Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: A Valiant Way of Teaching

“En, youngster learns well!” Yao Mowan smiled slightly as she nodded. Yao Yu was the flesh of Father’s heart, even if he did something excessive, the lower ranking people of the fu, including Dou Xianglan, still wouldn’t dare to heavily punish him. She only hoped that this move would allow Su Muzi to have an easier time in Xiang fu.

On the other side of the square table, Ye Junqing’s lips were twitching. One hand gripped the corner of the table just in time to prevent him from falling due to the shock brought about by the valiant exchange of the two in front of him.

After a night without a word, after the morning court session the next day, the first thing Ye Hongyi did after court ended was to rush impatiently to see his little porcelain doll.

“What’s zhen’s Wan er doing?” When Ye Hongyi stepped into Guan Osprey Palace, it was right in time to see Yao Mowan being awfully busy packing all the pastries on the table into a cloth pouch.

“Father likes eating the pastries in the palace. In the past, Second Older Sister would often bring the pastries in the palace back for Father and di mother to eat when she returned to visit the fu. At that time, Wan er really envied Second Older Sister. Now Wan er also lives in the place and can bring pastries back to the fu!” Yao Mowan packed the pastries as she responded earnestly to Ye Hongyi’s question.

The smile on Ye Hongyi’s face turned stiff instantly. Yao Mowan knew that the result would be like this, because she also knew that the pastries in the palace could only be made for His Majesty and the imperial concubines. Without His Majesty’s bestowment, the state subjects outside have no way to eat them, and are also not allowed to eat them! For Yao Suluan to dare bring it outside and for Yao Zhenting to dare eat it, they were committing severe taboos.

Indeed, whether this kind of thing has truly happened or not didn’t matter, the important part was that Ye Hongyi believed.

“Your Majesty, you aren’t happy? If Your Majesty isn’t happy, then Wan er won’t take them.” Yao Mowan looked with naive confusion towards Ye Hongyi and as she spoke, she moved to take the pastries in the bag out.

Zhen isn’t unhappy. Since Wan er has this filial piety, zhen will dispatch someone to send these pastries to Yao Xiang fu. There’s no need for you to personally send them over.” Ye Hongyi restrained the iciness in his eyes and smiled as he took the bag from Yao Mowan’s hands.

“But… Wan er also wants to go back and visit Xiang fu. Not to mention didi’s(younger brother) here, Wan er needs to send him back ah. If Father doesn’t see didi he’d definitely be worried to death.” As Yao Mowan spoke, her gaze turned towards the Yao Yu that was playing at the side with Fluffy. Only now did Ye Hongyi notice that there was such a boy in the room.

“This is… your blood-related younger brother?” Ye Hongyi lifted his brows as he looked towards Yao Mowan. He hasn’t ever heard that Yao Zhenting got a son. No wonder that old fool didn’t attend the morning court, he was probably going insane searching for his son.

“That’s right ah! He’s Father and Third Mother’s son! He was raised outside this entire time, Father only took them back a couple days ago. Yesterday, di mother brought him over. She probably forgot and left him here at Wan er’s place.” The latter half of Yao Mowan’s words were purely made-up because she knew Ye Hongyi wouldn’t investigate deeply.

“That’s also good. It is about time for you to visit home, but you can’t stay the night, zhen will miss you!” Ye Hongyi used his finger to stroke Yao Mowan’s cheek. It was just a simple contact, yet it already caused his body to stir. Ye Hongyi was astonished at his own reaction. He had always been sensible to this day, he doesn’t recall ever meeting a girl that could stir up his heartstrings so easily like this. Even at that time when he sincerely loved Yao Moxin, he had never felt this way before.

“Wan er also missed Your Majesty!” Yao Mowan was super happy and, like a dragonfly that dipped the water, lightly kissed Ye Hongyi’s face before returning to packing the pastries. This scene was caught by the Ye Junqing that just walked it. He couldn’t help but admit that Yao Mowan’s side profile was very similar to Moxin’s. The past was like a flood. Moxin gave her everything for Ye Hongyi’s sake, yet in the end wasn’t able to stay with him and grow old together. At that time in Water Ripple Pavilion when he looked up at the blue dome of heaven with her, she once spoke forthrightly about how she chose the right star for herself. Seeing the brightness in her eyes, Ye Junqing made the decision to send troops to rescue the trapped Ye Hongyi, only because he could not bear to see Moxin’s heartbroken grieving appearance should she be no longer able to see that star.

“Wan er ah, did you forget Junqing’s breakfast?” When Ye Hongyi saw Ye Junqing, his finger ticked Yao Mowan’s jasper nose as he laughed dotingly.

“Ah, you came? Wan er thought you didn’t want to eat? What to do?” Yao Mowan suddenly looked towards Ye Junqing. Ever since he found out that Yao Mowan was faking her foolishness, everytime Ye Junqing saw Yao Mowan act this innocent he would feel a strong resistance.

“This subject and younger brother will take his leave!” Ye Junqing ignored Yao Mowan, cupped his fist and wanted to withdraw from Guan Osprey palace, but Ye Hongyi stopped him.

