to the table with gentle sways, then placed the cup on the table.

“Get out! I don’t want to see you!” Dou Xianglan glared at Yao Mowan. Her expression was so sinister her eyes seemed about to spit flames. Dou Xianglan was still acting so domineering despite the fact that Yao Mowan currently had the status of Yao fei. Upon seeing this, Yao Mowan couldn’t even imagine how much her younger sister must have suffered back then at Dou Xianglan’s hands.

Without saying a word, Yao Mowan walked back to the couch with a smile. While Dou Xianglan was totally defenseless, she fiercely slapped her.

“You! You actually dared to hit me!?” Dou Xianglan covered her smarting cheek as she glared furiously at Yao Mowan.

“That’s right ah, Wan er hit you. His Majesty said that things are different now and Wan er is of high status, so whoever is disrespectful towards Wan er deserves to be hit.” Yao Mowan’s eyes were as harmless as ever as she gave a light smile.

“You! Yu Zhi! Someone, come! Cough cough cough…” Dou Xianglan was infuriated. She wanted to get Yu Zhi to chase Yao Mowan out but after shouting just a few words, her chest started convulsing and she started coughing nonstop.

“What need is there for di mother to get angry? Wan er is nothing but a fool. Why, do you think Wan er would eat you?” Yao Mowan approached Dou Xianglan gently. The smile at the corners of her lips deepened even more.

“Go away! Cough cough… cough cough cough!” Dou Xianglan coughed even harder until she ended up coughing out blood. She was shocked upon seeing the blood in her palm. Wasn’t it just a cold? How could it be this serious?

“Aiyah! Di mother’s illness is quite severe? Wan er heard that coughing out blood means the person doesn’t have long to live! However, don’t worry, di mother. Wan er’s mother, older sister, and nephew are all waiting down below. Di mother definitely won’t be lonely down there!” Yao Mowan’s expression was innocent throughout this entire duration, yet her smile was eerily dark.

“You! What nonsense are you saying!? Hurry up and get out! Yu Zhi…” Dou Xianglan wanted to get off the bed but Yao Mowan pushed her back.

Di mother is already so ill. If you need anything, just tell Wan er to do it. What need is there for you to personally get down to do it?” Yao Mowan’s clear eyes flickered like the rays on the surface of a lake in the autumn. It was a dazzling sight.

“What are you doing? Don’t think you can be so tyrannical just because you’re the Yao fei! Your Second Sister is the imperial gui fei! Scram right now! Otherwise… Cough cough cough…” Dou Xianglan was completely unaware of the fact that the more excited she got, the faster she would die.

Imperial gui fei? Ha! All Wan er knows is that His Majesty dotes on Wan er. Even if Wan er purposefully scratched Second Sister’s hand with a cat, pushed chen fei into the water and shifted the blame onto Second Sister, His Majesty still dotes on Wan er. Haa, even Wan er thinks it’s a little too much.” Yao Mowan gave a simple-minded smile, yet her eyes emitted an unrestrained chill.

“You… you did it on purpose? You… aren’t dumb anymore?” Dou Xianglan looked at Yao Mowan in shock. The person standing in front of her was clearly that imbecile, yet why did it seem like a completely different person!?

“Aiyah, di mother has seen through it. What to do? That’s right ah, Wan er isn’t dumb anymore. Wan er hasn’t been dumb since the moment Wan er saw you poison Mother to death!” The smile on Yao Mowan’s lips gradually disappeared and her cold eyes moved to meet Dou Xianglan’s wide-eyed gaze.

“How is this possible? It’s not… it’s impossible! Yu Zhi… Cough cough cough…” Dou Xianglan was terrified. She wanted to get up and flee but Yao Mowan fiercely pushed her to the bed.

Di mother shouldn’t get angry. Otherwise the toxic gases will attack your heart and you might die at any moment. Can you really bear to close your eyes before taking one last look at that darling daughter of yours?” Yao Mowan smiled darkly. Not so long ago, she never would have imagined that she would have such a cruel side to herself. So it’s true that people shouldn’t be cornered.

“Toxic gas? You… poisoned me?” Dou Xianglan stared at Yao Mowan. She was so furious she wanted to bellow, yet her voice just became weaker and weaker.

“What’s di mother so surprised about? Wan er is just teaching someone a lesson with their own method. Back then, how did you instruct Gao momo to poison my mother’s food? And after Eldest Sister passed away, how did you send my mother to her grave? Did you forget? You shouldn’t, it has barely been any time!” Yao Mowan coldly sneered as she looked at Dou Xianglan whose face was deathly pale. After such a long time, she finally felt a little refreshed.

“You vicious lowly bastard! Cough cough… Suluan… My Suluan!” Dou Xianglan coughed so hard it seemed like she wanted to cough her lungs out.

“Haa, it seems that in your eyes, everyone except for Yao Suluan is a lowly bastard! Then, do you know that in Father’s eyes, your daughter is nothing but a lowly bastard!? If one day, she falls from the imperial gui fei seat, Father will be too disgusted to even look at her. Do you believe that? Do you know why?”

“It’s because she has a mother that doesn’t know any shame. That day, in Virtue Cloud House, while you were enjoying yourself with Lou Yuxin, Father was standing right outside. The high-ranked, dutiful, grand Prime Minister ah! Yet he actually didn’t have the courage to strode inside when he saw his own wife fooling around with someone else. Say, do you think he’s suffering from it?” Yao Mowan smiled lightly with bright eyes.

“It was you… you were the one that told!” Dou Xianglan’s face was deathly white. Due to her anger, her body trembled uncontrollably.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

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