Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: The Palace Maid Covered With Injuries

Her heart, felt indescribably heavy. Yao Mowan leaned heavily against the agarwood plank as she gazed at the carriage wall. Mang Yuan had many metal and mineral resources and was known as the land of fish and rice. Its location was between the nations of Chu and Shu, but it had yet to enter either of the two’s domain. It had always been a focus point of conflicts between the two nations. At that time, for the sake of this treasure location, Yao Moxin had kept it from Ye Hongyi and secretly sent people to live there long term. She allocated resources to construct banks, cloth factories, grain factories, and privately accepted soldiers and brought horses. It was known publically as the self-defense force, however, the manipulator behind the scenes was Yao Moxin.

Originally, she had planned to wait for a good opportunity to tell Ye Hongyi and give him a pleasant surprise. She never expected that Ye Hongyi moved one step ahead of her and gave her an enormous ‘pleasant surprise’ first.

Once they returned to the Imperial Palace, Ye Junqing got off the carriage and left on his own. From start to finish, he didn’t say a single word to Yao Mowan. Yao Mowan understood his current feelings. The vanguard he was most proud of actually chose to seek refuge by becoming her subordinate. Ye Junqing definitely felt like he had been betrayed. As Yao Mowan looked at Ye Junqing’s back, she couldn’t help but hook her lips. You don’t want to fight, so you don’t fight. That’s fine. Mowan will fight for you, snatch for you. No matter what methods are necessary, Mowan will return the Jianghu of great Chu with its magnificent mountains and rivers intact to you.

Niang niang, the Esteemed Prince seems unhappy?” Ting Yue seem to have noticed and lithely moved up as she asked in a quiet voice.

“Just leave him be.” Yao Mowan lightly sighed. She soon started to walk with Ting Yue and Liu Xing towards Guan Osprey Palace. Just as the three were passing through the Imperial Garden, they suddenly heard a quiet moan come from the half-a-person’s-height-tall canna to the left.

Canna or Indian shot canna is a flower. In Chinese, the name actually translates to beauty[‘s] banana.



Niang niang?” Liu Xing subconsciously moved in front of Yao Mowan to shield her as he looked warily at the underbrush to the left. Without speaking, Yao Mowan shot Liu Xing a look. Liu Xing immediately plunged into the canna.

At this second, Yao Mowan felt rather moved. This thought suddenly occurred to her: even if there were mountains of daggers and seas of flames ahead, as long as she gave him the indication, Liu Xing probably still wouldn’t hesitate, right?.

After half a cup of tea’s time, Liu Xing reappeared, carrying a palace maid whose entire body was covered with wounds.

Niang niang, she’s still alive. However, her injuries are quite severe!” The palace maid in Liu Xing’s arms had disheveled hair and her snow-white neck was bruised. As Yao Mowan looked at the numerous wounds of all sizes on the maid’s body, her eyes abruptly turned cold. This style, it was definitely An Bingshan’s handiwork!

“Liu Xing. Bring her to the hut behind Changle Palace, but be careful. Think of some way to get her some medicine and food. Do your utmost to save her!” Yao Mowan lifted her eyes to look around and was glad that no one had discovered them.

“Yes!” Liu Xing usually never asked for reasons. As long as Yao Mowan ordered it, he would do as instructed. Only after Liu Xing left did Yao Mowan ease her tension and return with Ting Yue to Guan Osprey Palace.

Yao Mowan was surprised to discover, as they strode into Guan Osprey Palace, that Ye Hongyi was actually sitting inside. His line of sight was on a scroll as he quietly perused it. Just one side profile was enough to reveal Ye Hongyi’s seemingly perfect facial features along with his graceful posture and distinct silhouette. The most captivating aspect of all was the depth and dedication in that pair of eyes. At that time, she had been attracted by the aura Ye Hongyi gave off when he was like this, to the point that she went through water and tread on fire for the sake of capturing Jianghu for him. Thinking of it now, all those virtuous Confucian scrolls were seriously wasted being held in the hands of a person with the heart of a wolf and lungs of a dog like him.

“Wan er? Why are you standing there? Come over here. Zhen has waited for you a long time!” When Ye Hongyi suddenly lifted his eyes, it was right in time to see Yao Mowan stand quietly at the door without any apparent intention to walk in.

“Your Majesty was reading, Wan er didn’t dare to disturb.” Yao Mowan recollected her train of thought and lifted her delicate little face as she walked over. Her hands landed very naturally on Ye Hongyi’s palm. When her eyes shifted, she was able to see the title of the book clearly: 《Famous Generals of Antiquity》

Yao Mowan remembered this book. It recorded the honor and disgrace of famous generals of past dynasties, and it detailed their causes of death especially thoroughly. Suppressing Ye Junqing inside the Imperial Palace was still not enough? Ye Hongyi was always this way, with so little sense of security. It seemed as if, in his eyes, it was possible for everyone to betray him. The only difference was how big the betrayal would be.

Zhen was only reading out of boredom while waiting for you. Since you’ve come back, zhen naturally no longer needs to continue reading these tedious books! Zhen’s little devil is much more interesting than these books!” Ye Hongyi seized Yao Mowan’s waist and pulled her onto his leg. His fingers lifted the fine black hair in front of her chest and lightly twirled it. Even though they clearly hadn’t been apart for long, he had actually missed her a little.

