Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Want Her To Salute An Imbecile?

“Did he eat?” Yao Mowan retrieved her gaze, recollecting the bone-deep sorrow in her eyes.
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“En. Niang niang, this servant has one thing that she doesn’t understand. How come niang niang pretends to be stupid in front of everyone, yet just doesn’t conceal it from the Esteemed Prince?” Ting Yue had pondered over this question for a long thing but still couldn’t figure it out.

“You forgot? Before entering the palace ben gong went to the Esteemed Prince’s Residence so he has a deep impression of ben gong. Not to mention, His Majesty already arranged for Ye Junqing to stay in Guan Osprey Palace. Being together day and night, even if ben gong wants to hide it, it couldn’t be kept hidden for more than a few days. Rather than always being apprehensive around him, wouldn’t it be better just to let him know. It’s not like there’d be any problems.” Yao Mowan slowly walked to the table. The lychee fruit inside the plate was once her favorite, but right now, biting into it inside her mouth, she didn’t feel much of anything. When the heart is bitter, nothing you eat will be able to change this reality.

Niang niang’s not afraid the Esteemed Prince would expose niang niang to His Majesty?” Ting Yue passed over a peeled lychee fruit to Yao Mowan as she worriedly asked.

“The only thing ben gong doesn’t have to worry about is this matter. Don’t worry, if there weren’t enough assurances, ben gong wouldn’t have risked it. You’ve gotten familiar with all the imperial concubines in the Inner Palace this couple days?” Yao Mowan changed the topic and looked seriously at Ting Yue.

Niang niang can ask as you please!” Ting Yue was filled with self-confidence.

“Haaa, then take a walk with ben gong.” Yao Mowan smoothed her lips into a light smile and got up, placing her jade fingers in Ting Yue’s hand as they slowly strolled out the Guan Osprey Palace. Having returned to the Imperial Palace, it was time to visit a few people.
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Great Chu’s Imperial Garden was much bigger than Ting Yue imagined. The pavilion that the hamster was hanging from earlier was nothing more than the most unremarkable corner of the Imperial Garden. At this time, as Ting Yue stood on the white jade stone bridge in the center road of the Imperial Garden and gazed down at the mass of green satin-like scene and the sparkling jade lake, she couldn’t help but be amazed.

Niang niang, this is way bigger than the pond in Xiang fu!” Ting Yue exclaimed, deeply moved.

“Ting Yue, do you see that over there? The concubine feeding the fishes in that pavilion right now, try identifying who she is?” Following Yao Mowan’s pointed direction, Ting Yue clearly saw a girl lightly sprinkling fish food into the jade lake from a pavilion that was constructed to suspend over the lake. The fish food attracted many koi to gather underneath the pavilion. They would, from time to time, leap up, causing splashes that sent countless droplets flying and glittering under the sunlight.
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The girl had on a dark reddish purple skirt, its pleats were embroidered with the symbol of riches and honor, the tree peony. A light green colored silk gracefully wrapped around her waist and a white muslin garment was draped over her shoulders. Three thousand fine black strands of hair were drawn up into the extremely complicated Flying Fairy Style and decorated with a descending moon hairpin, jadeite ornaments, blood pearls and other considerably expensive accessories; it was clear that this girl was not of ordinary status.

Niang niang can’t stump Ting Yue, she must be chen fei Huan Caier, the youngest daughter of the Left General Huan Heng. She lives in Moon Crossing Pavilion and has been an imperial concubine for five years, but does not have a single son. She has been accustomed to being spoiled and willful living with the general and still has not exercised restraint after entering the Inner Palace; she would often beat the palace maids until their entire bodies were covered with bruises. The palace maid behind her should be Zi Shuang, also the most despotic of the palace maids; in any case, all the palace maids are afraid of her and when they could avoid, they’d avoid.” Ting Yue enumerated in detail clearly all the information she managed to hear about, prompting Yao Mowan to cast her a sidelong glance.

Niang niang? Ting Yue wasn’t right?” Seeing Yao Mowan’s expression of surprise, Ting Yue asked carefully.

“Not only was it right, it was even very accurate.” Yao Mowan nodded with satisfaction, and then started walking on the arched bridge towards the pavilion. After receiving praise, Ting Yue was naturally very happy as she followed behind Yao Mowan. It was just that in the next second she felt like something was off. It took quite some effort for her to investigate this bit of information; after Master entered the palace she never came in contact with anyone else, how would be able to know whether what she said was correct or not? Ting Yue was just about to finely deliberate it but she noticed that Yao Mowan had already walked pretty far away so she simply dropped the thought and sped up her footsteps to catch up.

“Seriously angering ben gong to death! One Yao Moxin died and now another Yao Mowan came, and heard it’s even a fool! Lately His Majesty’s taste really changed to being quite heavy, what kind of fun could he have with a fool!? It couldn’t be that he just lies on the bed counting with that idiot!?” Yao Mowan had just neared the pavilion when she heard Huan Caier’s poisonous mouth spouting curses.

