Cry of Phoenix: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: In Despair, Goes Mad
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Zhen does not feel as if this slap was unexpected. From the start you were always this way, considering everyone else beneath you! No matter if it were the battlefield campaigns, the five dragons struggle, the chaos of Yi Xi! You were always able to think one step ahead of zhen! In your presence, zhen was just like a puppet! Like a useless person! As if zhen only acquired this throne because of your help, the help of a woman! Zhen hates you, from the moment you revealed the cutting edge12, zhen already hated you to death!” Ye Hong Yi’s fingers, like claws, grasped Yao Mo Xin’s snow white neck, in his pitch-black eyes was not even the slightest trace of light.

(12) Not sure what it is, it’ll probably be revealed later, but the possible alternatives are: tip(of pencil, spear etc); sharp point; spearhead; vanguard

“Those are just rumors!” Yao Mo Xin felt as if the pit of her stomach was being submerged in seawater, she felt ill to the point she was almost suffocating, but both her hands still tightly hugged the infant although he was already no longer breathing.
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“Everything they said was true! If there wasn’t you! Zhen could not have possibly obtained the throne! If it weren’t for you curbing Ye Jun Qing, would he willingly acknowledge allegiance to zhen? The five dragons struggle, the chaos of Yi Xi, everytime zhen despaired and gave up hope, you were always able to think of a good plan to counterattack! This is fact!” The strength in Ye Hong Yi’s hands became increasingly greater, in his eyes ignited raging flames as if he desired to burn Yao Mo Xin alive.
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“So…… great grace became grudge13! After all is said and done you just can’t tolerate Mo Xin? But everything Mo Xin did was for your sake! If there wasn’t Mo Xin, would you have today!” Yao Mo Xin’s tears bursted like a dam, her crushed throat forced out hoarse shouts of questions.

(13) I was unsure which translation to settle with and decided to search it up, chancing upon the fact that it was actually a variation of a different saying: 大恩即大仇 which means that basically, one person did a large act of grace which was so great that the second person could never repay it, so over time, such an act of grace became a sensitive topic and eventually the uncomfortableness turns to hatred and manifests into a grudge.

‘Pah—’ Both of Ye Hong Yi’s eyes abruptly turned red. He angrily lifted his hand and brutally slapped Yao Mo Xin with even greater force, causing Yao Mo Xin’s body slide back several meters. The infant in her bosom fell out of her embrace and rolled to the side.
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“Zhong er!” Enduring the pain that attacked her whole body, Yao Mo Xin frenziedly rushed towards the infant, but Ye Hong Yi got there first.
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“Not just cannot tolerate you! Zhen cannot tolerate this child either! Whether he is a vile spawn or not isn’t important, the important point is that his birth mother is you!” Ye Hong Yi bellowed in rage as he savagely threw the infant on the wall causing his head to crack and brains to spill out.
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“Ah——Zhong er! Ye Hong Yi, you monster! Monster! In the next life Mo Xin will definitely make your corpse be torn into ten thousand pieces14! Ten thousand pieces!!” Yao Mo Xin maniacally threw herself towards the infant, making this firm resolution.

(14) It’s not just a curse, it was apparent at one time a punishment for people guilty of truly terrible crimes.

“Good! Zhen awaits your next lifetime! But in this lifetime, zhen will definitely not let you die in peace! Zhen will have you face this vile spawn’s corpse and perish slowly in the Cold Palace!” Seeing Yao Mo Xin’s insane appearance as she hugged the badly mutilated infant, a thread of pleasure flashed across the depths of Ye Hong Yi’s eyes.
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Stepping out of the Cold Palace, Ye Hong Yi restrained the vehenmence in the depths of his eyes and coldly commanded Yao Su Luan.
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“Lock up the palace doors. Starting today, it is prohibited to bring water or food here!” Leaving this order, Ye Hong Yi completely departed. After watching Ye Hong Yi’s figure fade from her sight, the corner of Yao Su Luan’s mouth curled slightly and she proceeded to stroll into the Cold Palace.
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“Tsk, who would have thought it. His Majesty actually harbored such deep sentiment for you, and didn’t even end you with his own hands!” Yao Su Luan lifted her eyebrow as she looked towards the ground at where Yao Mo Xin was collapsed, sobbing in grief, her soft voice carrying unconcealed maliciousness.
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Not paying any attention to Yao Su Luan’s mocking and ridicule, Yao Mo Xin was tightly hugging her Zhong er, heartrendingly wailing, I’m sorry! I’m sorry Zhong er! If it weren’t for mother, you wouldn’t have died so miserably! This heartless fate! Where did she go wrong? If it wasn’t due to some mistake of hers, why did she have to go through all of this!
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“Then cry! Bring that lowly mother and imbecile sister of yours along to cry! Now that I think about it, it’s about time, they should be down there already waiting for Zhong er! Ah—” Yao Su Luan couldn’t hold back and bursted out laughing. She finally got rid of her eyesore and it was even to the satisfaction of everyone!
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“You…… what did you say?” Yao Mo Xin abruptly lifted her gaze, her despairing eyes fixed on Yao Su Luan.
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“Did I not make it clear enough? Then fine, I’ll repeat it again. It was yesterday, when you were thrown into the Cold Palace by His Majesty, my mother had already, according to plan, sent that lowly mother of yours a dose of strong poison. As for that imbecile sister of yours, I reckon by now she’s already been defiled by those daye1s in the brothels for their money’s worth.” Every word, every sentence Yao Su Luan spoke, like knells, strike and vibrated inside Yao Mo Xin’s head.

(1) 大爷 – “daye” can refer to self-centered showoffs, uncles, a term of respect for older man, basically just refers to guys, sometimes derogative, something respectful, sometimes neutral

“Yao Su Luan! I treated you well, yet you bite the hand that fed you, you heartless wretch! You…..” Yao Su Luan’s palm fiercely slapped down, interrupting Yao Mo Xin’s snarl.
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Pei2! If you treated me well you would have quietly given up the throne of the Empress, that seat is mine! Do you think a lowly life like yours, which was borne of a concubine, could ever be suited to seat on the phoenix throne! Yao Mo Xin, I’ve hated you to death since forever. Luckily, the Heavens have eyes. Even though it was a bit late, it still allowed me to get rid of you, you blight! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, that rumor was something I had people spread; He Lian da ren was sent into prison with my accusation, otherwise what would have made you move to secretly incite the court to jointly present a petition to save him; and that night at Water Ripple Pavilion, it was also me that found all the so-called eye witnesses, and…… there’s really too much, even ben gong can’t quite keep track of them all!” Yao Su Luan egotistically flaunted her own ‘accomplishments’ and sinisterly laughed.

(2) 呸 – “Pei” Spitting sound
大人 – “da ren” Sir/Madam. A suffix used for an official or a person in authority.
本宫 – “ben gong” is a way of referring to oneself, employed by an empress or a high-ranking consort when speaking to a person or an audience of lower rank or status

“Such a black heart! I’ll kill you! Ah——” Yao Mo Xin felt her heart which was already heavily damaged from the start, right now, with a thump, shattered completely. The one who she loved enough to sacrifice her life for, Ye Hong Yi, saw her as a thorn in his eye. The one she had always indulged, Yao Su Luan, saw her as a thorn in her side. What she received in return, was that all her relatives died pitifully one by one!
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Credits: Translated by Chiryomira, Edited by Minztu

[Chiyomira’s Corner]

8.19.18 I’m recruiting translators for this series with plans to make it my next main project around Winter Break. However, to do that while not failing my college classes, I need at least 2 translator helpers. Please check out this [[recruitment page link]] for more details and let me know if you’re interested!


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