Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: You Sure Act Well

Niang niang, chen fei is being way too tyrannical! Are you just going to let her off like this?” At the side, Cai Ying objected as she watched Huan Caier leave angrily.

“Otherwise what else could I do? His Majesty is still inside, I couldn’t very well go crazy with her, could I? She’s nothing but a little clown causing a ruckus; based on her abilities there’s not much she can do! On the contrary, it’s His Majesty that’s strange. How can he indulge Yao Mowan so much like this? I truly don’t know what His Majesty is thinking. She’s clearly an imbecile, yet he’s treating her like some sort of treasure!” Yao Suluan’s cold pupils swept across the white gauze over her own hand and hatred filled her chest.

Inside the main hall, Ye Hongyi pampered and supported Yao Mowan to the table before turning his eyes to Ye Junqing.

“Junqing, sit as well.” Ye Hongyi had just opened his mouth when An Bingshan could be seen running in from outside. He approached and then whispered something in Ye Hongyi’s ear. An Bingshan’s voice was very soft. Yao Mowan tried very hard to listen but still couldn’t hear a single word.

“Wan er, zhen still has matters to deal with so zhen won’t accompany you tonight. Don’t worry, Fluffy’s life is under zhen’s protection so no one will dare to do anything to it. You should be an adult and not bicker with people of lower status. Just forgive the Esteemed Prince this once. If you don’t let him eat his meals here, afraid he’ll have to starve!” Ye Hongyi pressed his face against Yao Mowan’s cheek and spoke gently as if coaxing a child.

“Then… fine, Wan er will listen to Your Majesty!” Yao Mowan hesitated for a long time before finally nodding reluctantly.

“Good Wan er! Then zhen is going. Eat well, zhen will come visit you again tomorrow!” Ye Hongyi reluctantly released Yao Mowan and walked out of Osprey Guan Palace.

Once Ye Hongyi walked off, Ye Junqing sat down without a trace of politeness and snorted disdainfully as he looked at Yao Mowan.

“You sure act well!”

Wang ye is too flattering.” Yao Mowan spoke mildly as her jade fingers picked up the black bamboo chopsticks that were decorated with engravings. She gracefully picked up a piece of fish and delicately sampled it. Perhaps it was due to her mood, but Yao Mowan felt like today’s meal fit her tastes particularly well. She has faith that with this scene of hers, not only would it cause Huan Caier and Yao Suluan to have a falling out, it would also cause the Left General, Huan Heng, and Father to become hostile against each other. The good show is finally starting to play. She was really looking forward to it quite a bit.

Ben wang doesn’t mean to praise you at all! You were probably able to tell, weren’t you?” Ye Junqing immediately cleared things up.

“You didn’t? Then what did you mean ah?” Yao Mowan’s tender and beautiful face suddenly turned towards Ye Junqing as she asked with a sincere, yet still dignified attitude.

The two faces were extremely close, close to the point Ye Junqing could count how many lashes there were on Yao Mowan’s eyelid, could feel a warm breath that seemed almost to brush his face, to the point that he could even smell that special sort of fragrance that belongs exclusively to a woman, light and fragrant, causing people to be intoxicated. T/N

“Eat!” Ye Junqing felt like his brain was completely blank. In the next second, he immediately retreated to a chair at the side, frantically picked up the chopsticks and began eating with large mouthfuls. Seeing Ye Junqing like this, Yao Mowan’s lips curled up in a trace of a faint smile. Junqing, you stood by and protected me my previous half a lifetime, for the next half lifetime, allow Mowan to protect you.

When noon of the next day had passed, Yao Mowan had nothing to do and was just about to head out to take a walk when she saw Liu Xing rush in from outside.

Niang niang, Big Madam has entered the palace, and she even brought Little Young Master!” Liu Xing had placed a spy in Yao Xiang fu so Liu Xing had received the news immediately the moment Dou Xianglan stepped out the door.

“Dou Xianglan is always this shortsighted. She wants to borrow Yao Suluan’s hand to send Yao Yu to death. Does she not realize that the Imperial Court has a rather delicate relationship with the inner palace? If Father was pressed into a corner and decided to abandon Yao Suluan, this chess piece, the ones that would suffer losses in the end is still the pair of them, the mother and daughter!” Yao Mowan laughed coldly as she got up. Her smooth fingers stroked across the delicately embroidered orchid flowers on her sleeve as a light flashed through the depths of her eyes.

“The imperial gui fei really will try to harm Yao Yu? But he’s lao ye’s only son!” Liu Xing looked worriedly towards Yyao Mowan, his anxiety was obvious to see.