“Wan er also missed Your Majesty!” Yao Mowan wrapped both her arms around Ye Hongyi’s neck as she pressed her small face against his chest, a deep light appearing within her quiet and simple eyes.

On the bed, the two bodies passionately entangled. Ye Hongyi completely indulged himself in this delight and felt incapable of extricating himself. Beneath him, Yao Mowan’s jade finger lightly lifted and streaked across Ye Hongyi’s brows that were sharp as peaks.

“Your Majesty is really pretty!” Yao Mowan praised with a sincere tone. At that time, in her eyes, Ye Hongyi had seemed to be the most dazzling man in this world. He teased away her soul and caused her to be faithful to him wholeheartedly until her death. But now, Yao Mowan could clearly see that what was in front of her was nothing but a ravenous wolf; a beast with a blackened heart.

“Nn—” Yao Mowan’s simple and sincere expression paired with that sensual movement finally caused Ye Hongyi to rush to the clouds and felt a never experienced before carefree release.

“Wan er truly is zhen’s little devil!” Ye Hongyi flipped over and laid down next to Yao Mowan as he tenderly pulled her into his arms. His palm stroked her jade-like snow shoulders. “Today, when zhen went to court, a lot of cabinet ministers said bad things about your father in front of zhen. Say, Wan er, what should be done?”

“Why are they saying bad things about Father? Did Father do something wrong? If Father did something wrong, then he must be punished! Every time Wan er did something wrong, Wan er would get punished!” Yao Mowan looked towards Ye Hongyi with a completely innocent expression. That earnest expression caused Ye Hongyi to burst out laughing.

“Wan er also had times when Wan er did things wrong?”

“En. Every time Wan er did something wrong, di mother would lock Wan er into the firewood shed for a long time. Wan er wasn’t allowed to eat and di mother would even have Yu Zhi whip Wan er. It really hurt…” Yao Mowan deliberately shifted her body closer to Ye Hongyi as if she was seeking refuge.

“What did you do wrong that they would punish you like this? Didn’t the Prime Minister care?” Ye Hongyi’s eyes abruptly turned cold as he felt this small body tremble slightly in his arms.

“Wan er doesn’t know either. Perhaps it’s because Wan er isn’t as smart as Eldest Sister and is also not as likable as Second Older Sister. In any case, the moment Wan er speaks, it’s wrong. Wan er always causes di mother to get angry. Your Majesty… it’d be great if only Wan er wasn’t dumb!” Yao Mowan’s voice carried a dense sobbing tone and her body trembled even harder.

“If Wan er wasn’t dumb, Wan er wouldn’t be the Wan er zhen likes best! Don’t worry. From now on, if someone dares to touch you, zhen will definitely strip their skin!” Ye Hongyi gradually tightened his arms around Yao Mowan. This was the first time he felt the impulse to protect a woman, and the feeling was that intense.

“Your Majesty is the best!” Yao Mowan happily lifted her eyes and her soft fingers stroked Ye Hongyi’s chest, seemingly carelessly. However, it caused Ye Hongyi’s heat which had just subsided to once again rise up.

Another round of besieging and plundering began. A slight ripple emerged in Yao Mowan’s heart as she watched Ye Hongyi insatiably seek pleasure from her body. To find out how much Ye Hongyi truly cares about her would depend on seeing how much of her words he actually paid attention to.

The next day, Yao Mowan hugged Fluffy as she sat on the gui fei chair, seeming deep in thought as she stroked the snow-white fur. When she saw Liu Xing enter, she passed Fluffy to Ting Yue.

“How was it?”

“Replying niang niang, I’m afraid it’s impossible to save that palace maid. She’s currently speaking nonsense. From what this servant can tell, she probably won’t last past tonight.” Liu Xing’s voice was heavy as he reported.

“Dying is also good. Living after such a humiliation may be even worse than death…” Ye Mowan’s pupils darkened as she sighed.

Niang niang, who exactly was it that was so vicious? How could they injure a palace maid to that point?” As he recalled the bloody wounds all over that palace maid’s body, unrestrainable wrath appeared on Liu Xing’s face.

“An Bingshan.” Yao Mowan forcefully bit out this name.

“It was him!? To rely on the fact that His Majesty favors him. He’s truly despicable and moralless!” Liu Xing’s hands clenched into fists as he spoke bitterly.

“Isn’t ben gong also relying on the fact that ben gong has His Majesty’s favor? That’s why ben gong dared to be absolutely unrestrained and push chen fei down into the water?” Yao Mowan’s clear eyes shot towards Liu Xing as she spoke each word clearly with strength.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by yours truly

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
As I was rereading through this chapter to proofread for mistakes, this thought occurred to me. They were having raw sex, so how did Yao Mowan prevent herself from getting pregnant? I mean it’s possible that she might just be drinking medicinal soup that prevented pregnancy, but it’s strange that the author never shows that scene. Lol, feels like the author just ignored it completely because if Mowan drinks birth control, then she’ll have to take into consideration how Mowan keeps it hidden so long. In the past, generally, women could not drink birth control unless the husband doesn’t want the woman to get pregnant and ‘bestows’ the soup, in which case the woman had to drink it. Even more so in the Imperial Palace as killing the dragon fetus was often a capital crime.

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