“Junqing ah, Wan er is heading back to Xiang fu today, but zhen still has government affairs to deal with. Protect Wan er in zhen’s place, don’t let anyone bully zhen’s precious treasure!” Ye Hongyi looked mild as clouds and gentle as wind as he spoke, but there was an imposing tone that allowed not refusal that penetrated through.

“This subject…”

“Your Majesty is the best! You hold these!” Seeing Ye Junqing’s desire to refuse, Yao Mowan suddenly lifted the bag in her hand and walked to Ye Junqing, then, without a trace of politeness stuffed the bag into Ye Junqing’s hand.

“Your Majesty, then Wan er’s leaving now!” Yao Mowan turned around to pulled Yao Yu over, then gave a casual goodbye and left Osprey Guan palace. Seeing the oil that seeped out from the bag stain his clothes, Ye Junqing suddenly had an impulse to beat someone up and rushed out after her. At the side, Liu Xing and Ting Yue respectfully bowed before following them out of Guan Osprey Palace.

As he watched the back of Ye Junqing’s leaving figure, a deep chill emitted from the depths of Ye Hongyi’s eyes. Yao Xiang fu was the place Ye Junqing and Yao Moxin first met. To once again revisit the once familiar places, it will definitely cause him soul piercing pain. Even if he couldn’t kill Ye Junqing right now, he still didn’t want to let him pass his days comfortably.

Because it wasn’t a formal outing, there was no need to be flamboyant. On the way, Yao Mowan arranged it so Liu Xing would drive the carriage Ting Yue and Yao Yu would sit in while Ye Junqing would sit together with her in a different carriage.

“You sure have skill in lying, and your skill in acting foolish is even more perfected, to the point the stove fire has turned bright green(allusion to Daoist alchemy, aka, perfection). I really don’t know how Moxin could’ve had a younger sister like you!” If it weren’t for the bag he was holding in his hand, Ye Junqing said that even if he were to die he wouldn’t sit in the same carriage as Yao Mowan.

“What’s wrong with this? At least His Majesty likes it.” Yao Mowan’s expression was indifferent as she replied, unconcerned.

“His Majesty only likes you because you’re Moxin’s younger sister!” Ye Junqing corrected seriously. From his point of view, Moxin’s goodness was incomparable. Moreover, she did everything for Ye Hongyi’s sake, there was no reason for Ye Hongyi not to love her.

At that time, everytime he saw Moxin he would see the mark of blessed happiness on her face. As for that confession of adultery, Ye Junqing thought that it must be the material evidence Moxin left behind of her own will in order to protect the stability of Ye Hongyi’s country.

“So this is what wang ye thinks ah! Haa… Wang ye truly is wise and far-sighted, unrivaled in the world!” Yao Mowan laughed in spite of herself as she looked towards Ye Junqing. The jade fingers in her sleeve gradually curled up until she became aware of the pain and stopped.

“What do you mean by that?” No matter how he listened to this it didn’t seem to be praising him. Ye Junqing looked indignantly towards Yao Mowan. For the sake of restraining her impulse to rush up and call Ye Junqing an imbecile, Yao Mowan turned her head away and refused to look at him. Haa(sigh onomatopoeia), but how could she blame him? He doesn’t know anything. Yao Mowan felt desolation in her heart. All the way until they reach Yao Xiang fu, Yao Mowan didn’t respond to any of Ye Junqing’s questions.

Because they didn’t give prior notice, when they got to Xiang fu, other than the two old servants guarding the doors, there were no one else there to greet them.

“Third Miss is back la, oh! Isn’t this little Young Master!? This small(in terms of insignificant) servant report to Master right away!” The old servant saw Yao Yu and his eyes immediately lit up.

“Don’t! Wan er wants to give Father a pleasant surprise!” Times have changed. The servants that never paid any attention to Yao Mowan, at this time, no longer dared to go against her desires.

In front of the fu entrance, Ye Junqing lifted his eyes to look at the three words ‘Yao Xiang fu’. Deep unobliterable pain overflowed from his eyes. From the first time he saw Moxin, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape in this lifetime.

“You guys seriously have bad vision, hurry up and carry a chair over for the Esteemed Prince to sit on!” Upon seeing Ye Junqing submerged in endless melancholy standing in front of the fu doors, Yao Mowan immediately gave this order. The two old servants looked with embarrassment towards Yao Mowan when they heard this. Even if she has entered the palace, she’s still that stupid Third Miss of theirs, haa. How could they let wang ye sit in front of the fu doors!? The person’s not a stone lion!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Unedited

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
If you didn’t know, a pair of stone lion statues often decorates entrances to buildings in China. Even now, Chinese restaurants and stuff still often have stone lion statues.

8.19.18 I’m recruiting translators for this series with plans to make it my next main project around Winter Break. However, to do that while not failing my college classes, I need at least 2 translator helpers. Please check out this [[recruitment page link]] for more details and let me know if you’re interested!



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