Cry of Phoenix: Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Opening Eyes, A Rebirth
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But right now, unexpectedly, she was conscious. Not only that, but this body was clearly her own sister’s! Who could explain to her what exactly happened!
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“Little girl, don’t even think of running, ben gongzi had spent a bunch of silver for you! You guys can’t you hurry up and finish dealing with this guy! Seriously disappointing!” The silk pants gongzi ge suddenly grabbed Yao Mo Wan’s hand, a wide lewd smile stretched across his perverse face.
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“Third Miss! Smack him! Use the mirror to smack him! Hurry and run—” Numerous thugs, receiving the gongzi‘s command, attacked him even more cruelly. Blood, gushed out from Liu Xing’s forehead.
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At this moment, Yao Mo Xin couldn’t not accept this reality. She had came back to life, and had even reincarnated into someone else’s body7! Feeling throbbing pains from her forehead, Yao Mo Xin concluded without doubt, her own sister must have knocked into the corner of the bed and lost her life to the nine springs.

(7) I just wanted to make a note about this because ‘reincarnated into someone else’s body’ is the literal translation of a chinese pronoun. What the pronoun actually means is that it refers to an occassion in which a formerly discarded or discredited idea returns in another guise. I just find it funny, maybe reincarnation stories were inspired by the literal translation of this saying?
“nine springs” refers to the chinese underworld

Fine! Since the heavens had given her this rebirth opportunity, she will properly cherish it. From now on, she is Yao Mo Wan. The one, in this entire world, who understands most, of Ye Hong Yi’s cruel dog nature, of Yao Su Luan’s poisonous scorpion heart. The Yao Mo Wan containing Yao Mo Xin and Zhong er‘s grudge that is deep as the blood seas, she is the Yao Mo Wan who swore to tear Ye Hong Yi and Yao Su Luan’s corpses into ten thousand pieces!
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“Stop!” Accompanied by a ‘bang——’ sound, Yao Mo Wan’s stern voice resounded loudly. That winter-like chilling voice caused the white silk pants gongzi ge to tremble and loosen his grip.
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“Third Miss…… Run……” Liu Xing’s sight was fuzzy, his whole face bloody, but still, he only worried about Yao Mo Wan’s safety.
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“Tch…… Why did you become difficult all of a sudden, well being a bit difficult is good, ben gongzi just loves little chilli peppers!” The silk pants gongzi ge was only slightly startled for a moment, then started approaching again with a lewd smile, but met with Yao Mo Wan’s blood-chilling expression froze in his steps.
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“I am present Empress’s blood related younger sister, the Imperial Court Prime Minister’s honorable third daughter, you guys must have ate an ambitious leopard’s gall, to dare to actually think lightly of me!” The soft and cold sound was like the voice of Asura from hell. Yao Mo Wan’s cherry lips pursed as she pressured the silk pants gongzi ge gradually.
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“Don’t tell me you guys didn’t know? The waist tablet Liu Xing dropped onto the floor has such a large ‘Yao’ character on it, it can’t be that you guys are blind? He called me Third Miss with every cry, it can’t be that you all are deaf? The entire Imperial City, if not the distinguished officials of the Imperial court, what other family servant have a waist tablet! It can’t be that you guys don’t even know this bit of common knowledge?” Yao Mo Wan’s each and every word resounded, her icy gaze pierced the silk pants gongzi ge.
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“And don’t try to hush things by killing the witnesses! This room is wide and open, how many people do you think passed by and saw ben xiao je‘s8 appearance, and how can you guys dare to guarantee that when Liu Xing came he didn’t notify the other family servants? Listen well, heal Liu Xing, otherwise you, and the rest of those trash, and your entire family can look forward to being buried together! Right now, move aside!” Yao Mo Wan’s beautiful eyes were severely cold. The gaze within those eyes seemed to contain the pressure of a death god, the silk pants gongzi ye didn’t dare to make the slightest indication of disobedience.

(8)本小姐 – again, ‘ben’ is refering to oneself “xiao je” translates most often to ‘miss’, I will be using ben xiao je and this miss interchangably. Usually ben xiao je when the tone is more authoritative I guess.

