Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: She Reincarnated into Her Stomach!

“If you dare tell Ye Hongyi, I’ll end our relationship right now! Yao Mowan won’t forgive you even if she dies and becomes a ghost! Humph! You can enjoy the cold breeze by yourself, I won’t wait upon you anymore!” Yan Nansheng abruptly got up and glared at Ye Junqing with unusually cold eyes. Then, he soared into the air and flew away. Ye Junqing could still feel the chill Yan Nansheng left behind even after his figure had disappeared into the night.

“I was just saying it. Was there any need to be that emotional!?” Ye Junqing’s voice had just landed when a sentence transmitted over from the distant horizon. “Saying it is not allowed either…”

Ye Junqing only felt that it was abnormally chilly so he soon jumped off the roof and went back to his room. This was too strange!

In Guan Osprey Palace, Yao Mowan was sitting upright next to the table. Her clear eyes were fixed on the table but her gaze seemed to look through the table at something in the distance. The day of seven seven. My son, rest in peace! Mother, Younger Sister, don’t worry, I will remember this blood grudge. You won’t have to wait long, I vow upon this!

Niang niang, these are the things you wanted.” Yao Mowan quickly retrieved the sorrow in her eyes when Ting Yue entered. Her eyes that were deep as abysses gradually returned to being calm.

During dinner, Ye Junqing tried to find opportunities to talk to Yao Mowan several times but was stopped by her frosty expression. In the end, the meal had ended yet Ye Junqing still hadn’t gotten to talk to Yao Mowan.

“Fluffy looks pretty well-behaved today…” Seeing that Yao Mowan was about to leave, Ye Junqing hastily reached out towards Fluffy and gave some fake praise.

“Ting Yue, it’s a rare occasion for the Esteemed Prince to actually like Fluffy. You should hold Fluffy and keep wang ye company. Ben gong is tired.” Yao Mowan didn’t even bother to look at Ye Junqing as she handed Fluffy to Ting Yue and turned to leave.

“Hey! What kind of attitude is that? If it weren’t… if it weren’t…” Ye Junqing never finished his words. If it weren’t for the fact that today was Moxin’s seven seven, there’s no way he would be coaxing her. He really didn’t know how to explain things to Moxin in a little while. After all, Moxin cared about this younger sister of hers second-most, only after Ye Hongyi.

The serene and cool moonlight poured down like water and enveloped the entire palace. Wind arose and tree branches gently rustled with the breeze. As the moonlight filtered through the branches and leaves, they cast mottled shadows beneath the trees.

There was a simple and crude wing in the former site of the Cold Palace. The side rooms were about the same size as the Cold Palace. Yao Mowan pushed open the door and entered. Every step seemed to take all of her strength. Her tears fell incessantly. Her Zhong er died so tragically. Just recalling it caused her to feel as if blades were stabbing her heart and carving out chunks blood and flesh with every thrust.

“Master, everything is prepared.” Yin Xue lit the white candles before returning to Yao Mowan’s side. Wordlessly, Yao Mowan slowly knelt on the ground and threw in the joss paper* one by one. In the flickering flames, Yao Mowan’s face seemed like that of an underworld deity.

joss paper is also known as ghost money. They’re sheets of paper and/or paper-crafts made into burnt offerings. It’s said that the spirit of the deceased uses them to buy things in the afterlife. Fun fact: you’re supposed to burn specific types for specific spirits/deities but my grandma on my dad’s side apparently loved money so whenever we pay a visit, we burn all sorts of ghost money. Someone remarked, I’m not sure who, that inflation in the afterlife must be crazy.

After about half an incense time, Yin Xue slowly walked up and leaned over Yao Mowan’s ear.

“Master, they’re here.”

Upon hearing this, Yao Mowan tossed in the last joss paper and got up. Her eerily cold eyes fixed on the bluestone road outside the door. Yin Xue picked up the white candles, then waved her hand. All the ashes immediately scattered.

“Move according to plan,” said Yao Mowan coldly. Soon afterwards, there was a burst of wind and Yao Mowan disappeared simultaneously with Yin Xue. Almost in the same second, Yao Suluan walked into the wing leading Bai Mei. Behind them, Cai Ying followed cautiously while hugging a pile of spell tools.

“It’s here?” asked Bai Mei as he looked around doubtfully.

“Yes. This was the place where that ghost had met her violent end!” That day was the happiest she had been in this lifetime so there naturally no way she could remember it wrong.

“Then alright, this poor Taoist shall cast the spell here. Imperial gui fei, please move back.” Bai Mei turned to take the spell tools from Cai Ying’s hands and then headed to the north position to arrange them in a solemn manner. Then, he raised his horsetail whisk and started chanting. Behind him, Yao Suluan subconsciously grabbed Cai Ying’s hand as she glanced around fearfully.