“Niang niang……”

“Shhh—” Ting Yue was just about to advance forward to argue when Yao Mowan blocked her and indicated to be quiet.

“Master, don’t be angry. It’s just a fool, it’s not like she could threaten Master’s position in the palace. We should warn lao ye(the lord=Huan Caier’s father) to keep an eye on that old fox, Yao Zhenting. He actually was able to make His Majesty take his stupid daughter as an imperial concubine and bestowed Yao Sulaun the title of imperial gui fei; it looks like in His Majesty’s heart, Yao Zhenting’s position is still quiet influential.” Zi Shuang handed all the fish food in her hand to Huan Caier as she voiced her concerns and analyzed the situation.
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“That’s not necessarily true either, after all, His Majesty still hasn’t named an Empress! But just thinking of Yao Moxin’s difficult birth and the way both mother and son dropped dead, ben gong’s heart really feels indescribably merry! Good riddance! Especially that little vile spawn! If he had been allowed to live. the position of crown prince would have also fallen into the Yao family’s hands. At that time, things won’t be easy to deal with! Eat ah, I’ll fill you guys until you burst!” Huan Caier’s cherry lips slightly hooked. As she laughed evilly, she threw all the fish food in her hand into the jade lake.

“You’re not allowed to say bad things about Second Older Sister!” Just as Huan Caier turned around to leave the pavilion, Yao Mowan suddenly rushed up and looked with seething anger at Huan Caier. If her memory wasn’t wrong, at that time when Huan Caier beat a palace maid to death, it was her that opened the net on one side and kept the incident from getting big. At this moment, Yao Mowan suddenly had to admit painfully, that in this world, being a good person would not bring about good repayment.

“Who are you?” Huan Caier seized up the unfamiliar girl in front of her and coldly asked.

“She’s Guan Ospray Palace’s new master. His Majesty personally bestowed upon her the title of Yao fei. Based on the rules of the palace, my family’s Master has a bestowed name, you do not, so you should salute to my family’s Master!” Ting Yue that had already been stifling a bellyfull of anger immediately rushed up and loudly yelled.

The entire pavilion abruptly went silent. Huan Caier stared blankly for a moment, then suddenly laughed loudly and continued to laugh until her tears practically spilled out.

“Pff— Hahaha! Zi Shuang, did you hear that? She actually wanted to have me salute an imbecile! I can’t, I’m dying. Hurry and come support ben gong, my stomach hurts from laughing!” Huan Caier howled with absolutely unrestrained laughter, her eyes filled with a disdaining light.

“What are you looking at, still not scraming!? Don’t block my family’s Master’s path!” Zi Shuang disgustedly pushed Ting Yue away and was just about to go support Huan Caier to leave the pavilion when Yao Mowan suddenly rushed up and pushed Zi Shuang aside. She fiercely pushed Huan Caier to the flat railing area of the pavilion, her eyes red.

“Go apologize to Second Older Sister!” Yao Mowan spoke each word forcefully and clearly.

“You……audacious, to actually dare to be so rude towards chen fei niang niang!” Zi Shuan who finally managed to stabilize herself wanted to pull Yao Mowan aside but Ting Yue pulled her hair and Zi Shuan screamed out in pain.

“You’re the one that’s audacious! That is Yao fei niang niang! You actually dared to not address her deferentially!” Ting Yue saw Yao Mowan get angry and immediately threw her caution to the wind. No matter what she couldn’t let her Master suffer losses!

“What damned rubbish is a fool like you spouting! Why does ben gong have to apologize to Yao Suluan!? Hurry and let go of ben gong!” Huan Caier furiously looked towards Yao Mowan, naturally unintimidated by the fool in front of her.

“Are you going? Or not going?” Yao Mowan used force in both her hands and pressed them hard on Huan Caier’s jade shoulders, her clear pupils dyed with wisps of blood. She couldn’t bear to hear a single insult towards Zhong er, this was the root of Huan Caier’s mistake.
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Ben gong won’t go! Ah——” Just as Huan Caier stated her resolute position, in the next second she was completely pushed off the pavilion by Yao Mowan and fell with a splash into the lake. Droplets leapt up high into the air, sparkling like pure and translucent jewels beneath the sunlight.
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Chen…… chen fei niang niang! Someone come ah! Niang niang has fallen into the water! Someone come! You! You-you-you……” Zi Shuan violently pushed Ting Yue aside and rushed to the horizontal railing. Sadly she didn’t know how to swim and could only look on helplessly as her own family’s Master flailed around in the water. Even if it was the warm spring, the lake water was still extremely cold ah.

“I already gave her the chance to choose, it was her that wouldn’t go!” Yao Mowan shrugged her shoulders without any trace of guilt. Leaving behind a pale blue faced Zi Shuan, Yao Mowan indicated towards the side to Ting Yue who was flabbergasted, and left.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Sonia

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