In the next second, Yao Mo Wan madly dashed out of the Fragrant Harmony Courtyard, in her ears echoed the words Yao Su Luan had spoken in the Cold Palace!
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‘My mother had already, according to plan, sent that lowly mother of yours a dose of strong poison. As for that imbecile sister of yours, I reckon by now she’s already been defiled by those daye1s in the brothels for their money’s worth……’
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Mother! You must hold on and wait for me! Wait for me!
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Yao Xiang fu was located at the northwest corner of the city, with high ledges that rose proudly, glazed roof tiles and vermilion rafters, the two white marble lions in front of the doors were even more prestigious and awe-inspiring. At present, Yao Mo Wan rushed in directly through the fu doors while gasping for breath.
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“Third Miss, it couldn’t be that there’s a dog chasing you? To run this fast?” At the fu doorway, Yao Tu, who had served as Yao fu’s steward for around twenty years now, suspiciously looked at Yao Mo Wan. Though his tone lacked politeness, it carried some warmth. Yao Mo Wan seemed to have not heard Yao Tu’s comment, only gasped for breath at the fu doors for a moment, then madly charged onward towards her own mother, Mo Li’s Bright Virtuous Pavilion.
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Seeing Yao Mo Wan running into the fu as if she was throwing away her life, Yao Tu subconsciously walked out the fu doors to look around, but didn’t see any abnormalities. He couldn’t help but lower his head and sigh softly. Based on the Third Miss’s looks, if not for the problem of her intelligence, she would’ve certainly been bestowed the title of consort like Eldest Miss and Second Miss and be pampered.
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She passed through the courtyard, and took a detour around the Nine Winding Song Corridors. Just as Yao Mo Wan passed through the arched doors of the Bright Virtuous Pavilion at the speed of storm, she suddenly heard the sound of an ear-piercing cry from within.
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Lao ye, you’ve gone insane! What wrong has this qie done? For you to punish this qie this way?” On the elegant, jade-colored stone floor, a still attractive and beautiful woman covered her swollen cheek with one hand, her slender red phoenix eyes disbelievingly looking at the middle aged man before her.

老爷 – “lao ye” master of the house, wives also sometimes call their husbands this way

The man wore a dark purple wide sleeved embroidered gown, his stature was pretty well proportioned, his appearance scholarly and refined, his countenance solemn with a scholar’s air, serenely distant eyes were calm and reserved, in between, the strict creases showed unconcealable rigorous schemes and deep foresight. This person was precisely great Chu’s prime minister, Yao Zhen Ting. And the one who he struck, knocking off her gold hairpin was his legal wife, Yao Su Luan’s birth mother, Dou Xiang Lan.
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At this moment, Yao Zhen Ting was furious to the point of spitting thunder. Both his eyes glowered at Dou Xiang Lan as he fiercely pointed at the already breathless Mo Li on top of the bed couch and roared in a low tone.
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“You malicious woman! How you usually bully Mo Li everyday, even adding slow poison into her food and drink and causing her body to be in poor health, all this lao fu could tolerate from you! But you actually poisoned her to death! As the legal wife, you are petty, vicious and narrow-minded! Lao fu can no longer tolerate you!” Yao Zhen Ting started speaking with a cold scoff, his ice-cold eyes did not contain the slightest trace of warmth.

老夫 – “lao fu” translated to old husband, way for husbands to refer to themselves


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Mintzu

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
My various thoughts as translating this(besides that editing would be a pain):
…if the white silk pants gongzi… if ‘white silk pants’ was not meant to be a description but a name… I guess I’m sorry? But then again, you’re a jerk, you deserve it.
The things Liu Xing teaches, ‘smack him, use the mirror to smack him!’, lol! Liu Xing is awesome!!! Please live!!!
8.19.18 I’m recruiting translators for this series with plans to make it my next main project around Winter Break. However, to do that while not failing my college classes, I need at least 2 translator helpers. Please check out this [[recruitment page link]] for more details and let me know if you’re interested!



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