The wind gradually grew larger and eventually became so big the occupants of the room were chilled to the bone. Bai Mei lifted his horsetail whisk in a fierce movement. Suddenly, the candle flames next to the artifacts went out. The entire wing instantly fell into darkness.

“Daoist Priest… what’s going on?” Yao Suluan’s pupils dilated and she abruptly tightened her grip on Cai Ying’s hand.

“This ghost’s resentment is too strong! However, don’t worry, imperial gui fei. This poor Daoist naturally has methods to subdue it!” As Bai Mei spoke, he lit the candles again and waved the horsetail whisk as he continued chanting rapidly. Right at this moment, a whirlwind seemed to start in the room. The ashes on the ground were swept up by the wind until a miniature cyclone was gradually formed.

“Daoist Priest… what… what is this?” asked Yao Suluan in a shrill, trembling voice as she stared alarmed at this terrifying scene.

“What a powerful ghost!” Bai Mei tightly gripped his horsetail whisk with both hands. His expression was abnormally grave.

Niang niang, we had better leave.” Cai Ying’s little face was deathly pale as she stuck closely to Yao Suluan’s side.

“Daoist Priest, you stay and finish your spell. Ben gong will come back to see you once you finish… Cai Ying, help support ben gong out!” Yao Suluan felt continuous chills down her spine and her legs were trembling as she walked.

“You want to leave…? Yao Suluan, return my life! Return my life!” Yao Mowan’s eerie cry came from the darkness.

“Ah… Cai Ying! Did you hear that!? Did you hear!? It’s her! It’s Yao Moxin! Daoist Priest! Save me!” Yao Suluan grabbed onto Cai Ying. Her face was so pale it seemed bloodless. However, when she looked back, she saw that there was blood seeping out of the corner of Bai Mei’s lips.

“Daoist Priest! What do we do now!?” Yao Suluan shrieked as if the person that had died a violent death was her. Right at this moment, the ashes in the room suddenly gathered together and abruptly rushed towards Yao Suluan’s lower abdomen.

The entire scene only seemed to have lasted a few moments. Everything returned to normal but Yao Suluan still stood in her place, frozen and incapable of speech.

Niang niang! Are you alright?” Cai Ying forced down the fear in her heart and reached out to support Yao Suluan with both hands.

“Daoist Priest…” Yao Suluan turned to look towards Bai Mei while trembling.

“This poor Daoist is ashamed to have failed to accomplish niang niang’s entrusted task. However, don’t worry, niang niang, that ghost has already reincarnated. Only…” Bai Mei looked towards Yao Suluan’s lower abdomen and hesitated in finishing his words.

“Only what? Hurry up and say it! Do you want to kill ben gong with anxiety?” Yao Suluan immediately felt a bit better after hearing that Yao Moxin had reincarnated.

“It’s just that the ghost’s resentment was too deep and it insisted on continuing the dispute with imperial gui fei. Thus, earlier, that ghost entered the fetus in niang niang’s abdomen to reincarnate,” said Bai Mei softly, his expression troubled.

“What did you say!? Yao Moxin… reincarnated into ben gong’s stomach? How can this be!? How can this be!? Hurry and leave! Get out!” Bai Mei’s words exploded inside Yao Suluan’s brain like thunder from clear sky. Her head felt completely blank as she hit her stomach frantically with both hands.

Niang niang, please keep calm. After reincarnation, she will no longer be the her of the past so in reality, there’s no need for niang niang to mind.” Bai Mei tried his best to console her but all that his words did was cause Yao Suluan to hurl abuse at him.

“Sham psychic! Damned witch! Didn’t you say you would be able to utterly destroy her soul and scatter her spirit!? How could it end up like this!? You bastard! Ben gong will have you beheaded!” Yao Suluan suddenly rushed towards Bai Mei but Cai Ying stopped her.

“Daoist Priest, you probably remember the path by which we came. You should leave first!” said Cai Ying hastily.

Imperial gui fei shouldn’t be so disturbed. It is better to squash enmity rather than keeping it alive. This is also a pretty good thing ah!” Before Bai Mei left, he didn’t forget to provoke Yao Suluan one last time.

“Scram!” snarled Yao Suluan.

In the shadows, Yao Mowan watched Yao Suluan coldly. Yao Suluan, this is just the beginning. Next, ben gong shall send you a big gift. Ben gong is sure you will love it.

On her way back, Yao Mowan noticed that there was the flickering of flames in Changle Palace.

“Yin Xue, we’re going to take a look!” Yao Mowan’s eyes turned cold. She already had an idea who it was. Just as expected, Ye Junqing’s lonely figure appeared in her eyes after Yin Xue brought her into Changle Palace.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

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