“Yao Suluan’s not dumb either, she naturally wouldn’t take risks like this. However… Liu Xing, Ting Yue, accompany ben gong for a walk to Pure Flowers Palace. Whether it’s based on emotion or reason, ben gong should still go take a look at this di(first wife, pronounced like the letter ‘d’ with an upwards lift in tone. di2) mother.” Yao Mowan moved with light lotus steps out of Guan Osprey Palace. The sunlight illuminated her incomparably beautiful cheeks, yet it had no way to penetrate her sealed, cold heart.

Inside Pure Flowers Palace, Yao Suluan shot a fierce glance towards the Yao Yu that was standing timidly to the side, then shifted her gaze to instruct Cai Ying.

“Cai Ying, take Yao Yu to the Imperial Garden to play.” After sending Yao Yu away, Yao Suluan finally looked towards her own mother.

“Mother, why did you bring him here into the palace?” Yao Suluan looked towards Dou Xianglan in puzzlement as she asked.

“In the fu your father ordered Yao Tu and the rest to watch closely so this mother couldn’t find any way of making a move ah! And so, wouldn’t it be better just to bring him to the Imperial Palace and find a random lake to push him into? We’ll just say he drowned because he accidentally fell in himself. No matter how angry your father gets, he still wouldn’t cause havoc with the Imperial Palace, isn’t that so?” Dou Xianglan sampled the tea as if this was an extremely simple matter.

“My dear mother ah, can you stop causing trouble!? Don’t you see how vexed I already am, yet fancy that, you still came up with this sort of scheme!” Yao Suluan rolled her eyes at Dou Xianglan, speechless with her thinking and gave a fierce sigh.

“How can you say it’s causing trouble!? Mother is also doing this for your sake! Look at your father! All day long he only talks about that lowly vermin, he’s taking you less and less seriously! This morning, after returning from court, he even talked on and on about your faults right in front of me! Saying what, you shouldn’t have offended chen fei, causing Huan Heng to snitch on him in front of the court. It was he himself that had information for Huan Heng to use against him in the first place, what did it have to do with you!?” Dou Xianglan gave a cold humph as she angrily fumed.

“Huan Heng snitched on Father? Didn’t expect that chen fei’s speed was truly so quick!” Yao Suluan’s willow brows knitted as her eyes gradually chilled.

“What exactly happened? Didn’t you always have a ‘well water doesn’t offend river water’(everyone minds their own business) relationship with that chen fei? It couldn’t be that she’s purposefully looking for opportunities due to you being made imperial gui fei?” Dou Xianglan saw Yao Suluan’s expression of fury and asked worriedly.

“Who else if it wasn’t all bestowed by that fool!? I don’t know what wind(homophone in Chinese for craziness) Yao Mowan pulled, but she actually pushed Huan Caier from the pavilion into the lake, almost, but couldn’t drown her! If it were me, I also wouldn’t have left the matter at that!” Just thinking about it caused Yao Suluan’s belly to be filled with flames.

“When did that imbecile become so bold?” Dou Xianglan suddenly looked towards Yao Suluan. She paused for a while, before continuing.

“This won’t do! This matter isn’t related to you. Once I get home I must explain it clearly to your father. There’s no reason for you to help carry the black pot for that fool!” Dou Xianglan spoke angrily.

“Enough la, even if you said it, would father believe? Father would just think I have a small belly and a chicken’s gut(petty minded), and that I’m trying to incite Yao Mowan to err so that I can borrow the opportunity to get rid of her!” Yao Suluan only felt that her head hurt and she used her fingers to rub her forehead.

“This Yao Mowan! If I knew earlier that there would be a day like this, I should have just poured her a bowl of Crane’s Red Crown(ancient Chinese Poison)T/N2 back then and sent her together with that lowly mother of hers to Hell to reunite with Yao Moxin!” Dou Xianglan was grinding her teeth with fury when Yao Mowan walked naively into Pure Flowers Palace.

“Wan er greets di mother. What is the Crane’s Red Crown that di mother was just talking about?” Before entering Pure Flowers Palace, Yao Mowan saw Cai Ying leave with Yao Yu so she instructed Liu Xing and Ting Yue to follow them. Afterwards, she waited outside the palace for quite a while before walking in just now.

“You…how long have you been here?” Dou Xianglan was stunned for a moment as she looked at the Yao Mowan that was slowly walking in, before asking in a fluster.

“I just came ah. Just then I heard di mother talk about some Crane’s Red Crown, and I think di mother also mentioned Mowan’s mother ne? What are you guys talking about?” Yao Mowan blinked her clear eyes as her cherry lips perked up in a beautiful arc.

“None of your business! After a couple days of no beatings it looks like your skin is itching for one…” Dou Xianglan was just about to get up to give Yao Mowan a proper lesson when Yao Suluan immediately stopped her.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Scullyhahn

[Chiyomira’s Corner]

8.19.18 I’m recruiting translators for this series with plans to make it my next main project around Winter Break. However, to do that while not failing my college classes, I need at least 2 translator helpers. Please check out this [[recruitment page link]] for more details and let me know if you’re interested!



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